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Board Game Review: ‘Crackers in Bed’ from Winning Moves Games

Crackers in Bed from Winning Moves Games updates classic gameplay from decades ago to new adorable levels. Now a bear is hungry in bed, and players help make his nighttime snack by matching two halves of tasty crackers hidden in the blankets.

The rules of Crackers in Bed are straightforward: Each player receives four “cracker bottom” cards that correlate to tops tucked into the bed. Players take turns spinning the spinner to determine a color tab they may pull and then choose which tab to pull, revealing the “cracker top” attached. If the cracker top does not match any of the player’s cracker bottom cards, it goes back into the slot. If the cracker top matches, the player bundles up both halves and tosses them through the bear’s open mouth. The first player to match and feed all of his or her crackers to the bear wins.

A board game that’s in many ways a toy itself, Crackers in Bed offers dynamic design and clever action. The box becomes the board as you install the raised blanket board and the bear headboard with a small box tucked behind the bed to catch the matched crackers. As triumphant as making a match is, the action of tossing the cracker cards through the bear’s mouth makes the thrill all the sweeter.

In addition to its fun gameplay Crackers in Bed offers strong memory practice. Players will want to watch each other’s pulls and make mental notes of the cracker top in case it goes back. This is especially helpful when it would match a player’s cracker bottom cards, but even if not, they now know where not to pull on their own rounds. With 32 cracker top slots in eight designs, keeping track of which cracker went where is a good mental workout.

Crackers in Bed is a matching and memory game for two to four players aged four and up. It takes about a minute to set up, arranging the box and putting the cracker top halves in the lots, and games are quick, lasting only about 10 or 15 minutes. With no reading required, it’s perfect for the youngest gamers while offering a challenge suitable for older players to enjoy. Crackers in Bed is a great time whether as a staple of a kid’s gaming collection or a quick round of competitive fun for all at family game night.

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