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Will House be Back for an Eighth Season?

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Monday afternoon, the always-delightful Lisa Edelstein held a conference call with entertainment reporters to discuss the show and her current character arc. During the call, I asked a follow up question from my October interview with her. Back then she told me that only Hugh Laurie was signed for next year, having long ago contracted through season eight. At that point, contract extensions had not been discussed with any of the cast (notcourtesy FoxFlash unusual for that point in the season). On Monday, she responded to my question, saying that the cast still had not been signed for next season.

She noted that NBC, which produces House, M.D. for airing on Fox wants Fox to pull more of the weight in producing the series. “There’s a whole complicated structure of who pays for what when you make a show,” Edelstein explained.  “I believe NBC wants Fox to take over the cost of production, and Fox doesn’t want to.”

This crucial issue is still unresolved as we head into second half of season seven.  “Until that’s resolved, they can’t even begin to talk to any of us.” So that leaves most of the cast, including Edelstein (Cuddy), Robert Sean Leonard (Wilson), Omar Epps (Foreman), Jesse Spencer (Chase) and Peter Jacobson (Taub) in a bit of limbo (and Olivia Wilde, who plays “13” if she plans on returning next year). It has already been reported that Amber Tamblyn (Martha Masters) appearance will end with this season.

Not being a TV executive, I’m not sure how much of this is simple posturing by studio (NBC-Universal) and network (Fox), and how much is the real deal. However, some of this undoubtedly is fueled by cost issues related to the recent Comcast-NBC merger. It’s likely that NBC-Universal would be examining ways to cut costs post-merger, and Fox is unlikely to want to accept the additional burden of producing the expensive drama show. Understandably, the costs of putting together a show that’s acquired increasingly complex production standards over the years—and now having to negotiate new contracts with the series regulars might give both studio and network a bit of pause, particularly now.

But would either Universal (who sells the DVDs and owns the rights for all those cable rebroadcasts and more) or Fox want to jettison a still-popular, well-made series? Although House’s ratings numbers are not quite as impressive as they were a couple of years ago, for a series in its seventh season, it is doing quite well, particularly in the all-important 18-49 demo. I can’t imagine either entity wanting to cut House at this juncture.

I certainly wouldn’t want to see House crawl to its end, prolonged way past its prime to squeeze out the last penny, but it’s not there, not by a long shot. And hey, TV by the Numbers scores House as highly likely to be renewed in its January 25, 2011 “Renew/Cancel” column.

I’m with them. I would bet that neither Fox nor NBC are willing to let one such a highly-rated, successful vanish. In any event, do let the network know how you feel. 

And a question for you, my dear readers: what do you think? How many more seasons might we have left of Dr. House and his crew? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • I hope that we are going to see one more season of House, MD. I can’t see how they can bring this season to any kind of dramatic finish– though in some ways perhaps a dangling end (so to speak) is more fitting for House. “You can’t always get what you want.”
    I imagine they will get one more season out of it and I surely hope so.

  • flatpickluvr

    Has anyone heard anything more recent about the status of House MD, whether or not the series is being renewed for an eighth season? I sure hope so.

  • Flatpickluvr

    I think the show took a downward spiral in seasons 5, 6, and the first half of season 7 when it became so soap-opera-ish. I became a fan because of the really sharp way they wrote the medical mysteries. Thankfully the last two or three episodes of Season 7 so far (7×9, 7×10 and 7×11 especially) have shown the focus is being restored back to the medical mysteries again. The episode where House faced the ethical dilemma of having to treat Cuddy’s mother was amazing. I don’t care about Taub’s cheating or Taub’s marriage falling apart or Chase’s divorce or the whole Huddy thing. I want the show back the way it used to be, with House and Cuddy flirting (and nothing more) and the medical mystery remaining the A story. If they’ll do that, I don’t see any reason the show couldn’t regain its formerly top rating and last at least through the end of Season 8.

