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A historical mystery filled with romance, danger and travel.

Book Review: ‘A Dangerous Place’ A Maisie Dobbs Novel by Jacqueline Winspear

22693178In A Dangerous Place by Jacqueline Winspear, we meet Maisie Dobbs. She has a life she loves and a husband and family who adore her. Unable to ask for more she finds she is pregnant, and suddenly life is fuller and richer. A psychologist and investigator by trade she has given it up and in return gained a life of more than she can imagine.

Yet for her, tragedy lurks. Unable to share her grief and anger with her family or friends, she leaves everything behind to find that one place where she can put her life back together. She has gone to India, a place she has found peace once before. As those who love her try to find her, she finally realizes that she can no long run and hide, it is time to return.

Yet as she gets closer she realizes that she is not ready, and Gibraltar will be her stopgap until she can find the strength to return to where her heartache began. It is here that she stumbles upon a body. Written off by the police as an accident, all her own training about crime begins to tumble through her mind. Her interest is piqued and she finally finds something to get her mind back into fighting shape.

There is danger lurking though, for someone does not want the answers found. She finds herself being followed but is sure that at least one of the followers is intent on bringing her home. The other though is a mystery. Can she solve this puzzle and find a killer before she becomes his next victim? If only she can use this investigation to add strength to her resolve she believes she can finally find a way to put her mind to rest.

Winspear has given us an unimaginable beginning, and given us an interesting heroine who must overcome the odds to begin again. Her descriptions of the love and friendships create a ache in your own heart, making you wonder if you could withstand such pain. Her descriptions of the beauty of the country side are mesmerizing and with written word she takes you there, along with her amazing character in Maisie Dobbs.

The mystery is interesting and the characters that Maisie meets along the way are in eclectic mix, strong and flawed but with differing agendas that are hidden in their interaction with her. She must use her skills to get through the lies and secrets surrounding this death. As Winspear gives us Maisie’s mindset and training, we begin to truly understand her abilities as an investigator.

If you enjoy historical mysteries, with romance, danger and travel you will love this work. Maisie is a wonderful character and you will find yourself looking for more of her brand of investigation.
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