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Zombie Hunter is the kind of direct-to-video affair you’d expect to see piling up in the $5 Wal-Mart movie bin; but even then, Redbox is cheaper than that.

Blu-ray Review: ‘Zombie Hunter’ (2013)

While IMDB may be the best place to find information regarding a film and the people behind it, sometimes the information is a little vague. Turning to Wikipedia is usually the next best step. So when you can’t even find the film there — considering anyone and everyone can edit any page they want — it’s not a good sign. Especially when the film you’re trying to find features Danny Trejo in a bit part and is featured prominently on the Blu-ray cover. The most information I was able to figure out regarding co-writer/director Kevin King’s debut, Zombie Hunter, was from the film’s end credits; really not a good sign. Turning to Arrowstorm Entertainment’s Wiki page, I was finally able to find a link to the film, but still provided no info. Nevertheless, Zombie Hunter is headed to Blu-ray on October 8 from Well Go USA.

ZombieHunterCoverAlas, Zombie Hunter is the tale of Hunter (Martin Copping), who travels alone through a post-apocalyptic zombie plagued landscape. A drug called “Natas” has swept the land, turning anyone who uses it into rotting walking zombies. After Hunter is shot through the shoulder and crashes his beloved Camaro, he’s taken in by a group of survivors consisting of girl next door Alison (Clare Niederpruem), her brother Ricky (Jason K. Wixom), slutty Debbie (Jade Reiger), fat slob Lyle (Jake Suazo), handyman Jerry (Terry Guthrie), and one-man-zombie-slayer Jesus (Trejo). Soon enough, they’re under attack and must all band together to make it to an abandoned airstrip where their only hope for survival is Jerry’s piloting skills.

Zombie Hunter lurches onto Blu-ray in a 1.78:1 aspect ratio. Seemingly filmed digitally, I did not detect any aliasing, shimmer, or crush; the only anomalies stem from some intermittent banding and one shot with a slight judder as two characters race into frame. Other than that, the image is about as clean as you’d expect. Featuring a very active 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, the music makes good use of LFE levels, with the zombie action displayed across all speakers. Not much room for directionality to be put to good use, but the sound field is very spacious. The only special feature is a trailer; and a set of previews for future Well Go USA titles: A Single Shot, The Seasoning House, and Ip Man: The Final Fight.

ZombieHunterPic1King does have some decent visuals, but the action comes too little too late. Not to mention that the only character of interest (Trejo) barely has enough screentime to warrant his face featured so prominently on the Blu-ray cover. The rest of the cast is pretty horrible aside from Copping and Niederpruem. I was told by a colleague that Zombie Hunter had a booth set up at this year’s inaugural Salt Lake Comic Con, but I only recall noticing a standee of Trejo set up near the Press/VIP ticket booth, but nothing made me think it was related to any kind of zombie movie. While it may feature a few local Utah actors, Zombie Hunter is the kind of direct-to-video affair you’d expect to see piling up in the $5 Wal-Mart movie bin; but even then, Redbox is cheaper than that.

Cover art and photo courtesy Well Go USA

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