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Ee has given us a war and a world in turmoil. There is darkness and adventure, but also an underlying faith that will hold even in the worst of situations.

Book Review: ‘End of Days” – Book Three of ‘Penryn and the End of Days,’ a Dystopic Novel by Susan Ee

18500665We often hear of or read stories about the end of days. What will occur–is there truly such a possibility. The apocalypse has been the center of controversy for years, and still, will there be such an end.

In End of Days, Book Three of Penryn and the End of Days by Susan Ee, we follow one such conclusion. Penryn and her sister Paige are right in the middle of the firestorm of change. Having gone through much pain and turmoil, they have battled many of their demons and hope that soon they can help put an end to the death and destruction of their home.

Yet for Penryn all is bitter sweet. Her younger sister is now the leader of an insect culture, while Penryn and Raffe, a fallen angel, take their battle directly into the war-zone. Raffe though needs some help to replace his own real wings, for his borrowed ones are those of a demon. Who will trust such an angel in any battle?

Beliel, a demon who has tried and failed to destroy Raffe, has much to answer for, yet he is only a husk of his former self. He shouldn’t even still be alive after the wounds he sustained. But for now he still has many of the answers needed to end the war. As Penryn rides safely in Raffe’s arms, she is devastated by the death and pain that is revealed below her. Can they pull on all their resources and stop the angel hordes from completing the work they began–the final task of cleansing the earth.

Ee has given us a war and a world in turmoil. There is darkness and adventure, but also an underlying faith that will hold even in the worst of situations. The strength of will and mental toughness in her protagonists are the secret to moving them forward, especially when the answers to their questions begin to come in. There is more than imagined, and some of the answers can only lead to continued darkness.

If you enjoy reading epic adventures, wars, romance, and end of earth scenarios you will find this an amazing work of depth and differences. Where many look to the angels for help, Ee takes you in an entirely different direction, one where the destruction is caused by such beings. The strength of spirit and the epic battles will keep you guessing and entertained.

While this is the final installment of a series, you are easily able to pick up where the other works left off, although you will find yourself more than interested in finding the other books to learn how Penryn and Raffe have come to be together and why the earth is under attack.

This would be a fun book for a reading group as well as a discussion group. There is usually much to discuss in works that create bits of controversy. This is sure to be one of those works, for how do you choose sides.

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