Saturday , April 13 2024
the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has taken its vast quantity of archive videos and launched a website with them.

Archive Videos of Television Legends Goes Online

This Sunday, CBS is airing the 61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.  However, that's not the only big news the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has going on this week.  They have also just launched a brand new web portal which will feature videos with more then 600 folks (many of whose names you know) giving insights into exactly who they are and their time in the industry.

The Emmy TV Legends website has, apparently, been more than a decade in the making.  The Archive of American Television started conducting these in-depth interviews back in 1996 and made the videos public back in 2005. Now, a significant portion of them are online in a handy-dandy, easy to search for manner.  Says Jerry Petry, the Television Academy Foundation chairman, "We always envisioned the Archive of American Television as a free, dynamic, and accessible resource for anyone who loves the medium of television," and that it now certainly has become.  The videos are available via Youtube and consequently can be taken and embedded onto any webpage (although the site’s webpage does provide more info in addition to the videos). 

Eleven current Emmy nominees have videos available, including the one below featuring the great Alan Alda (nominated for his guest starring role on 30 Rock).

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