  • miguel alvarado

    why? they can sort out their problems (Fox and NBC ). I could not think in this season is the finaly season, please send morew information about that because as you are, I love House MD. in especial my favourite actress Lisa so I want to see House many season more but how all of us know the “problems”; I would like to see two seasons more.

    sorry for my terrible inglish

  • Sera G.

    Hey, Fe, #46, I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful of you. I just don’t want to see Cuddy leave or them to break up.

    Bite your tongue to me is a funny way of meaning, “don’t say it, it will come true!” No intent to stop your freedom to express an opinion.

  • The Other Barnett


    You comment about hoping Fox does not make a mistake in cancelling House. I’d like to think the network has the common sense. But one already has to look how the network has handled four quality shows in the last six months….The Good Guys, Human Target, Fringe, and Lie to Me.

    These shows have critical support and rabid fan support…..and they have been shoved around in days, time-slots and in deference to shows like Kitchen Nightmares, Million Dollar Money Drop and Glee. And now X-Factor with Simon Cowell is coming on (imagine the fall version of American Idol), so my confidence in Fox is not high right now.

    Depending upon how much cost of production falls on Fox’s shoulders for House, next season could be the dead-man-walking season even if House continues to have extremely good numbers….same for Bones, too. Fox could decide that the economy does not allow for them to go much more beyond a few hour-long scripted shows (Chicago Code, Glee and ?) – joined in by lots of useless pablum. And then the TV viewer will be chased away to USA and TNT.

  • The Other Barnett


    I don’t think you are respecting the writer’s respect for the average House viewer (and reality, too). Lets go back a couple seasons……

    Kutner kills himself and it flicks a switch in House’s brain that was tampered with by Stacy and continued with Amber’s death and hit fruition with his breakdown. House is not returning to his pre-breakdown self…that House is gone. And that is probably a good thing if the viewer is willing to accept that the old House could not survive long.

    When someone has been in a mental faciltity, while being detoxed from a long-standing vicodin addiction, one should not rebound to fully-healed (mentally or emotionally). House spent last season trying to get back to norm, but he was fighting it and life was fighting him back.

    House has loved Cuddy for years (at least since the fourth season or so) and its perfectly understandable that (since he probably sees her as his last chance to return to what he was before the leg-mangling surgery)he is trying to determine how ‘domesticated’ he needs to be and still be happy with her…..while trying to fully heal from years of addiction and dysfunctional living. This is not speedboat that has to U-turn, this is the freakin’ QE2, we are talking about.

    Taub’s marriage ending is probably the end of the story and potentially an interesting juxtaposition between Chase trying to calm his bachelor ways and Taub wanting to let the good times roll.

    I agree the medical puzzles and the interesting POTW should probably regain primary focus, but I’m assuming the writers do not feel comfortable just doing a 180 re-focus

  • The Other Barnett

    FE, interesting option of Cuddy leaving. If that happened, I’d picture House and Chase going babe-hounding together. May be an interesting dynamic. Would be deliciously interesting if Cameron returned as an interim administrator, only to fall for House’s charms again. What about Braugher coming back as administrator – same character, but new position?

  • The Other Barnett

    House has a few seasons left after this one. I’d not be shocked if there is a major shake-up of the cast, though after this season.

    House, Cuddy, Chase and Taub are safe. Their characters are being treated well by the writers. Since Wilson’s episode last year, he has not been utilized. Foreman has also been simply a placeholder.

    The show cannot be what it was in its first seasons and it cannot continue as it has the last couple seasons. Somehow there needs to be more one character shows (as in Cuddy and Wilson last year), POTW focused stories, and maybe an ER-style trip to Africa/Asia Doctors without Borders type of show or two.

    I’m also wondering if NBC/Universal is being difficult with this because they want House for NBC (or USA). Just curious

  • Fe

    Sorry, I thought that’s what the comments section was for! I love the show, always have. I also very much enjoy this blog. It’s a shame to be shot down for expressing a view. Anyway, happy to move on. Can’t wait for Monday’s episode and to read Barbara’s review later.

