Sunday , September 19 2021

Another Crack

As products like this keep coming out, distinctions between broadcast radio, webcasting, P2P, wireless, and your face keep breaking down. This will take years to sort out, but a brand new economic/regulatory paradigm is another day closer to inevitable. You simply cannot stop technical innovation.

It isn’t a question of morality, simply human nature: people cannot, will not be stopped from prodding, exploring between the cracks, expanding those cracks like ice in a road. You can marshall all the regulatory power of every hierarchical system on earth, and all you can achieve is some drag on the roller coaster, or a fierce rearrangement of the deck chairs on your fatally wounded ocean liner.

Behold and marvel:

    Product Overview

    Need enough music for a week? Or two? The Neuros HD has the capacity to hold 5,000 songs, and superior functionality to provide the technology you demand in an MP3 audio computer. The Neuros can broadcast songs wirelessly to your stereo. It can record and identify songs from the FM radio. With automatic synchronization all your downloads, playlist changes, and requests from your PC library will be automatically executed. The Neuros is completely customizable to give you the digital music experience you envision.


    Intuitive navigation

    20GB hard drive holds up to 5,000 songs (encoded at 128kbps)

    Digitally enhanced FM tuner

    Recording to MP3 format from internal microphone, FM tuner, and line input

    High resolution, backlit LCD display and button controls

    5 programmable preset buttons

    10 hours of continuous playback with rechargeable Lithium Ion battery

    Automatic firmware and software upgrades

    Neuros comes with earphones, car power adapter, wall power adapter, USB cable and Neuros Synchronization Manager Software.

All for $399, available in January.

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