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From seasoned career expert Vicky Oliver, "301 Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions" is a must-have guide to acing your next job interview, and tackling every question with grace, tact, and hireability.

Book review: ‘301 Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions’ by Vicky Oliver

vo_book_coverCongratulations! You’ve landed an interview for a sought-after position. While that’s an accomplishment in itself, now the real work begins. Making that winning impression just got a bit easier, thanks to Vicky Oliver’s book, 301 Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions. This insightful, entertaining guide to acing that interview is based on the substantial wisdom of a seasoned career development expert. In it, Oliver leads readers through a maze of possible interview questions ranging from the basic to the bizarre, and offers tips on handling each with intelligence, tact and flair.

The book is filled with invaluable advice on how to transform a litany of skills and professional experience into memorable sound bites, without sounding pat. Along with 301 questions and answers comes a trove of insider information. If you’ve ever wondered what qualities interviewers are looking for, you’ll get the answers here. You’ll learn the best time of day to interview (yes, it matters), what types of questions you should (or shouldn’t) ask, and even ways to execute a discreet Hail Mary if the interview isn’t going well.

301 Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions also instructs job candidates in the fine art of “infotaining” — blending information about your skills and work experience with just the right balance of geniality and wit. How to appear capable and yet entertaining too? Consoder presenting insightful observations on the industry, or commenting on a book you’ve read that happens to sit on the interviewer’s bookshelf. There are plenty of other foolproof strategies as well. And Oliver also offers an illuminating lesson on tone: you’ll make a far better impression, she advises, if you come across as calm and comfortable, not overstudied and keyed up.

All in all, the book is equal parts practical and pep talk. Having read it, you’ll feel far better ready to present yourself as the ideal job candidate in a tough job market. Whether you’re just starting your career or trying to vault to the next level, Oliver’s savvy counseling will empower you to trounce the competition — and snag the job of your dreams.

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