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Christmas at Pemberly is a delightful modern sequel to that rings absolutely true.

Book Review: Christmas at Pemberly : A Pride and Prejudice Christmas Sequel by Regina Jeffers

I was curious but wary about Christmas at Pemberly: A Pride and Prejudice Christmas Sequel. After all, how well could a modern writer be expected to catch the spirit of Jane Austen’s classic characters and her Regency writing style, which is sometimes difficult for today’s readers, and still create an engaging and entertaining story?

Very well indeed, as it happens. Christmas in Pemberly sounds absolutely authentic and is a delightful story replete with romantic entanglements, bits of mystery, and characters who are still familiar to the reader even though they grow and change in this story in perfectly believable ways.

Darcy and Elizabeth have been married for two years. They are journeying home to Pemberly, but he and Elizabeth find themselves stranded at an inn by dreadful weather. Meanwhile, Pemberly is inundated with relatives and friends, some invited and some refugees from the storm.

Darcy and Elizabeth find great blessing at the inn, taking place in a Christmas miracle there, while Georgiana Darcy discovers strength and skill she never knew she had handling the six invited guests and the eleven unexpected guests. She also discovers, of course, a chance at love.

Who else falls into love’s snare this Christmastime? What bitter feuds and old jealousies need to be dealt with? Has Kitty Bennett really grown into someone who could be a pastor’s wife? Will Elizabeth and Darcy gain the one thing they need for perfect happiness? And what is up with the mysterious and sketchy American, Mr. Manneville?

With so many characters, at first it may be difficult to keep them all straight, just as in Austen’s own books, but you will get to know them all in no time. And the details of the holiday celebrations and life in and around Pemberly are completely authentic and fascinating, as well.

Pick this up. It’s a perfect holiday story full of the wit, excitement and romance that any Jane Austen sequel could need!

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