  • Sera G

    Fe, with all due respect…bite your tongue!

  • Fe

    I think it will go to an 8th but I would not be suprised if there is one last supporting cast shake up. As much as I love House and Cuddy, separately and together, and am a huge Lisa fan, I have thought for a while that it would be interesting to see House with a new boss. I have this image of House and Cuddy breaking up and her taking another position somewhere else. I think it could give the show a chance to create a different dymanic. Besides, she could always be brought back towards to the end.

    Personally, I think the most difficult question for the producers is how to end the show altogether. Surely it can’t all be happy families – it wouldn’t seem right. Part of me thinks they might kill him off in the final episode. Some undiagnosable disease or an heroic and selfless act. Who knows…

  • I’ve done that with many series, XF, even soaps (which I swore off years ago) and my 1980s guilty pleasure Scarecrow and Mrs. King, which I stopped watching when they got secretly married 🙁

  • DebbieJ.

    @ Jaim #40: – I wonder that myself. I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy. When I did, I belonged to a yahoo group dedicated to it. I read blog after blog about it.

    When, in my opinion, it became too far fetched and, to me, unwatchable, know what I did? I stopped watching. I unsubbed from the yahoo group and I just stopped visiting the blogs.

    Just because I stopped watching, doesn’t mean there weren’t others who still enjoy(ed) it. Instead of wasting my energy and their time raining on their parade, I just disassociated myself with the show and the fandom. Don’t know why it’s so hard for others to do the same. Life is too short to waste time on things you dislike. You know, “accent-uate and the positive and elim-inate the negative…”

  • Sera G

    Thank you, Susan, #39.
    Amen, Jaim, #40!

  • Jaim

    I hope it is renewed. I am so tired of quality shows not getting a proper send off. I have been invested in this show since season three and I want to see a satisfying conclusion to House’s journey.

    Also I still am very excited to see new episodes, whereas with other shows that I use to watch religiously, that feeling has subsided. I still really look forward to this show every week. It would be a shame for Fox to make such a monumental mistake of canceling it before it’s proper time. But then again, Fox makes a lot of stupid calls when it comes to it’s programming. I swear they sabotage their own shows.

    As for some of the other comments on here about the degraded quality of the show,
    I ask: Why do people even still take the time to respond to this blog if they have so little left for this series?
    Sometimes the writing can be frustrating and I can be annoyed by some story lines, but overall I genuinely still love this show. Why others spend so much time bashing this series, on a blog dedicated to it, is really strange to me.

  • Susan

    Last week’s New York Times gave the “House” episode of January 24th, a 10.4 million viewership. That was the highest number of viewers for the night, only topped by 11.4 for “Two and a Half Men”. Why end a show with such good ratings? The “House” Facebook page has 18+ million likes. Seems to this “House” fan that NBC and Fox CAN’T cancel the show.
    (And thanks Barbara for e-mail links to Fox).
    Sera G #34 – I think I always agree with you!

  • simona

    House MD will always have a special place in my heart.
    Perhaps knowing that House could be renewed for another..hmmmmm..7 seasons might be enough to me. Please don’t tell me that I’m stupid, I know.

  • Flo

    Barbara already explained that Lisa Edelstein was answering to a direct question. Since all the actors except Hugh Laurie are in the same situation she just said so and explained why. She didn’t talk about Leonard or other actors status specifically. She was asked about negotiations and she just answered where all this stands for now.

    She didn’t talk about how the other actors will negotiate their contract or even when they’ll do it. She just talked about how the situation is now and was able to do so because she is in the exact same one.

    It was just a generality, she didn’t say anything specific, relax people.
    I’m always flabbagastered at how some fans can get easily angry and attack an actor over nothing.

  • HouseMD-lovers

    We agree with Karo – why is Lisa E discussing other cast members contract status? She’s not their agent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HouseMD-Watchers

    Yes, there are quite a lot of other rumors flying about RSL’s status and that he is not going to return for season 8. We are sure that he will like to give a formal statement made by himself and not have Lisa E do it on a press call.

