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The combination of sound effects and artistic vocal performances creates what Graphic Audio calls a "Movie in your Mind."

Audio Book Review – Rogue Angel: The Chosen by Alex Archer

In Rogue Angel: The Chosen the appearances of Santo Niño; the Holy Child, who is luring thousands of pilgrims to Santa Fe and who saved a Japanese family of four from a tragic death, has Annja Creed believing there is more to the apparitions than meets the eye. With the sightings of other strange creatures in the area, and increased attempts on her life, she realizes that these appearances may be linked with her own fate.

Once again I was treated to a Graphic Audio performance that really brings you into the story. The combination of sound effects and artistic vocal performances creates what Graphic Audio calls a “Movie in your Mind” and that is truly what it is.

There is a dangerous, but enigmatic Jesuit who is sworn to protect the Vatican at any cost. Add to that a young artist whose work portrays a genius beyond his years, and a monster hunter whose terrifying agenda hold the keys to the secrets that lay at Los Alamos.

Image courtesy Graphic AudioFor me the tone as well as the flow of the story was different than the first three. I only say this as it struck me odd. The back story was not filled in, in the same way it had been in previous books. Annja puts down the idea of demons yet in one of the previous books; Solomon's Jar, she faced one.

Once things got going, the movement was fast-paced and it was generally consistent action. She seems to be a bit more vulnerable in this story than previous ones. Her character continues to develop and her role as the reincarnation of Joan of Arc is deepened as is her reflections on growing up in an orphanage explored. Her ability to control her powers with the sword of Joan of Arc are expanded as well.

I find that when I am listening to a Graphic Audio book, I am so immersed into the story that the time just flies. I feel that if you are into graphic books or you want to be entertained while you are listening to an audio book, you will find Rogue Angel: The Chosen fills the bill.

The quality of the story and performance are the reason that I will be coming back for the next Rogue Angel. I will also be checking out some of their other series as well. If you want you can down load of MP3 excerpt, or purchase the GraphicAudio Book from their on-line Store. The story comes three ways; standard CD, MP3 (the version I reviewed) and downloadable WMA CD with digital rights management.

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