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How do you regain your trust and courage, when you have lived through the brutal death of your family?

Book Review: Blue Violet by Abigail Owen

Walking the razor path between fear and danger is often deadly. If you were the one who witnessed a horrible act, and had to hide from life, what would that look like? Could you find a strength and courage to return to the everyday cycle of life?

In Blue Violet by Abigail Owen, we have the opportunity to meet just such a soul. Ellie Aubrey moves to Colorado, knowing that she has made a move that will put her in a spotlight. When she meets a unique group of friends who too are hiding, they began a slow dance around trust. They too have something to fear.

What Ellie does not expect is the feelings that occur as she meets Alex Jenner. Even as she tried to sort the emotions from the mix, she is smitten. But what of him? He initially seems to care but then cuts himself off.

As Ellie continues to watch over this unusual group, she is interested to see that each has a different type of gift. None of them seem very skilled with what they have, but each is different. When Ellie’s brother tracks her down, they find that her biggest fear is about to come true. They are being hunted with a stealth and cunning that she has seen before.

Can she warn her friends and family before it is too late? Will they understand why she has lived a lie, and trust her judgment? How does Alex Jenner fit in the equation?

Owen has given us characters to care about. Their unusual abilities and life cycle are interesting and the history of their being is unique. Known as Svatura, this group’s world is exciting with challenges of both danger and the need to learn what is before them. Blue Violet is the beginning of a series about this clan, and looks to be very enticing.

The protagonists are quite deadly, and yet Elle has the power to keep the worst at bay. As you delve deep into the mystery of this strange and insular group you are mesmerized at the bravado of the last survivors of a brutal massacre. Family is such an important concept and Owen has taken it a step further to absolute acceptance.

This is a fun novel and would be an excellent addition to your teen’s library. Romance, danger and magic are filter around a centuries old pact. Young and old alike will enjoy the magic, and the yearning of a special love shines a light all its own.

If you are a believer watch for this series to continue and learn more about the Svatura and their lives and abilities as they find the strength to move forward.

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