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A comprehensive new resource presents integrative, alternative, and conventional treatment options for both men's and women's reproductive health.

Book Review: Down There: Sexual and Reproductive Health, the Wise Woman Way by Susun S. Weed

Fans of herbal medicine pioneer Susun Weed, whose previous bestsellers have focused on women’s health, will be thrilled to read her newest title, called Down There: Sexual and Reproductive Health, the Wise Woman Way (Ash Tree Publishing, $29.95). This comprehensive resource presents integrative, alternative, and conventional treatment options for both men’s and women’s reproductive health.

The pelvis is a potent place that holds enormous energies. It’s also a complicated area of the body that, for many of us, remains mysterious. Perhaps that’s why we’re perplexed, fearful, or even embarrassed when there’s a health concern “down there.”

In her straightforward but joyful voice, Weed destigmatizes such common conditions as dry vagina, STDs, enlarged prostate, incontinence, and sexual difficulties.

As in her earlier books, Weed views health and healing through the lens of the Wise Woman Tradition, “the oldest way of healing.” She shows us how to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself and how to safely use modern medicines as well.

Weed offers readers a range of effective herbal, homeopathic, and energy medicines to try before resorting to pharmaceutical drugs and invasive surgery, which she explains in clear detail, including side effects.

Readers learn:

  • Effective ways to treat incontinence without drugs or surgery
  • How to get more enjoyment out of sex—even after 50
  • Natural treatments for STDs and STIs
  • How to keep your cervix, uterus, and ovaries healthy and cancer-free
  • What men with erectile dysfunction can use instead of the little blue pill
  • Important news for men with enlarged prostates—how to avoid surgery and prevent prostate cancer
  • How to make your own anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, antivirals, and other essential medicines using herbs

The back section of Weed’s encyclopedic reference is bound to become dog-eared and raggedy, as it comprises many pages of endnotes plus original recipes and instructions for concocting your own tinctures, teas, tonics, poultices, and other healing formulas, effectively turning the kitchen into your personal apothecary. She also includes mail order and internet sources for all the ingredients mentioned in her book.

Weed’s Wise Woman approach to health and healing not only gives people simple, safe options and remedies, but also serves as a sensible counterpoint to conventional medicine’s less conservative, more invasive, expensive, and often dangerous approach that relies on strong drugs, dangerous tests, and invasive surgery.

Female readers long familiar with Weed’s healing philosophy and practical  solutions for women will be thrilled to share with the men in their lives Down There: Sexual and Reproductive Health, the Wise Woman Way, as books that address men’s reproductive health using natural medicines are few and far between.

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