  • Sera G

    Hello, again, Barbara and all,
    Thanks, to Mary #26. Very well stated.
    Andrea, #33, I beg to differ. Watching Marathon House is NOT a waste of time. I have the DVDs and have seen most of the first four seasons many, many times, as I also watch them on the local station on weekend evenings. I have watched seasons 5-6 over and over, too. I love the House/Cuddy realationship as well. I am your side, they are the only ones for each other. I am glad that you are catching up and can join the rest of us. Thanks to Barbara and the many thoughtful comments, it’s a fun place to spend time.


    If Sadly House is going to end, I just hope that at least is going to be in Season 8, because, I don’t want to see in the last 13 episodes left , like fast summary of the end. Realize that is their last season is hard. I really hope that Fox and NBC can make a deal with the production cost.

    I have been watching the whole show since three months ago; I have been in a HOUSE marathon like six episodes per day, in order to understand the story. Its seem to be sick spending a quality of time watching tv online. First at all, I did it because I wanted to understand why the people believe that Huddy is a mistake or soap opera. I’m a huge Huddy fan. I wanted to understand the show. So, I started from the beginning. Second, I live in Venezuela, sometimes I missed the episodes when are aired in Cable, I started to watch the show since season 2. Somewhat in season 6, I was really stuck with the Show, I loved to read the spoilers and comments from the fan. What I couldn’t understand is why the people think that the storyline changed. If you realized the series have spent seven years. People grow. I think House isn’t going to change. He in his own way cares about his coworkers, Wilson or Cuddy. He is different, stubborn and jerk, but at the end is a good person. I don’t know why people want have the same storyline or want him unhappy forever. I don’t know, but people get older. And it’s true, Chase or Foreman can’t be forever working for him, they are good enough. About Cuddy, I believe she is the only one for him, the one that have been since day one. She understands him and always is there for him. Is not a soap opera. If you see each episode since day 1, they always have been flirting around. Somehow it had to come true and be a couple.

  • laura hughes

    Totally agree with Erin that the show is not was it used to be. I still watch it, but I find it way to “soapy” and sometimes even boring. Although Amber Tamblyn has brought fresh wind into the team, the ongoing boredom of Taub’s marriage and House playing Cuddy’s lapdog is really too much.

    The Huddy arc is the worst one ever on HOUSE and unfortunately, the most prolonged too! House is totally OOC and somehow love seems to even have healed his leg. If this goes on for very much longer, I’m not sure if I want to see the show go on for another season. But if the writes can get back to the medicine with the relationships just as a side dish, then I’d be happy about another season and a nice ending with which all fans and “shippers” can live.

  • laura

    Totally agree with Erin that the show is not was it used to be. I still watch it, but I find it way to “soapy” and sometimes even boring. Although Amber Tamblyn has brought fresh wind into the team, the ongoing boredom of Taub’s marriage and House playing Cuddy’s lapdog is really too much.

    The Huddy arc is the worst one ever on HOUSE and unfortunately, the most prolonged too! House is totally OOC and somehow love seems to even have healed his leg. If this goes on for very much longer, I’m not sure if I want to see the show go on for another season. But if the writes can get back to the medicine with the relationships just as a side dish, then I’d be happy about another season and a nice ending with which all fans and “shippers” can live.

  • Sdemar

    Just read Mary’s post and I want to thank her.

    I have often wondered why people come on to bitch and moan about the show. The same people that get off on posting negative reviews of the show on different forums. I mean what is the point?

    I do wonder when they plan on having a Lerner and Friend episode along with a DS one? They are by far the best writers so I think we should hold onto our seats because I think it will get interesting.

  • Sdemar

    Based on what I am hearing, it seems the show will be renewed for Season 8. It is probably a good time to end it after that as I don’t now how much further they can go with the character. It seems Hugh has many options available to him that may not be as demanding on him. I do hope they are able to resign RSL and LE.

