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Blogcritics Goodie Bag: Longcut, James McMurtry, Teddy Handsome, and Morning 40 Federation

Experimental indie rock Brits The Longcut released A Call And Response in the UK earlier this year. The single "A Tried And Tested Method" was released on Tuesday and is available for download. "Last Act Of Desperate Men" is also available for download.

James McMurtry | hosted by Photobucket.comFresh off winning 2006 Americana Song of the Year and Album of the Year accolades, James McMurtry has recorded a new political tune. Just in time for election season, "God Bless America" showcases more of the social commentary that made McMurtry’s "We Can't Make It Here" an anthem for people unhappy with the current state of the union. "God Bless America" skewers the governmental powers that be with razor-sharp barbs that take the current administration to task for hiding its actual motives for war. "Gonna turn up the heat till it comes to a boil. So we can go get that Arab oil," McMurtry sings.

Teddy Handsome | hosted by Photobucket.comTeddy, the lyrical creator of Teddy Handsome, is incredibly intelligent. Sit with him and you'll find yourself learning about the history of rock and roll, hip hop, politics, and any number of other things. You'll also see his passion and drive. These two elements not only make up his personality, but also Teddy Handsome's upcoming release Sneakers And Waves. The record is currently being mastered, but one song has been released as a precursor. While "The Paper" is not quite the norm on the record, it still displays the talent, skill, and personality of Teddy Handsome. Also, check out other downloads and videos from the Über Indie Program.

Morning 40 Federation | hosted by Photobucket.comInfamous denizens of the Lower 9th Ward, Morning 40 Federation return to Louisiana from a nationwide tour to perform at Voodoo Music Experience on Sunday, October 29, joining a lineup which includes Duran Duran, The Flaming Lips, My Chemical Romance, and Ozomatli, among others. This summer saw the release of Ticonderoga, Morning 40 Federation's second full-length studio album on M80 Music/Birdman. Streaming audio of the album and all sorts of digital goodies are available. Blogcritic writer Paul Jordan, Sr. panned the album, so here's your chance to listen and form your own opinion.

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