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A giraffe soars from dream to reality.

Book Review: Birds Can Fly and So Can I by Noa Nimrodi (translated from Hebrew)

Young children have impressionable minds; that is why it is important to expose them to well written and inspirational books. After reading Noa Nimrodi’s Birds Can Fly and So Can I, I immediately thought of the positive impact the story can have on young minds.

The book invites children to dare to dream. It is a book young and old will enjoy reading.

The message is clear and simple: Never give up on your dream. If you do not try than you will never know whether you can. It is a book that gives hope to those that want to achieve their cherished goals.

Young and old can learn that we all have hidden talents and we must be willing to take the necessary steps to put them to use.

The book has a lot of powerful hidden messages. Here are a few that stand out:

  • Being different is okay: Even though a giraffe is physically different from birds, he is still able to realize his biggest wish by taking flight just like the birds. The lesson to be learned is that young children comes in all different sizes, shapes and colors and they too can learn to have confidence to accomplish that which they desire the most.
  • The joy of supporting others: I love the way all the birds and other animals rally around Giraffe to give him a grand applause.
  • Making Friends: Often times, children have difficult time learning how to get along with others. This imaginative and creative story can be used to teach children the value of making friends with other children who may not look like them.

The fine illustrations by Tamir Lichtenberg make the story jump off the page.

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