    I actually have enjoyed the exploration of the Cuddy relationship this year, the same way that I did with the Wilson relationship last year.
    These are the two individuals that are most important in House’s life.

    It seems some want to blame this season on the downslide of the show but the reality is it happened mid-season of last year if you go by ratings.

    I do hope however they end the show, Gregory House is in a better place than what he was when the show began. His fictional life means a lot to me.

    BTW, I think LE is the show’s biggest cheerleader.

  • Patty

    As long as the ratings hold, good stories can be written and the same core of House Wilson & Cuddy are still on board and want to stay on board, there’s no reason why House can’t continue on like Law and Order or Gunsmoke. I might be in the minority on this paricular thread, but I am part of a group that wants the House/Cuddy storyline gone. Once brought together, the characters lost a lot of the spark that used to heat my TV up every Monday night. Now it’s lukewarm at best. The writers should have been brave enough to bring an outside character for House.

  • Flo

    Nice comment Mary and everyone.

    I still like the show and like many of you, I want it to end on a high note whenever that may be.

    When I wrote my analysis of the past six seasons I found that TPTB apparently likes to heavily shake things up every three years.
    The first three years seems to form a chapter (ended when the first trio departed of House’s team) and the seasons 4-6 another (ended when House and Cuddy decided to give their couple a chance).
    I already said what I wanted to say about “eras” on House in that said analysis so I won’t extend my point too much here. I just want to say that it seems to work in threes. A bit like Star Wars (not the Prelogy but the old good ones). I know it’s a weird comparison but if you could just bare with me a bit here (loool).
    First we get to know the characters and the world in which they evolve (SW ep4, seasons 1-3 of H). Then things are hugely shaken up and we get a very dramatic (even tragic) chapter (SW ep5, seasons 4-6 of H) and then, things are shaken up again and we get to pick the pieces and, little by little, have a resolution (SW ep6, seasons 7-? of H).
    I don’t know if I’m making much sense right now, maybe it is just me, but if it really follows a sort of trilogy, we should get 9 seasons.
    However, 7 years is already a long time and even if I’m still interested in the show and the characters I can’t predict how it’s gonna evolved. For now I just hope we’ll get another season. I’m not too worried about that.

    I guess it is just wait and see now.

  • Mary

    Seems funny that folks that claim to not enjoy the show still bother to come and comment. If you dislike it why do you waste your time watching/commenting on it? Seriously. I’m not knocking you , just trying to understand your mindset. Do you always do things you don’t enjoy or are you making an exception for House?

    I like brussel sprouts, I know a lot of folks who don’t like brussel sprouts. Does that make me wrong when I say I think brussel sprout are great and good for you? Or does that make the other folks wrong when they say brussel sprouts are from the devil and you can get better nutrition elsewhere?

    Both positions are valid. Why? Because the first part is their opinion which truth has nothing to do with other than the truth of it being their opinion. The second part is true in both cases therefore valid in both cases. With the case of House MD all of the “it’s great/it’s awful” is opinion and has validity because it is an opinion. The facts are that they (writers/producers)are and have always attempted to explore Greg House through the world around him and how he interacts with it( I could pull up many a quote from TPTB on this if you require). It is personal opinion as to how successfully they have achieved that from episode to episode, season to season but they have consistently done this. So, if this is not why you watch/ed the show I can see why you no long like it but please do not tell me that the show is any less, because it no longer fits with your vision. I’m in it for the creator’s vision and that hasn’t ended.

    I am in it for the long haul as it is still the show I signed up for, they are still exploring the endlessly interesting character of House and have barely scratched the depths. Do I love all the storylines and episodes, no. But I have found that in hindsight and closer examination many of them hold hints and keys to a deeper understanding of House than I gathered on the first viewing. That is why I love this show.

    I won’t put a time limit on the series. I hope they know when to call it quits but as long as they are continuing to plumb the depths of House’s mind/personality/essence I will continue to watch. And take comfort in the fact that even after the show is done I can go back, watch the DVDs, and probably still find new things to think about and question.

