Sunday , January 23 2022

Blog of the Nation

With blogs turning up in the mainstream media virtually every day, it astounds me that there are still vast swaths of the population that haven’t heard of them. So the more coverage the merrier, evne if it’s the same story over and over again. NPR’s Talk of the Nation did a piece on blogging today, and speaking of poeple you’ve never heard of, I hadn’t heard of anyone who participated in the show other than the very cool Dan Gillmor, who has been working on a book – We the Media, that comes out ast the end of August – and the stunningly uncool Wonkette.

If you read Blogcritics, you won’t hear much new on the show, but it was fun to hear callers discuss their own blogs – including a very persuasive argument for the “what I did today” subgenre of blogs, which I have tended to avoid scrupulously.

It was amusing when at one point in the show talk turned to the pressures of the 24-hour news cycle, and host Neal Conan thought they were talking about the pressure to FIND something to write about round the clock – Gillmor was quick to inform him the problem was not ever FINDING ENOUGH to write about, but the constant pressure of having far TOO MUCH to write about and never enough time to write about it.

The audio for the show will be up at about 6pm ET today.

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