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The 90210 star talks about what's in store for his character during the new season of The CW's 90210.

90210‘s Michael Steger Discusses Season Four

90210 returns Tuesday, September 13 on The CW, and earlier this week I had the opportunity to speak with one of the show’s stars, Michael Steger, who portrays Navid Shirazi. Steger revealed to me what’s in store for his character during the fourth season of the popular series.

Now that the cast is moving on from high school to the adult world ofMichael Steger - courtesy of The CW responsibilities, Steger provided some insight into his character, Navid.

“He’s much more of a man than he used to be. He’s really found his people, he’s found his friends, he’s found his circle of trust. He’s a smarter person for it. He’s much better at knowing who his allies are. He’s just a much more mature guy,” he explained.

So, what does season four have in store for Navid?

Towards the end of last season, Navid and his girlfriend Silver, played by Jessica Stroup, had been on the outs with one another, due to Adrianna’s  devious ways, but managed to rekindle their romance. Kicking off season four, Steger says the couple is “really strong.”

“Navid and Silver move in together and they start working together,” he revealed. “They both have offices at Shirazi production office; they’re right next to each other. They’re really thrilled to be working with each other.”

The big news this season is that Navid and Silver take on the role of being parents, but it’s not what you think.

“My sister ends up asking me if she can live me, so she can finish her last year of high school before she goes to Switzerland. I’m very reluctant, because all I want to do is be alone with Silver and focus on the relationship,” Steger says speaking from his character’s perspective.

“I finally give in and Silver finally gives in to let her live with us. My sister ends up being really hard to deal with, so it forces Navid and Silver to kind of be parents. There’s a lot of ridiculous circumstances that unfold from there.”

But Navid’s sister isn’t the only family member showing up in the infamous zipcode. It was reported by E! Online earlier this summer that Navid’s uncle will also be making an appearance.

“Right when Navid thinks things are smoothing out, ex-business partners come in and try to influence [him]. They’re still attached to the business somehow,” Steger shared.

“Navid wants to start fresh and is very unwilling to work with anyone other than himself and his friends.”

So we know that Navid has got his relationship in order, and that he’s working hard to turn Shirazi Studios into a legitimate and successful production company, but how would would Steger like to see his character progress this season?

“How would I like to see [Navid] progress? I’m pretty open to the writers. They’ve been doing such a great job so far,” Steger told me during our interview.

“I’d like him to finally reconnect with his family, I know his entire family being in Switzerland is a huge ordeal for him. I think Navid has the need to save, he wants to get back in touch with his family, so hopefully reconcile his differences with father. Navid knows it’s not going to be that easy. I’d like to see some reconciliation.”

Before our conversation ended, I asked Steger to what he credits the show’s ongoing success.

“The show has a lot of different elements. It has comedy and drama. It has it’s own style. I think teenagers and even fans of the old show connect with it.”

The fourth season of 90210 kicks off on Tuesday, September 13 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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