    Will 8 seasons really be enough to wrap this up. Regardless of how the “Huddy” storyline wraps up there is still fertile ground to explore. If they break up how will House handle it. Has he really grown as a person enough to move on and “be happy” without what he thought would make him happy or will he fall back into old habits, proving his worldview of “people don’t change”?

    This development all depends on the writers and whether they can find new ways to explore House. So please don’t take this the wrong way when I say maybe it’s time for some fresh writer’s to be brought in. I love the group they have and would be sad to lose any one of them and what they bring to the show( I do truly miss Doris Egan’s contributions this season 🙁 and missed LK in the early years when he left briefly) but I think a fresh set of eyes and a different perspective could liven up the show and bring a fresh angle far better than any character shifts/ changes. JMO.

  • Cynthiaanne (hiyacinth)

    I hope House goes through to season eight, not sure how i feel about beyond that, really don’t want this fantastic ride through Dr. gregory’s life to end, on the other hand would hate to see such a brilliant show not go out on a high note.
    So enjoy reading all your previews, reviews and cast interviews on the show and it’s characters, will miss that too !

  • Sera G

    Thanks for the link, Barbara.
    I sent an e-mail. It always makes me feel better to think I have done something.

  • Sera G

    Hi, Barbara,
    I was prepared to be depressed when I saw the heading of this article. I am pleased that the news is not all that grim.
    I, too hope that this is all negotiation and money related.
    The show is still great, imo. Certainly 100% better than what is in th top 10 and and passes for quality. As you probably already know, Monday’s episode was up in ratings, so maybe that will help. I think the stories are still interesting, the acting only gets better and there is life in the series, for at least one more year. I agree with whomever said that at least the writers/DS should be allowed time to end it the way they want, rather than rush to a conclusion. Plus, I need a year to prepare emotionally.
    It seems from the comments today that people either still love the show or have moved on. I think the lovers outweigh those against.

  • spoilerfan

    Thanks for the Fox’s email address. Shot off an email requesting that House be canceled ASAP. This season adds no value to the formerly great series.

  • DebbieJ.

    You’re welcome, bigHousefan :0)

  • switchkosterice–actually the people who’ve just started watching are not part of the fan community, but people I just happen to know, to work with, run into, etc. Be that as it may, I wrote about XF too (had my own website with reviews, fanfic and all the trimmin’s). When the show stopped being to my liking (I won’t say “bad” because to some, maybe the show wasn’t), I just stopped watching–and stopped writing about it.

    XF stopped being the show I started watching for. To be completely honest, House is still the show I signed on to watch. I find it interesting to watch him experiment with really rejoining the human race, being involved with someone–and all the challenges he’ll face with that as we head into the second half of the season in a few weeks. We are still in the first half of the season at this point. there’s much more to come. But again, YMMV. But please don’t suggest that my opinion isn’t objective because what…I’m a fan of the show? Because I write about the show (because I’m a fan of the show?) That’s all I’m going to say on this.

  • “I certainly wouldn’t want to see House crawl to its end, prolonged way past its prime to squeeze out the last penny, but it’s not there, not by a long shot.”

    It definitely has. Everyone I know who used to watch the show does not any longer, and hasn’t this entire season. Season 6 was melodramatic/soap operatic enough for them, this was just too much. I saw the comment Barbara made of how she knows people who have started watching more recently, or picked it up again recently, but the issue there that being a House blogger, being so ingrained in the fan community, naturally that’s the case. I’m not saying she isn’t being objective here, I’m saying that unfortunately she CAN’T be objective in realizing that there has been a great loss of interest in the past two seasons.

  • Many thanks, DebbieJ!

  • Karo–
    That is NOT what Lisa E was doing. She was honestly answering a question posed to her directly. I directly asked her as a follow up to a question I’d asked back in October. She would have said nothing had she not been asked. And had she evaded the question, people would be zinging her for not being forthright.

    What info do you have about KJ being personal non grata. That’s news to me.

  • DebbieJ.

