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Blogs On TechTV

TechTV is just that:

    By creating and delivering entertaining and insightful programming about today’s and tomorrow’s technology news, events, products, and people, TechTV enables viewers to stay current and connected with all things related to technology.

    You can get TechTV in several ways:

    Cable Television: Check our state-by-state listing of cable affiliates.

    DirecTV: If you’re a DirecTV customer, you can find TechTV on channel 354.

    Dish Network: If you’re a Dish Network customer, you can watch TechTV on channel 191.

    C-band: If you have a C-band satellite dish, look for TechTV on GE Americom Satcom C4, transponder 12, 135 degrees west, 40 degrees elevation

Among their cooler shows is The Screen Savers, and a new segment of that show is Sarah Lane’s “Blog Report”. The woman has good taste:

    As a fan of the Web, of diaries, of people’s innermost thoughts, and of voyeurism and raw emotion and links and whatnot, you’d think I’d be the perfect blog fan. And I am! Leo and I were talking about our mutual blog adoration and came up with a little something we like to call the Blog Report. It’s our way of keeping up on the world of blogging for a few minutes each week. From the funny to the informative, from the frightening to the creative, there’s a blog out there for everyone. It just needs to be found.

    Blog breakdown

    A blog, of course, is a weblog, where folks post text and pics in a diary format organized by date. Within that format the options are endless. The only no-no is neglecting it. I learned this the hard way when Megan, Morgan, Cat, and I slowly stopped blogging at Leoville. Boy, did I get reamed for that! I swear that wasn’t completely my fault. The other girls all got their own blogs and I didn’t want to be Leo’s only angel! By the way, I’m working on a blog of my very own, so bear with me for a week or so.

    Blogs are cool because they cater to everybody. For example, I don’t really like race cars, but I came across the blog of some dude who’s absolutely passionate and crazy about ’em. I ended up reading a month’s worth of entries because I liked his style.

    Blogs aren’t just personal rants, either. Slashdot is a great example of a news-based blog that’s enormously popular. Cnet’s is a bit of a blog too, since it gets stacked by date. There are also blog collections where you can read a lot of blogs in one place. There are RSS feeds too. They let you read blogs in a different way. I’ll discuss those in a future article.

    Sarah’s picks

    Here are some blogs I like. You might not have had the pleasure of discovering them. And if you have, give your sweet ass a pat for being as Web-worldly as me!

    Blogcritics.orgA collection of blogs relating to music, books, movies, and other entertainment sources. These peeps are informed, have decent opinions, and write well.

    Moby not only rocks but rants like the wind.

    Gadgets blog. Fun!

    News with a spin. I like its no-nonsense attitude.

    Wil Wheaton Dot Net
    Wil rules.

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