Thursday , October 29 2020

Andrew Ian Dodge’s And Glory

Andrew Ian Dodge is an author, reviewer, blogger and soon to be game designer, as well as an occasional actor and lead singer of a rock band, Recently he was the solo star of a documentary filmed in London. Here we release the first in his series of three cyberpunk novels set in a decaying European Union. Below you will find And Glory, in the coming months Blogcritics will publish the two other novels in the trilogy. You can order this e-book now for the low price of $4.99.

    The year is 2034. Power lies with the bureaucrats in Brussels London is the centre for the Western Provinces.

    Rob, a British tech expert and Fulham FC fan, together with his accomplice, David, have to use their cyborg intelligence to survive in the oppressive Euro society. The Supremo Manipulator of this conglomerate of nations is one Pius, with no religious connections and a diminishing hold on power. The Union is sustained by nepotism, violence and musical chairs of political appointees – the disintegration of the body politic is imminent.

    The assassination of Teresa, Rob’s girlfriend, and a busload of tourists on the Embankment of Europe on Sunday afternoon, the murder of a Czech student at Hull European University, provide the catalyst for Rob’s and David’s dangerous involvement. Together with their minders, Michaela and Kiara, they head full speed into their deadly future. Death is catching.

    An obscure separatist neo-luddite group, BASH, led by the enigmatic Cromwell, claims responsibility for several immense explosions at key Union targets in the Western Provinces and threatens civil war if their separatist demands are not met.

    Humour, political satire, action and a flowing writing style take the reader through a techno thriller deep into the 21st century. We see the ambivalence of the revolutionaries, who never intended serious action, faced with orders to destroy and kill.

    Good dialogue, action, characters that you come to know well, some you hope you’ll never meet.

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