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Understand the publishing industry today, plus the best self-publishing techniques from tech expert Guy Kawasaki.

Book Review: APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur-How to Publish a Book by Guy Kawasaki

Self-publishing is still evolving, still succeeding, as Guy Kawasaki, author of APE: Author, Publisher, Entreprenuer found when moving from the traditional publishing world to managing his own book production. Kawasaki is a former Apple executive, and author of eleven other books, including Enchantment, a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller.

So why write about self-publishing? Kawasaki’s motivation, as a successful, published author was sparked by his publisher’s inability to handle an order for 500 ebooks. Could he do better on his own?  Yes.

With co-author Shawn Welch, Kawasaki offers the reader an inside look at the fast-track tricks and strategies they perfected in their successful launch of APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur-How to Publish a Book.

The book is packed with solid advice from someone who understands both types of publishing, is a tech expert, and a strong writer who methodically explains the challenges and considerations all along the way.

Decisions Kawasaki had to make when moving from traditional to self-publishing included choosing partners to help with design, printing, marketing, setting price, considering audio and foreign language rights – all things that a full-service publisher would handle for you. Not only does Kawasaki find it worthwhile to do the work, he explains the how and why so you to achieve the same success.

You’ll also learn how entrepreneurs can focus on growth through publishing, for example, taking a pet project to viable product, how to find reviewers and understand what a difference they make for a successful and sustained book launch.

APE provides food for thought as to why one might choose to write a book. The reasons that may lead to success include writing a book that adds value to people’s lives through knowledge, entertainment, laughter, intellectual challenge, or for a cause, or as catharsis. Hopeful writers should pay attention to the two bad reasons to write a book as well.

APE demonstrates another advantage of self-publishing: getting to market fast, and using digital publishing for updates and online material to augment the book. Kawasaki covers new ways to “crowdfund” your book project, using online services that allows you to solicit funds from people who believe in your project and therefore buy into it so you can raise the money to cover the publishing and marketing of your book project. He also shares links to loads of other unusual online resources to find editors and designers.

Another helpful tip is to find niche communities when you’re seeking partners, feedback and readers willing to be your beta-testers as your book develops. Similar techniques will help you build a following in advance of publication, so you have an audience ready to buy and support your book.

APE goes beyond the how-to-publish niche, and beyond author marketing. Instead it combines tactics and resources to help you build a powerful and successful publishing project from a respected industry leader who took on the tasks and learned self-publishing step-y step, with no shortcuts.

Reviewed via ebook, which is subject to update.

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