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Ad and Marketing Data From Ad Age

FactPack 2004 – data on the advertising and marketing industries from Ad Age – is available online here. Among the info is such interesting fare as the Top 25 U.S. advertisers:

    (in billions, followed by percent change from last year)

    1 General Motors Corp. $3.65 8.5
    2 Time Warner 2.92 3.3
    3 Procter & Gamble Co. 2.67 6.7
    4 Pfizer 2.57 10.1
    5 Ford Motor Co. 2.25 -4.5
    6 DaimlerChrysler 2.03 2.5
    7 Walt Disney Co. 1.80 3.0
    8 Johnson & Johnson 1.80 15.3
    9 Sears, Roebuck & Co. 1.66 9.9
    10 Unilever 1.64 4.5
    11 Sony Corp. 1.62 23.5
    12 GlaxoSmithKline 1.55 1.2
    13 Toyota Motor Corp. 1.55 10.8
    14 Verizon Communications 1.53 9.5
    15 McDonald’s Corp. 1.34 0.4
    16 Viacom 1.26 0.7
    17 Altria Group 1.21 -8.6
    18 Honda Motor Co. 1.19 7.5
    19 Merck & Co. 1.16 2.2
    20 L’Oreal 1.12 7.0
    21 PepsiCo 1.11 8.3
    22 J.C. Penney Co. 1.11 16.5
    23 SBC Communications 1.09 26.9
    24 U.S. Government 1.08 1.5
    25 Nestle 1.07 11.5

More on the data report:

    Who are the top ad spenders in the U.S. and on a global basis? What are the hot ads and how much do they cost? Who are the big ad organizations and how do their agency brands stack up against their competition? How big and far-reaching are those media monoliths? It’s all in the FactPack, whether in print form on your desk, or a click away on your computer or network.

    The FactPack is presented in three sections:
    Advertising and Marketing section data were pulled from Advertising Age’s 48th annual 100 Leading National Advertisers, and the publication’s 200 Megabrand and Global Marketers reports.

    The LNA report breaks out total ad spending by media for the 100 largest U.S. advertisers and charts the hotly contested industry categories by market share and brand spending.

    The Media section’s primary source is the 100 Leading Media Companies, an annual ranking of the nation’s media companies by net revenue.

    The Agency Report section, in its 58th version, ranks nearly 500 U.S. agency brands, the world’s top agency brands, the world’s top 30 ad organizations, and the top media specialist companies.

    New to the FactPack this year is a chart showing the major accounts of the top five U.S. advertisers and the agencies covering them; a chart delineating properties of the top 10 U.S. media companies; and a chart that identifies the major networks and agencies connected to the world’s top four ad organizations.

Who spends what where – very interesting and revealing.

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