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A fitness guru’s personal guide to prosperity and optimum health, as a prerequisite for happiness.

Book Review: Boundless: How to Build a Healthy, Wealthy, Happy, and Prosperous Life by Kurt Lee Hurley

Kurt Lee Hurley, founder of Synergy Fitness Systems LLC, takes his personal philosophies, and the best of his body fitness and nutrition expertise, and brings it to you in Boundless: How to Build a Healthy, Wealthy, Happy, and Prosperous Life. You’ll feel the energy bouncing off the page, as Hurley shares his enthusiasm for attaining prosperity by improving your body.

Even hard-core fitness buffs often overlook elements beyond exercise and nutrition that keep them healthy. Hurley goes further to include resources on productivity, detailed nutrition recommendations and dealing with stress and mental blocks that keep us from getting results.

His 12 elements include exercise, mind, emotions, boundless wealth and happiness, while taking care of your body.

While Hurley talks about prosperity, he consistently states that health comes before wealth. He deals with the mind’s power to serve as an asset or detriment, which we’ve heard before, with ideas such as being open to the universe, and eliminating negative self-talk. But Hurley goes into the functions of the subconscious mind, helping you understand how to change your thinking, as he provides techniques and tools for change.

Everything we absorb in our everyday existence affects us not only consciously, but unconsciously as well. … Why? Because what gets fed into our conscious goes into our subconscious. Remember, the way you are, and the way you act now is the way you were previously wired.

Boundless urges you to seek the benefits of stress reduction from resistance exercise. Strenuous physical activity reduces stress, anger, and anxiety. The resulting endorphins make the body and mind feel heightened, so we feel happy and improve our self-esteem.

It’s no surprise that someone as fit-focused as Hurley would also be a nutrition pro. Read the “How to Eat Right” section, where he drives home the point that health is the #1 component in attaining what you desire. It’s an interesting nutrition section, where I stopped to brew a cup of the recommended green tea, and read with interest about the life-giving properties of a Himalayan red berry. Hurley even grades foods from A-to-F to warn you of what to avoid for optimum health.

Hurley suggests that with good health, you “emphatically enjoy exercise and find your focus.” That should be a good motivator to start or maintain an exercise program that fits your needs.

With examples of cultures in Sardinia and people in the Hunza valley in the Himalayan Mountains, we see evidence of people who thrive and live healthy to be centenarians, where they live well without the modern world diet.

Another important section discusses stress. While Hurley states it is difficult to prove occupational stress has a direct correlation with disease, this section wakes us up to the daily stressors we could change if we increase our awareness of their detrimental effects. Benefits of lower stress include: better relationships, better self-care, happiness, and longer life. Who doesn’t want that?

Many of these are things we’ve heard before but they are especially convincing with Hurley’s sincere tone and high energy. These philosophies come from a person who has used these strategies to turn his life around, and rid himself of disease. Hurley serves to inspire us with his unique spin and fresh enthusiasm for our boundless abilities.

Proving he’s got it all mastered, Hurley has produced a very attractive book. Boundless is as thorough as any I’ve seen, and offers generous resources to understand the science in health matters, and to gain a balance in body/mind health and wealth.

Hurley quotes Brian Tracy who says “Today the greatest single source of wealth is between your ears.” As Hurley puts it: “To some, health is wealth even if their pockets are empty,” as he talks of spiritual wealth as well as financial stability. In the end, he says: “You came into this world with nothing, you’ll leave this world with nothing. What you acquire along the way (knowledge) is what you will take with you when you go, so learn, love, and live!”

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