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Warren Zevon: Attention Must Be Paid

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Warren Zevon died yesterday. Steve Rhodes has the news here. He lived four times longer than was predicted when his cancer was announced a year ago (almost to the day) – that, and the amazing accomplishment that is his new album The Wind, amounts to a near-total victory over entropy. We have covered Warren and his struggle in some detail here. Please take some time to give a great singer-songwriter-personality-musician his due.

DIG (The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s internet radio station) has put up the transcript of an interview with Warren as a mark of respect on his passing.

Warren Zevon hastens down the wind, 1947-2003
Naturally, the “Excitable Boy” makes it onto mix CDs for all the young nephews. This song is like catnip for 10 year old boys.
Posted in Blogcritics on September 9, 2003 03:08 AM

Zevon passes
Mater sent me an email to note that “>Warren Zevon has succumbed to cancer. It is pretty impressive that he lasted this long, since doctors gave him until last December to live. On Saturday, I bought his swansong The Wind,…
Posted in Blogcritics on September 8, 2003 01:16 PM

“The Wind” by Warren Zevon
Forget about his condition: Warren Zevon’s last CD is a great work of rock and roll from a great musician.
Posted in Blogcritics on September 5, 2003 10:45 PM

Inside/Out: Warren Zevon
I saw the documentary last night on VH1. It was touching, powerful, and very sad. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s release of The Wind, but it’s going to be ‘difficult’ listening. (First posted on Mark Is Cranky)…
Posted in Blogcritics on August 25, 2003 10:37 AM

Warren Zevon The Wind
A great profile of Warren Zevon, who is still alive even though he was given three months to live (I hope he asked for a second opinion and didn’t pay the first doctor) in the New York Observer. He has…
Posted in Blogcritics on August 13, 2003 05:41 PM

Warren Zevon’s Bright Twilight
I had the great fortune of getting an early advance of the new, fateful, final Warren Zevon CD, “The Wind.” Besides being a fan for over 25 years, we also met Zevon at the big Blogger Bash at Brian Linse’s…
Posted in Blogcritics on June 19, 2003 03:00 PM

Warren Zevon: Grandfather of Two, Father of The Wind
As most of you know, Warren Zevon announced last September that he was dying of lung cancer. He has handled life since with uncommon grace and good mordant humor, including an exceptional NY Times Magazine interview, and a profound but…
Posted in Blogcritics on June 13, 2003 04:40 PM

Good Deaths
A good ending makes a good movie. Consider the deaths of the Columbia astronauts and the terminal illness of Warren Zevon.
Posted in Blogcritics on February 1, 2003 10:55 PM

Warren’s Bright Twilight
John Pareles has a very nice, sometimes touching interview-requiem-career overview of Warren Zevon in the NY Times Magazine. Much of the ground has been covered before, but Pareles has a priceless encounter with Bob Dylan: Dylan was in Los Angeles…
Posted in Blogcritics on January 27, 2003 10:13 AM

Martial Mix CD: Songs for our fightin’ troops
Our boys need some tunes to inspire them as they prepare for the coming liberation of Iraq. Here are my two dozen ideas for inclusion on a mix CD to send to your brother, son, sister or cousin heading off for duty in the Middle East.
Posted in Blogcritics on November 26, 2002 08:14 PM

Warren Zevon Tonight with Dave
Personal friend-o-Warren Brian Linse reminds us that tonight is Warren Zevon night on David Letterman, in fact the show is devoted to him. You can see a preview clip from the show here. Highlight: Dave – “Do you now know…
Posted in Blogcritics on October 30, 2002 10:37 PM

Warren Zevon on David Letterman
This is one to mark on your calendar and tape for posterity.
Posted in Blogcritics on October 21, 2002 02:07 PM

Hell is Only Half Full
There’s room for you and me . . . Warren Zevon has known from the start that hell is where they play rock & roll. In this, as well as in his romanticism, he resembles the great eighteenth century poet William Blake: “Good is the passive that obeys Reason. Evil is the active springing from Energy.”
Posted in Blogcritics on September 29, 2002 10:22 PM

Two From Tony
I haven’t talked about my excellent pal Tony Pierce for a while – bad move me. Today Tony has two wildly divergent pieces showing why he is a complex, unique guy. He reminds me of me in that regard, as…
Posted in Blogcritics on September 14, 2002 03:41 PM

Mr. Bad Example
In my most recent trip to Borders to sneak a listen to new music, I was overjoyed to see Warren Zevon’s My Ride’s Here still sitting up there. The record came out in May, but as usual with our homogenized…
Posted in Blogcritics on September 13, 2002 12:50 AM

