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"Kung Fu Killer" is a good time to be had by anyone who picks up a copy.

Blu-ray Review: ‘Kung Fu Killer’ Starring Donnie Yen

Just seeing Donnie Yen’s name grace the cover of any Blu-ray immediately puts expectations in check. Death defying stunt work, along with intricate and elaborate fight scenes pitted against decent characterization, you’re always in for a treat. Even if the story may fall flat, at least you know it’ll be a feast for the eyes. And Kung Fu Killer is no exception. Director Teddy Chan invests us with a kung fu film wrapped around the heart of a police procedural. You could say Donnie Yen is the Hannibal Lecter of the film, but this is no psychological thriller. We came to see fists fly and bones break, and that’s exactly what we get. Kung Fu Killer is available on Blu-ray July 21.

Kung Fu Killer, Teddy Chan, Donnie Yen, Charlie Young, Wang BaoqiangHahou Mo (Yen) has just walked into the Central Police District Headquarters and confesses to killing someone. Three years later, a car chase leads to a shootout and a dead body, but Madam Inspector Luk Yuen-Sum (Charlie Young) is informed that the cause of death was something else. Seeing the death reported on TV, Hahou demands to talk to Inspector Luk, because he knows who will die next. Turns out killer Fung Yu-Sau (Wang Baoqiang) is on the loose, taking out retired martial arts masters. Hahou wants out of prison in exchange for helping catch the killer, using his own martial arts expertise, and the help of some friends along the way. Fung won’t stop until all the masters are gone, with Hahou at the top of the list.

Well Go USA Blu-ray discs always suffer from the very same anomaly: banding. While some discs look worse than others, it’s always the one thing standing in the way of a perfect score. Color, contrast, detail, black levels — you name it — if it weren’t for the disc being on a 25GB disc, which would annihilate the problem, this would be a perfect disc. As for the audio, surrounds are put to great use for ambience, along with keeping directionality razor sharp. Deep LFE also gives every kick and punch the proper, well, punch. Dialogue is never drowned out, with the following audio options: Cantonese 5.1 or English DTS-HD Master Audio, and Spanish or French 5.1 Dolby Digital. But more than likely you’ll use one of the included subtitles available in English, Spanish, or French.

Kung Fu Killer, Teddy Chan, Donnie Yen, Charlie Young, Wang BaoqiangThe special features are short and sweet, showing behind-the-scenes footage, along with interviews with the cast and crew. The “Making Of” is broken into four segments: “Fight to the Top” (2:21), “The Spirit of Kung Fu” (2:30), “The Final Duel” (2:49), and “Legends of Martial Arts Film” (2:34). The last section is the best as they point out the kung fu/Chinese filmmaking royalty involved in the production. Something that’s also explained in an elongated pre-credits scene. To list them all, and why, would be a whole article in itself. The film’s “Trailer” (1:55) is also included.

Chan keeps the pace flying, leaving viewers barely enough time to catch their breath between fight scenes. Which could normally leave one feeling pulverized themselves if they weren’t so entertaining. With Yen as the action director, you should know what to expect, and the action manages to crescendo from scene to scene. The final showdown between Hahou and Fung is a sight to see and will satiate even the most hardened kung fu fan. The special features may be on the scant side, but the audio and video are top notch, making sure we always see and hear every drop of sweat or breaking bone, ensuring a good time to be had by anyone who picks up a copy of Kung Fu Killer.

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