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There’s a whole new world of infographics out there that help to improve user engagement and brand recognition.

4 Unique and Popular Infographics in 2015


A picture may speak a thousand words, but sometimes it takes more than that and a few statistics to develop a stunning infographic, especially today. Infographics in 2015 are moving away from “flatland,” and claiming territory in the world of 3-D interaction. With a clever combination of visuals, graphics, sound, and movement, you can create astounding infographics for your website that draw in not only visitors, but customers.

  1. Animated Infographics

Many websites are picking up on this new form of information transfer in which an entire webpage is devoted to data in motion. This infographic works particularly well if you have a lot of data to share in timeline form. To get a better idea of an infographic that successfully uses this method, take a look at this infographic presented by Ticketbis.

Users love these kinds of infographics because they are able to take in a lot of relevant information without extensive reading or endless scrolling. It creates visual interest as well as promotes the brand and entices user interaction.

  1. Video Infographics

According to a study performed by the B2B Demand Generation, more than 90 percent of website visitors will watch a video on your website to gain information and about 80 will read a white paper. Though this doesn’t undermine the importance of text in online marketing, it does show that users love receiving information via video.

This fact makes video infographics extremely important in 2015 for attracting visitors and customers. This medium is excellent for showing off your brand, while using a strong storyline and graphic animation to relay relevant information.

  1. Vizualized Articles

This particular data dump is a mixture between a traditional infographic and an article, but either way, it does wonders for enriching your SEO campaign and boosting rankings. This infographic takes a lengthy piece of writing and converts it to a data-rich visual. The visualization simplifies the content and makes it easier for the brain to absorb, which in turn entices users to share the visual across social media.

Many online marketers are using visualized articles, not as a replacement of written content, but as an enhancement. If you have a lengthy blog post packed with important information, a visualized article is the perfect way to simplify the content and make it more shareable.

  1. Interactive Infographics

Web surfers can’t get enough of these new infographics that allow for user interaction. These information centers step away from flat, static infographics to provide an experience on your website that will capture users’ attention and get them more involved with your brand. An interactive infographic provides an informative platform where users can click through to gain information relevant to them.

Interactive infographics come in many different forms. They often have a storyline feel, like this infographic by Good Infographics about how much water you use in a day. Others are excellent for providing stark contrast to promote your business, like this infographic by MahiFX that shows how much money John Paulson, prominent hedge fund manager, makes compared to you.

There’s a whole new world of infographics out there that help to improve user engagement and brand recognition. If you’re a savvy business owner, you’ll capitalize on some of these unique and helpful infographics that are popular today.

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