Wednesday , December 6 2023
Sex, ghosts, and rock and roll on BC Radio Live.

BC Radio Live: Engage’s Trish McDermott, The Bangkok Five, and Author Jeff Belanger

BC Radio Live is the flagship program of the BC Magazine station on BlogTalkRadio. It's hosted by Phillip Winn, Eric Olsen, and Lisa McKay and airs weekly on Wednesday evenings at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. Shows are archived and available for streaming or download after the live broadcast. Our guests on May 28 were Trish McDermott of Engage, Ray Blanco of The Bangkok Five, and author Jeff Belanger.

Tired of the "real world" dating scene and disillusioned with the more traditional online dating services? Engage is a dating service that breaks with the usual online model by patterning itself on the way that people meet people in real life — through introductions from trusted friends. A combination of social networking site and dating service, Engage was founded in 2005. Trish McDermott, Engage's VP of Love, was a member of the startup team after having spent ten years at (where she was also a member of the startup team). Trish stopped by to chat about Sex and the City and the influence the show has had on women's dating behavior and attitudes, as illuminated by an Engage survey. Did the show liberate women from some negative behaviors or not? Tune in to the archive and see what Trish has to say, and be there as Eric wonders what's up with women and shoes.

Los Angeles-based rockers The Bangkok Five are about to release their sophomore album, We Love What Kills Us. The band has succeeded by virtue of its own hard work, its DIY attitude having brought it some hard-won success and the admiration of a devoted fanbase. While joining BC Radio to talk about the upcoming release, drummer Ray Blanco describes a recent hair-raising gig in the midwest where the show was stopped by, of all things, a tornado. Check out the blog at The Bangkok Five's MySpace page to read Ray's full description of the night, and listen to the show as Ray talks about the group's development over the past several years. Check out The Bangkok Five's site to hear some songs from We Love What Kills Us, which will be released on June 10.

Most of us know that Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her father forty whacks, but do you know the whole story? Author Jeff Belanger, who runs the hugely popular paranormal site GhostVillage, stopped by to talk about his new book, Weird Massachusetts. Belanger investigates and writes about the paranormal, and the book is a highly entertaining compendium of some of the natural and not-so-natural oddities to be found in the state of Massachusetts. Join Jeff and BC Radio to learn about the small town with the lake that has an improbably long name, the witches of Salem, and Jeff's favorite paranormal "hot spots." He also talks about his experience in the Lizzie Borden house, which will be enough to give you goosebumps. Stick around for an interesting discussion about the paranormal and what Jeff's research has taught him.

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