Warren Zevon – The Excitable Boy
I am just the kind of person all celebrities should avoid and fear.
Posted in Blogcritics on September 12, 2002 01:58 PM

Warren Zevon Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer
This is terrible news, just in from Nancy Nall: Warren Zevon has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. We met Warren at the LA Blogger Bash at Brain Linse’s house in July. Both Dawn and I thought he was pretty…
Posted in Blogcritics on September 12, 2002 01:07 PM

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  • Just to add another interesting link, ESPN dot com is reprinting a reliably mythological Hunter S. Thompson column from a couple years ago, describing a short visit to Woody Creek by Mr. Zevon…


  • Way to go, Eric. And condolences. I know you are at least as big a fan of Warren as I am.

  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks Nat, I am sad but it has seemed inevitable for so long that now I am ready to simply be a fan again.

  • I know what you mean. I do hope they rerun that Letterman appearance. Warren was terrific, and thankfully Dave (and Mr. Z) kept the proceedings from becoming maudlin.

  • Eric Olsen

    I want to see that and the VH1 thing again. Although there is usually a kneejerk reaction to such circumstances, I really am beginning to think Warren belongs in the Rock Hall, although it will take a long time. I get the sense he may come into appropriate appreciation over time a la the Velvet Underground. They don’t go much for singer-songwriters, though. We’ll see.

  • I want to see that VH1 show for the first time. Not having cable is a pain sometimes. And I believe WZ deserves being in the HOF for talent’s sake. You’re right about singer-songwriters getting short shrift there. That’s right… you live in Cleveland. I got to see the HOF when last I visited there. It was much better than I had anticipated, but it would be even better with Warren enshrined.

  • Of course you all know what this means,

    California is going to slide into the Ocean.

  • Dave Letterman is one class act. He just gave a lovely monologue on Warren and what he meant as a human being, musician, and part of the “Late Show” family. He showed a clip of the October show where WZ advised us all to “enjoy every sandwich.” And Paul and the band are playing Zevon songs all show long. I love it when Dave digs down deep and talks from the heart. And also when he goes nuts, as he did when he went directly from his emotional remembrance to a clip showing Dubya spitting and then said, “Hope you enjoyed that, Warren!” (That sound you’re hearing isn’t people booing. It’s folks going, “Daaaaaaaaave…”)

  • Turn them speakers up full blast
    Play it all night long

  • Eric Olsen

    Link box looks great P, thanks!

  • Dave Barry writes about Zevon including when he performed with the Rock Bottom Remainders.

    And you can watch last night’s Letterman monologue here (just click on Sept. 8). And this is from an AP story:

    “He was a poet and a storyteller and a good friend of ours,” Letterman said. “We all knew this was coming, hoping that it wouldn’t, but yesterday afternoon in California the inevitable happened. So we’re very sad about that.”

    He noted that Zevon had appeared as a guest on the program and Letterman’s old NBC “Late Night” show more than a dozen times and had filled in for bandleader Paul Shaffer nearly two dozen times.

    “People are always asking me what do I like about his music,” Letterman said.

    “It was just thundering and exciting and rhythmic and complicated and unusual rock ‘n’ roll,” he continued. “It was not the kind of rock ‘n’ roll you would hear much of. And then the lyrics, oh my God, the lyrics were so vivid. Just very evocative and each song that you listened to was like watching a motion picture.”

    Shaffer and the band played Zevon’s songs throughout the show, which ended with Letterman speaking to the camera, saying, “Goodnight, Warren, we’ll see ya.”

  • Eric Olsen

    Very nice Steve, thanks

  • Gus

    Warren Zevon was a master writer and singer. I am very saddened by his death as he was one of if not my favorite performer. I have every album he put out except for The Wind which I will purchase as soon as I am able. To me and many of my friends this is a great loss to the music world it is akin to the death of John Lennon, George Harrison or Elvis. What made Warren so great was his unique style, that was tell it like it is and completely his and only his.

  • Fred Scott

    WARREN ZEVON will remain one of the most provocative
    and wise song writers/story tellers of all time. i have all of his albums including his VH1 biography and “the wind” soundtrack and they sound absolutely amazing as anything else he’s written. But the wind I take more heart to because it was the last words running through his heart and mind before he passed away. He was definitely very strong in finishing this album which makes it so beautiful. Warren you will not be forgotten….”play it all night long”

  • Eric Olsen

    very glad to see Warren get some love – thanks FRed! It’s been almost exactly two years of neglect on this one