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With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who here, you know there are plenty of great new products on the market, just in time for Christmas.

2013 ‘Doctor Who’ Gift Guide

With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who here, you know there are plenty of great new products on the market, just in time for Christmas. This guide is meant to highlight some of the coolest things recently released, though is not a complete, exhaustive list.

D1Doctor Who: The Complete Series 1-7 Limited Edition Blu-ray Gift Set

This is very similar to last year’s gift set, in that it also includes art cards, a sonic screwdriver toy, and comic book, as well as every episode to date. Obviously, there are more episodes this year than last, so there are more discs in this set. But like the previous release, if you’ve missed any bit of Doctor Who since the 2005 reboot, this is recommended to catch you up.

The big advantage in this new release is that everything is in Blu-ray! Previously, the older seasons were only DVD quality, with the last couple of years in HD. Now, it’s all been remastered, from Christopher Eccleston’s run, including all of David Tennant’s time, and ending in the Matt Smith era. This is a definitive set, and it’s never looked better!

But as with last year’s recommendation, if you already own many of these episodes, you may want to look for individual seasons, rather than drop the large amount of cash on this huge box.

D2The Eleven Doctors Micro-Figure Set

While Doctor Who characters are available in full-size action figures, there’s something cute and charming about seeing them in miniature. This Character Building set (similar to LEGO) has all eleven of the titular men, with display basis and sonic screwdrivers (when applicable). If you don’t want to take them out of the box, they are displayed in a beautiful TARDIS case with clear plastic protecting them. But if you’re a big fan, why not pop them out and have an adventure on the play sets that are sold separately?

Some may already have purchased the eleven figure set prior to this holiday season, but this one is new. The TARDIS box is stone-colored, rather than blue, and several (though not all) of the Doctors have different outfits. It’s a little disappointing that only about a third of the figures have been redesigned, but  the new looks are pretty neat.

Titan Vinyl Tenth Doctor Set

There are twelve characters in the Series Two vinyl figure set. Vinyls are also mini-figures, but much more rounded than the Character Building style, allowing for more shaped detail. You can collect Daleks, a Sontaran, a Clockwork Robot, Cyber Leader, Davros, and more. These are pretty cool.

The drawback is that the vinyl figures are all in blind packaging. What this means is that you don’t know which one you’re going to get. At around $10 a pop, it’s quite disappointing to open a box and find one you already have. Sadly, there is no way to avoid this, with some figures much more common than others.

D3Doctor Who Ornaments

Last year, a yellow Dalek was released, and it was very nice. This year, though, we’ve been spoiled, with a number of different ornaments to choose form. You can get Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor and his Sonic Screwdriver. Or, if the monsters are more your thing, check out the Cyberman head, done in the modern style.

My favorite, though, is a handcrafted orb that bears the likeness of all eleven of the Doctors. There’s something to be said for being able to look at the whole line up (thus far), and I appreciate the design.


TARDIS Night Light

For anyone that likes night lights, this one comes highly recommended. The TARDIS lights up from within, perhaps even giving a little peace of mind to children who worry the monsters from the show might visit them in their sleep. At least with this light, the Doctor is watching over them.

D5Doctor Who Clothing

There are quite a few clothing items, several featuring a TARDIS design (such as an apron and a dress), but the best, in this reviewer’s humble opinion, is the TARDIS Hoodie. It’s a comfortable design, and you won’t be embarrassed to be seen by your friends in one as you might in say, an adult size one-piece pajama set with hood (though I’m sure it’s quite warm and snug, and perfectly fine to wear when no one else is around).

A Dalek beanie hat is great if you’re looking for a smaller ite. I dare you not to intone “Exterminate!” while wearing one!

Other highlights include an exploding TARDIS pencil skirt (the Van Gough style), All Doctors Tee, which features just the silhouettes of the eleven, and knee-high TARDIS socks.

D4Dalek Mr. Potato Head

This officially license Mr. Potato Head variant is a real “Extermi-tator” (I stole the pun from the press materials). It’s the familiar spud you expect with a base, helmet, and components to make it one of Doctor Who‘s most terrifying villains. You can choose to go authentic Dalek or add cartoonish eyes for an amusing effect. Like most character-designed Mr. Potato Heads, it doesn’t come with lots of interchangeable pieces, but it is pretty cool to see.

There are quite a few other items this year, as well, including TARDIS slippers, a TARDIS snow globe, a Cyberman bust and more! If you can’t find something in any price range and style for the Who fan you’re buying for, you’re just not looking. It’s a fantastic line up.

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