Tuesday , June 18 2024
Lynn Herring is back and so is the Nurse's Ball! This week, get ready for Sabrina to seek out Lucy Coe to underwrite the Ball!

Another Fan Favorite Returns to General Hospital

As if General Hospital couldn’t get any better, another fan favorite returns this week! Sabrina has been working hard trying to revive the Nurses’ Ball to honor Robin, whom everyone believes is dead. (Little does anyone know she is being held by notorius madman Cesar Faison, who is hell bent on finally getting Anna Duvane, the object of his obsession to fall in love with him.)

The fact that Sabrina has a crush on our resident hottie Patrick Drake might also have a little something to do with it too and who could blame her! She had quite a shock when while practicing her pitch for Todd Manning in the doctor’s lounge, Patrick walked in with only a towel! Not only was she flustered, fans loved it too! Unfortunately Todd refused to help, as I suspected, citing his recent ‘donation’ to Jerry Jax thanks to the water contamination crisis. Friday the show ended with Sabrina deciding to see if she can get Lucy Coe to bankroll the Nurses’ Ball!

December 14, Lynn Herring will reprise her iconic role on General Hospital as the quirky, well-intentioned Lucy Coe and fans couldn’t be happier! We were lucky enough to chat with her during our Salute to the Nurses’ Ball, in honor of General Hospital‘s 50th Anniversary.
“It’s a dream come true”, Lynn stated of her return. She explained she received a call from Executive Producer Frank Valentini, who invited her to come back as plans for a huge Nurses’ Ball was in the works slated to air end of March through April 1st for the 50th Anniversary. She was thrilled and immediately said yes! “I got there an hour early and waited in my car in the parking lot”, she added with a chuckle. She described the atmosphere is very positive on set and she loves what Frank and Head Writer Ron Carlivati are doing. Though she’s only taped a few episodes thus far, Lynn is happy with how they’ve written her and says they really seem to understand her character.
Though mum’s the word on what exactly is being planned for the Ball, Lynn did scoop that Merideth Vieira has been cast as her secretary Bree! Lucy is set to stick around for awhile as they gear up for the event of 2013, General Hospital‘s 50th Anniversary April 1st! It’s going to be interesting to see who performs, but whatever happens I know we’ll love it!
If you missed our chat with Lynn, find out what her favorite moment of the Nurses’ Ball was, how did the ‘strip’ tradition begin, learn about the gorgeous dresses and more! Check it out then leave comments and let me know who you’d like to see perform at the Nurses’ Ball? I’ll forward your requests to Frank Valentini. This is your chance to be heard!

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