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All Men of Genius is a joyful steampunk romp through Victorian London inspired by Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde.

Book Review All Men of Genius by Lev AC Rosen

All Men of Genius is a true steampunk novel, a romance, a mystery, and a fun romp through an alternative Victorian England inspired by Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest.

Violet Adams is a brilliant scientist. Unfortunately for her, she is also a girl. She is desperate to attend Illyria, the premiere university for scientific inventors in all of England, but women are not allowed. So she disguises herself as her twin brother Ashton, intending to reveal who she really is after one year when she has proved her worth.

But even as Violet makes friends and creates wonderful things full of cogs and gears, she must deal with romantic complications, as she begins to fall for the duke who is the head of the school even as the duke’s ward, Cecily, falls for her as “Ashton.”

That’s not to mention the dangerous automata in the basement, the blackmail, the invisible cats, and the other strange students and professors, both good and bad, at Illyria.

Lev AC Rosen makes his steampunk London a thoroughly believable place, and he surrounds Violet with characters who feel absolutely authentic. Like the best steampunk inventions, in this novel plot, characters, and location fit together perfectly and work just the way you want.

All Men of Genius is a fast-moving, joyful experience that will leave the reader thoroughly satisfied.

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