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What happens when a ghost appears looking for help with an investigation into their murder? Could you find your way clear to believing?

Book Review: ‘Ghostly Summons’ by John A. Karr

17733941Sometimes in life we choose our own profession. There are numerous reasons for that choice, not always because it is what we love, but because it is what is available. Other times our profession chooses us. These are the professions that those who have them find most interesting.

In Ghostly Summons by John A. Karr, we follow the life and exploits of Lars Kelson. Once a crime reporter, he has put that life behind him. That was his past, a time in his life when all was crazy.

Initially life was good; he helped the police in their efforts to get the bad guys. All was pretty good with the world. Then his word had spun out of control after the murder of his son.

Unable to have been there for his own son, he began seeing the ghosts of murder victims. He did not believe in psychic abilities, so knew that his mind was on a trip from which it might not recover. Choosing to change his career, he took a job that didn’t deal with people. Computers were easy, and the ghosts settled into his past.

Or did they? When a beautiful woman shows up in his home, he knows immediately that she is the victim of foul play. Having put his past behind him, it appears that he does not control his destiny, and this ghostly presence will not go away until he helps to reveal the true nature of her death.

Karr has given us an interesting crime reporter sleuth, a person who seems to exude confidence to those around him. The flaw lies in the mind of his protagonist; he is sure he must be on the verge of losing it. This makes a unique and interesting scenario.

His ghostly partner has her own set of foibles, yet without speech she is hard pressed to really help in any way. Her presence has to be enough to prod him into the search.

As he delves further into the mysterious uncovering of a woman’s body at a bomb site, he finds himself in the cross-hairs of a sniper bullet. Knowing from the visitor who shows up when he least expects her, and now with evidence that puts him as risk, he must help to prove that the murder occurred. Can he put her to rest before the rest of his mind is lost?

If you enjoy paranormal mysteries, you will enjoy this work. The protagonist is interesting and has an original take on life. He is tough, and has gone through some very perilous and devastating travails in his life, which give him a strong character.

This would be a good book for a reading group, and a nice addition to your library.

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