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Apple's newest Mac operating system is bridging the knowledge and usability gap between iOS and OS X.

Apple OS X Yosemite: A Rundown

apple os x yosemiteIt’s been nearly two weeks since OS X Yosemite was released. Have you updated your Macs yet? The consumer adoption rate for this operating system has broken all expectations, achieving the same user stats within four days that Windows 8 took two years to reach, according to Computer World. This can likely be attributed to the accessibility of OS X Yosemite – it is available to all users for free via the Mac App Store, as long as you’ve got the compatible hardware and operating system to run it.

OS X Yosemite is bridging the knowledge and usability gap between iOS and OS X. You’ll notice that the aesthetic of apps like Calendar, Mail, and Safari are extremely similar to what you’ve come to expect from your iPhone or iPad. This is very significant for the business world, since thousands of employees have already been trained on Apple mobile interfaces while using PCs at work. Widespread familiarity with iOS only serves to lower the learning barriers as consumers and companies consider adopting Macs.

Fluid Ecosystems

Apple has always promoted ecosystems of products. Now these device families operate even more smoothly, with wireless capabilities such as Handoff, Instant Hotspot, iCloud Drive and Phone Calls. These features blur the lines between your Mac and mobile devices, so that you can jump from one screen to the next without interrupting your workflow. Handoff lets you continue your projects between Apple-native apps such as Messages, Mail, Notes, the iWork Suite, and Reminders. So if you start writing something on one device, you can finish up the project on your Mac.

The Instant Hotspot is good news for iPhone users who have added the mobile hotspot feature to their cellular plan. It allows you to build a quick connection between your Mac and iPhone, so that you can still quickly connect to the Internet, even when you don’t have access to Wi-Fi. This can be a major advantage if you’re a highly mobile worker, since you’ll be able to enjoy the full power of your Mac while on the road.

Phone calls from your computer are one of the most compelling new features, allowing your Mac to connect to your iPhone wirelessly and place a call. So if you can’t step away from your workstation, you can just plug a headset into your computer and place a call while you work.

iCloud Drive brings another player into the Apple ecosystem: PCs. Windows users likely believed that they would never see the day when iCloud would be compatible with PCs. But now you can access your iCloud Drive files from Windows machines, which can significantly increase the collaborative potential of this cloud system.


The often-overlooked Automator app has received a major update. You can now use JavaScript and AppleScript/Objective-C for automation, and even create workflows that are activated by your voice. So if you wanted to quickly crop and save a folder of images, you could say something like “Crop News Photos,” and the task will be carried out by Automator.

You can also customize how your user interface looks. You can switch away from the pale, translucent menus in favor for black and grey menus in Dark Mode. Just visit your System Preferences, select “Appearance,” and check off Dark Mode. You can rearrange the way search results populate in the new, centralized Spotlight, giving you faster access to the files you need. And users can completely overhaul their Notifications Center by customizing it with native and third party widgets.

If you’d like to check these features out, visit Apple’s compatibility check webpage and download a free copy of OS X Yosemite from the Mac App Store.

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