    @bigHousefan #15: it is:


  • Help!

    My ‘do let the network know’ link is not working. What is the actual address?

    I hope the show continues and David Shore, the writers, and the cast have all the time they need to complete the story as they see fit even if it takes another 7 seasons! (she adds beseechingly!)

  • karo

    I think the conflict in the statements may be because the cast is probably all optioned for s8 & can’t actually take job elsewhere until NBC releases them, but they also don’t know that their options will be picked up & won’t until NBC resolves whether its going to go it alone or can figure out some sort of deal with Fox.

    Does anyone know the answer to the following – why is Lisa E discussing other cast members contract status? She’s not their agent & I can’t imagine that she’s been appointed spokesperson for either any of them. The HL season 8 situation is at least public, but there seem to be a lot of other rumors flying about RSL’s status & I’d have thought if he wanted any formal statement made either he or his agent would make it, not have Lisa E do it on a press call. Plus since when is she the spokesperson for NBC or Fox’s negotiations status, even if her information is accurate, which I’m not so sure about, it reads as if she’s spinning – if the character were that valuable to the future of the show & that confident of how s7 would play out, surely tptb would have locked her up at the same time they signed HL for s8.

    JMO, but it looks like she’s trying to step into Katie Jacobs role & given how much of a persona non grata Jacobs is right now with NBC it strikes me as a foolish move. As for tying herself so publicly as the development if the Huddy storyline, there’s a reason writers are writers & actors aren’t. She looks like she’s undermining Shore’s position that the show is entirely his baby & reduces his value as showrunner/writer for his contract renewal. (that is an impression i got from the screenrant-LE-intw-trankript)

  • I think a large part of why it’s fallen off those lists is because it’s no longer novel. It’s a show that’s been on for years, and has never shaken the “medical procedural” label, despite the fact that’s it’s never really been that except in structure.

    24 was never as highly rated a series as House, and far more expensive to produce. The final year it rated #39 it never made it into the top 20 (except for one year when it *was* #20).

    Everyone’s entitled to their opinions. Hey, I loved Rubicon, and I think it was me and four other people on the planet that watched it. 🙂

  • madfashionista

    I hppe they don’t have a Season 8. I’m one of those who still watches, but feel the show has turned into a distorted parody of itself. I’ve noticed how House has fallen off the radar in most “What to Watch” lists and various other gauges of media interest.

    Also, don’t forget, they canceled “24”, which was still INTENSELY popular, because of production costs. And that was before Comcast.

  • Action Kate–You are completely correct. I don’t want to see david shore lured with a boatload of cash and feel trapped (along with everyone else) into seasons beyond where they can do it justice. For me, XF ended at the end of season six. I simply stopped watching when I wasn’t home–and stopped taping it (pre-DVR days).

    I don’t know if House has 1 more year or 5 more years left. I’m enjoying the ride. for me, it’s never been about the medical stories. It’s always been about joining House on his complex journey.

    XF got silly after awhile and the entire mythology fell apart, and the show lost its way from tracking Mulder’s classic hero’s journey, which was the heart of the series.

  • Pip

    Frankly, this show should have ended back in season 5 or whatever; whenever House went to the asylum. It ended perfectly.

  • Action Kate

    I think an eighth season would allow a dignified wrap-up without stretching the show out to “X-Files” thinness.

    However, as a former X-Phile, I am constrained to point out (1) Chris Carter had only planned for five seasons, and gave in when Fox backed up a dump truck full of money into his driveway (2) BOTH series leads left at one point. The show started out being about Mulder the believer with the abducted sister and Scully the skeptic. Without those two characters and that plot, the show fell apart.

    This hasn’t happened with “House, MD” since the show is first and foremost about House, who has not left. His story was never a pre-determined arc like Samantha Mulder’s abduction (and the increasingly complicated mythology behind it). Wilson and Cuddy were always House’s main two foils, and they are still around. And given that the ducklings are supposed to be learning from House, it’s not unreasonable for those characters to cycle out at some point.

