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Huntress Moon is another non-stop page-turner by talented suspense author Alexandra Sokoloff.

Book Review: Huntress Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff

Huntress Moon is another excellent thriller by one of my favorite authors, Alexandra Sokoloff. I have read all of her books, and I’m never disappointed.

In this the first book in her new series, Sokoloff introduces FBI agent Rourke as he is on the search for the woman who in the first chapter is responsible for killing his partner. As the investigation evolves, it soon becomes clear that the woman is none other than a serial killer capable of extreme violence. But as is often the case in this author’s novels, murder is never black and white. The victims have one thing in common: they’re not nice people. Could this mean that Rourke’s partner was not whom he appeared to be? Could he have been involved in something dark and sinister? As Rourke tries to find this ‘vigilante’ female serial killer and tension and more murders escalate, so do his feelings for this woman begin to suffer a transformation. Could he, in fact, sympathize for this cold-blooded killer? What about us as readers?

This was a marvelous roller-coaster ride of suspense and thrills! Sokoloff is very good at writing thrillers and at questioning the fine line that sometimes exist between good and evil. The pace moves quickly; the language sparkles; and, of course, Rourke is a well-drawn, sympathetic protagonist to root for. I found all the information about female serial killers fascinating. In spite of this being a page-turner, the story progresses organically, with just the right combination of tension and release. What can I say? I really loved this book and can highly recommend it. Needless to say, I can’t wait for the second one in the series.

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