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Blu-ray Review: ‘Arrow: The Complete Seventh Season’

Arrow: The Complete Seventh Season has now been released as a four disc Blu-ray set from Warner Brothers Home Entertainment. The high resolution Blu-ray format, combined with superb sound quality, bring each of the show’s episodes to life through any home theatre.

This season starts with Oliver Green – Arrow (Steven Amell) – behind bars. Having finally turned himself in to the FBI after six years of meting out vigilante justice on the streets of Star City, he now must pay the price for any and all crimes he may have committed along the way. While he’s behind bars the rest of his team, headed by Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) are left to deal with the criminals who haven’t stopped just because Arrow is out of action.

While the premise of wealthy individual turned vigilante in pursuit of justice is an old trope, Arrow adds some new dimensions to the mix. Instead of the hero being a lone wolf type, here he not only works with his own team, he also turns to other heroes in the DC universe for help in time of real need.

The Blu-ray edition of the “Season Seven” includes one of those instances with the entire three part DC superhero crossover event Elseworlds. Here Arrow joins forces with The Flash and SuperGirl to battle a threat so big it will take all their powers to defeat it. Fans of all three shows will take pleasure in being able to watch the three special episodes back to back on one disc.

While “Season Seven” features the action and adventure fans of the series have come to expect, they will also appreciate the new level of introspection the show introduces. In the build-up to its eighth and final season next year, the show dug deep into the idea of what makes a hero and what keeps them going in the face of adversity. Even when it might be easier just to walk away, Oliver and his team don’t back down, no matter the personal cost or who they’re facing.

As well as containing the season’s 22 episodes, and the three crossover episodes, the Blu-ray package of Arrow: The Complete Seventh Season contains special features fans of the series will enjoy. As well as a gag reel and deleted scenes they include a featurette exploring the super villains of the series, a behind the scenes look at Elseworlds and highlights from DC TV’s panels at  San Diego Comic Con. 2018.

All in all Arrow: The Complete Seventh Season is the ideal package for fans of the series and is a great way to set yourself up for the show’s final season.

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