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Usher Now Part-Owner of NBA Cavaliers

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Usher, 26, is now part-owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Are you allowed to be part-owner of a major league sports franchise at 26? Of course the majority owner, Quicken Loan magnate Dan Gilbert, is only 42. I choose to see myself as a late bloomer, although it remains possible I will never even be a part-owner of a major league sports franchise.

Gilbert, Usher and partner David Katzman took over the Cavs yesterday from Gordon Gund.

Cavs beat writer Branson Wright tells the tale:

    Minutes into the presentation, as a highlight video pumped “Yeah,” one of the Grammy Award-winning Usher’s R&B hits, it became clear that the Cavaliers’ world had changed.

    ….The Cavs have become chic.

    While Gilbert will be the majority owner, Usher will devote time to entertainment aspects, which will include involvement in Gund Arena concerts.

    “I want to thank my team for this opportunity to come in and give my bit of entertainment expertise,” said the 26-year-old Usher. “Turn this thing up a notch. I just hope to make the experience at Cavaliers games one to remember for a lifetime.”

    Usher’s partnership with Gilbert is not unique. He joins a growing list of musical artists to buy portions of NBA teams. Jay- Z has a share of the New Jersey Nets and Nelly has a portion of the Charlotte Bobcats.

    “You go to the All-Star Game and see Puffy and Nelly and Jay-Z in the front row,” said Cavaliers star LeBron James. “You go to a concert and see myself on stage and a lot of basketball or football players in the front row. There’s a connection.”

    ….Katzman said Usher did not invest to just sit courtside. “Usher is a very significant owner,” said Katzman, the vice chairman of Quicken Loans. “He wants to get very involved and incorporate this into his entire business portfolio.”

    James is eager to see what happens. “To have an icon in the music world come here and be a part of that is going to help us a lot. . . . Him being a part of this organization, I’m going to sit down and talk to him and just brainstorm.” [Cleveland.com]

There does seem to be a symbiosis here, with the team on the rise behind 20 year-old superstar James, and now new, young — very young — ownership talking the talk about taking the team to the next level: “Contrary to some of the things that you read – that all of the fun has to be in California or New York, [other locations] can’t have championships or long-term players, or maybe even really exciting entertainers. We’re here today to tell you that’s not true,” Gilbert told Branson.

Young, energetic and successful – that has a nice ring to it.

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  • That’s got to be the ultimate modern urban dream: rise to hip hop power, attain mogul status, buy into an NBA franchise.

    And I think you’re right, Eric: the Usher / LeBron combo could make the Cavs the media team of the ’00s. In other words, goodbye Lakers…

    This move could also be a signal that the era of the West Coast teams is finally over as well. Detroit’s title, combined with the Kobe/Shaq feud, Shaq’s move East, etc. all signal eastward trends in cache and power.

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks EB, interesting that this seems to be something of a trend with Jay- Z and the New Jersey Nets, and Nelly and the Charlotte Bobcats – it serves the purposes of both sides so I think we will see more of it. I don’t think the league would go for Michael Jackson buying into the Lakers or Clippers, though

  • Interesting that the hip-hoppers are all going for East Coast teams… plays into my not-incredibly-stunning theory.

    I guess the trend is also going from music stars trying to play professional sports (such as Master P) to giving up and going for acting and buying into the NBA.

  • Eric Olsen

    my guess is they are getting in wherever they can: no previous connection between Cleveland and Atlanta’s Usher; another angle is that the NBA has been the least coy of the majors about acknowledging they are about entertainment

  • Well, of course you’re right — I did say my theory was less than stunning.

    You’re also correct regarding the entertainment angle, and you have to believe that’s one of the reasons why the NBA is so enormously popular (and talking about expanding into Europe, etc.).

    I’m on the fence about whether it’s good or bad for the sport to maximize the hype factor (leaning toward hating on it a little bit, actually). I do hope that Detroit’s victory will lead the back to the concept of team versus mercilessly hyping star vs. star.

  • debra

    usher u are sooooooooo sexy!

  • Monica

    Its kinda funny my dad and I had a huge discousion today about if Usher was owner of the Cavs or not I said he was and ofcourse dad was all like no hes not I was just like w/e so when I got onto this site I proved him wrong b-cuz Usher is (part-owner)

  • sparky

    i think da idea iz kul.i luv b.ball nd da fans as well.i luv usher and am happy he luvs ma game too.

  • Great business move, and a very smart black man

    God bless yall