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Book Review: ‘Come and Get Your Love’ by Tina Donahue

A prearranged marriage has different circumstances in the 21st century in comparison to the centuries before. Author Tina Donahue bases her contemporary romance Come and Get Your Love around a revised interpretation of the prearranged marriage.

Throughout history, it has been the parents who have arranged their children’s marriage contracts. However, the modern couple makes those arrangements themselves with lawyers overseeing the contract in lieu of the parents. In the vane of the romance genre, Donahue shows that love continues to blossom under the current conditions of prearranged marriages.

The complicated tale involves a descendant of the famous Confederate leader General Robert E. Lee. The descendant, Lissa Lee, is an aspiring country music singer/performer who must marry for at least one year in order to claim her inheritance. An inheritance that will afford her to start her own record label with her partner Dusty.

Her attorney, Auggie St. Claire arranges for her to marry a Texas rancher, Cass Bronson, who is promised a sweet fee for his cooperation. The funds will help him pay off the debts of his ranch. Donahue presents a win-win situation for both parties in this prearranged deal, at least on paper. In practice, the pair are contracted to remain celibate, which proves to be the one condition that neither one can obey.

The pair’s cool exterior is short-lived, revealing strong emotions underneath, stirred by their close proximity, which eventually consumes them. Lissa and Cass join forces against their adversary, Lissa’s brother Willy who will remind readers of the Candace Bergen character Mayor Kate Hennings in the 2002 flix Sweet Home Alabama.

Cass and Lissa share qualities with the characters Joanna Stayton and Dean Proffitt respectively from the 1987 comedy Overboard. Lissa who should be a spoiled rich girl shows she has a generous soul, and rugged Cass shows he possesses a protective nature that makes Lissa feel safe.

The story will appeal to readers who identify with Lissa and Cass’ simple ambition to live a comfortable lifestyle with an emphasis on the domestic part of their world. Lissa finds a wholesome family who will look after her, and Cass finds the love of his life. The hero and heroine in the tale feed the reader’s fantasy that arranged marriages can be fulfilling and offer long-term happiness.

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