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Romance in Space, a lethal combination

Book Review: Borealis: A Space Anthology (Book I) by P.I. Barrington, J. Morgan & Gail R. Delaney

Borealis’ stories are all based in a futuristic time where war is everywhere, with a rebellion fighting for its rights against a bullying regime called the Trans Planetary Protectorate. They’re all set on an aging space station in the Sestus-3 system. The station has become a hive of debauchery where anything goes. Anything can be bought or sold, not limited to, but including drugs, sex and death. All monies from the station are being funneled away by the Trans Planetary Protectorate to help fund the effort to quell the rebellion.

Khai Zafara, the heroine in P.I. Barrington’s “Inamorata Crossing,” has every right to hate the rebellion. She was just a small child when they murdered her father. What Khai does not realize is that the Trans Planetary Protectorate may not be everything that she is led to believe. It will take the capture and transfer of Teyrnan Sajan, a leader of the rebellion, to make her search her memories of the past and to unlock the mysteries of the murder of her father.

Khai is a strong female and her strength is crafted from a hate that is based off a scattering of incomplete memories. Once she finds the truth she developes a vulnerability that takes away nothing of her strength but adds another layer to her character. Teyrnan is kind and patient, understanding her anger and leading her, through well thought questions, to find the answers that she does not realize are missing. The solitude and quiet of the spaceship has drawn them together. Where there is heat there is a strong possibility of romance. Leave it to P.I. Barrington to build a romantic thriller in space. This is an exciting read that keeps you off balance and wondering where the next revelation with happen.

In “Kiss Me Kate” by J. Morgan, we meet Riannan Burton, abandoned as a child and brought up through the system. She owns a tavern on Borealis and works as a bounty hunter for the mysterious Professor. Because of her training with the professor, she is now one of the best Bounty Hunters available. No one has seen the professor for years and all information now goes through Riannan. She is extremely sarcastic and known for her sense of humor, often biting and caustic, but also her ability to make jokes in inappropriate situations.

She meets her match in K’tlyn Byllvian, a Prince Regent of Pyernian. He is very large and extremely good looking but absolutely untrained in any form of fighting. K’tlyn knows that he needs to train with Riannan to become the man he expects to be. At every opportunity, Riannan fights her attraction to him with her sarcasm and her humor. She calls him Kate in an attempt to keep the distance between them. The problem is that K’tlyn just does not get it.

This is a fun and engaging story and has the tone of a fairy story of old. It is as exciting as you would expect from a science fiction set in space, and the romance warms the heart. J. Morgan has created a fun and eventful story with characters that have sparkling personalities. They are so real it is like losing a friend when the story ends.

In “Forgive us our Debts” by Gail R. Delaney, Theron Kess is a mercenary who will do almost any job for the coin he can gain. When Theron is asked to find the Princess being held captive by the TTP he quickly agrees. He owes a debt for his family, which this will repay. The problem is that by the time he is able to get the communication as to where Sarina Laroux is being held, three weeks have passed. And for Sarina those three weeks are a nightmare. She is drugged and tortured repeatedly, not because she has answers, because no questions are asked. This is happening because of who she is. During the process she is also informed of her soon to be rescue at the hands of Theron, but also informed by her sadistic captor that while her parents paid Theron’s fees to find her, the captors also paid him to take his time, which appears to have happened.

By the time Theron finds her, she is addicted to Uudon and in a very weakened state. As he struggles though her rescue as well as her health, he finds himself extremely attracted to her. She obviously hates him although he is unaware of why. She finds that although she is aware of Theron’s treachery she is also very attracted to him. During the escape and while she heals, Sarina finds that there is a depth to Theron. This does not fit what she believes him to be. She learns to trust again and learn that others are not always honest. In addition, Theron learns that he needs to change who he is to win what he wants.

Theron is a good person. Due to his job as a mercenary, though, he’s been pulled into some bad situations that put him on the wrong side. He knows that to win Sarina he needs to make changes, and, for love, he is more then willing. Sarina and Theron are both very strong and likable characters that make you want to cheer them on. Their feelings are deep and leave a lasting tug on your heart.

This is a wonderful book, full of charm and witty repose. The characters are very well written and likable. Each story is unique to itself but all are set in the same time and place. They are charming stories of love and space, and as each story ends you feel as though you have lost a friend. This is a fast paced and exciting book full of danger and adventure and all brought together by love.

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