Monday , August 15 2022

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PS3 Review: Haze

This PS3 exclusive first person shooter has excellent combat action and short load times, but the storyline and annoying dialogue prevent perfection.

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Movie Review: The Happening

Forget the extra box office attention this movie has received. This thriller does its job: scares audiences and provokes thought.

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Movie Review: The Incredible Hulk

Edward Norton, Liv Tyler and William Hurt reload The Incredible Hulk film series in front of the lens of action film director Louis Leterrier.

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PS3 Review: Dark Sector

A solid, challenging title, which maximizes the PS3 controls and graphics full of memorable action situations.

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Nintendo Wii Review: Boom Blox

Outstanding title goes beyond building blocks and blowing things up by featuring amazing physics and high energy fun.

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Nintendo Wii Review: Iron Man

This one player action title takes off at high speeds with fast loading graphics and expanded villains fwhile creating a few unexpected limits.

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Nintendo Wii Review: Target Terror

This light gun arcade transfer to the Wii features low innovation/replay value meets high trigger-happy challenge.

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