  • Snarky? Me? I don’t think so. Really?
    I do believe that I’m on record saying that I would love to see the series go out on a high note, perhaps at the end of season eight.

    See, Erin, “meh” is an opinion. You have them, I have them, other people who watch the show have them. When people don’t like a show they vote with their remote control and move on to other things. I know lots of people who ONLY began watching this season. Or last season. Or in season four. I also know several people who stopped watching and this year are once again in love with the series. YMMV. It is the way of the world.

  • ruthinor

    WOW!! Pot:kettle anyone??

  • Erin

    The show isn’t what it used to be, plain and simple. Instead of focusing on the medicine and on House’s interpersonal struggles, it’s now turned into a ridiculous soap opera. I used to laugh until my sides hurt, cry my eyes out, and on more than one occasion, one of Hugh’s trademark looks shattered my heart into a million pieces.

    This season, all I can think is “meh” while watching. I disagree that it’s still “popular and highly rated”. I know it’s anecdotal evidence, but many, MANY people I know both online and off have given up watching.

    If there’s a way to wrap it up cleanly at the end of this season, I think they should do it and free up the cast for pursuits that are more engaging and worthwhile.

    And I know, Barbara, that you’ll give me one of your trademark snarky answers, because you’re so “blinded by love” you can’t even entertain that this show has lived out its life.

  • Marykir–I think the slightly weird feel to it is that the actors’ contracts are tied up until the negotiations are over. Renewal issues and contract issues don’t always coincide. I’m pretty confidant that that House will be reupped for next year. I’d like to see it get a proper sendoff–while it’s still compelling and not do an “X-Files,” which outlived its welcome.

  • There is very little doubt in my mind this show will most definitely be renewed for an Eighth Season. I feel that Hugh Laurie is determined to see this show “end with a bang” and to honor his contract. I believe in him.
    I do feel that for the integrity of the show to continue, Robert Sean Leonard needs to renew his contract. He is the only cast member I sometimes have doubts about renewing- but I also feel that he will see the [H] journey through to its conclusion- whatever that may entail.

    [H} was renewed very late last season and this season presents new challenges what with the NBC/Comcast merger. I would not be at all surprised if we did not have a definitive answer regarding renewal for quite some time…but I do feel it will come.

    This is the most watched show worldwide. It is a veteran hit, year after year. There will be some way for them to work out whatever financial concerns there may be.I don’t think they’re in the habit of throwing Mega Hit TV shows off the tracks.

    This show deserves a proper ending. This cannot possibly be done using the remainder of this Season. This is a journey we’ve been on and one which is finely nuanced and needs care in order for it to grow and unfold.

    I do see this series ending in Season 8. That is just my opinion.

  • marykir

    I never expected negotiations to get serious before Fox has a chance to see how its winter/spring schedule does and what its pilots look like.

    I would not be surprised if season 8 is the last season, especially if they keep (most of) the current cast at PPTH. The writers seem more interested in the interpersonal stories than the medicine and it’s hard to imagine 40+ more episodes that feel fresh focused on House + the same 5-6 people.

  • houseenthusiast

    They could not possibly end this show with dignity during this season. It needs a proper good bye. IMO i think that season 8 should be the last. They also shouldn’t keep suspense going, by that I mean if it is the last season tell everyone. I know I would need to mentally prepare!!

  • Crazy4House

    I agree that House shouldn’t stay forever, but to end this season over this debacle would be too rushed and IMO not a proper ending to this wonderful. As much as I hate to say it,I think season 8 should be the last. I think it could go one a year or two past that, but 8 always seems to be the best season to end, not too short but not too long either. Plus, even though HL does still enyoy playing House, he probably won’t extend his contract any longer. He must miss his family and he often sites the distance between them and the odd hours and the worst part of his job.

    GY and all the House people in the internet world seem to be confident of the renewal as well, but thanks for the link to tell the network how we feel about this show. IMO the fact that this whole money thing made it into the news is because they want to see how much people really care so they have more leverage in negotiations.