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TV Review: Once Upon a Time – “An Apple Red as Blood”

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Every classic hero’s tale has a dark night of the soul—that moment when everything appears to be at its worst—just before things begin to turn around. But Once Upon a Time is series TV and there are many seasons ahead before this heroic tale comes to an end. My guess is that there will be many dark nights for several of the main cast before the series ends someday. But this week’s episode “An Apple Red as Blood” places Emma at that classic crossroads between giving up all hope and finding the strength to continue the battle.

Emma (Jennifer Morrison, who’s really beginning to own this role) is at a low point (not the low point, I’m sure), and she wants to flee Storybrooke with son Henry (Jared Gilmore) in tow. She wants to hear nothing more about curses and fairy tale characters; she does not believe. She does not want to believe.

But believe she must, to save her own life—and the lives of everyone from Fairy Tale Land, who are stuck in a joyless modern existence. Emma has a long, long way to go, unable to even see what’s right in front of her nose—the truth that’s staring her in the face.

Running away has been Emma’s M.O. for a long time, and although it appears she wants to do this for Henry’s sake—to stop the war between herself and Regina—she also doesn’t want to accept her destiny. Every heroic quest has this blip (as Henry points out), but when her sone takes a bite of Regina’s apple turnover, his life is at suddenly at risk. I see this as the game changer for Emma, setting up the queen’s now fully-invested adversary for next season.

Despite what Emma may or may not believe, her presence is having an effect on the Evil Queen’s (Lana Parrilla) curse. Regina’s apple tree is dying, the town clock is moving; townspeople are beginning to remember who they (really) are—and (have you noticed?) the meek Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) is becoming as badass as Snow White!

And while Emma wants to run as fast as she can the Evil Queen wants to get rid of her. Permanently. But doing that is not so simple. Regina first consults with Mr. Gold (the always awesome Robert Carlyle), whom she considers her natural ally. After all, he created the curse and gave it to her, and poor deluded, egomaniacal Regina believes that she and Mr. Gold are on the same page.

But Gold’s reasoning behind the curse could not be further from Regina’s interests. It is fairly clear (to me, anyway) that the entire rationale for Gold’s curse in the first place was to be able to follow his son Bae (Dylan Schmid)  into the “world without magic” into which he slipped (“The Return”). Regina’s purpose is to take away everyone’s happiness (of course she had long since ripped from Gold’s alter ego Rumplestiltskin’s hope of happiness). Gold acted out of love for his son (and put in place a time clock to remove the curse in due time); Regina out of spite.

Gold has no desire to see the curse remain in place. After all, it was he that put Emma into the mix in the first place—and brought Henry to Storybrooke.

I have to say that The Evil Queen may be powerful, but she’s not especially bright. Hasn’t she by now figured out that Mr. Gold is not her friend? He certainly has his own agenda, but his interests are more in line with the forces of good.

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  • samiH

    We know thereSW is athe shocking death coming up. Regina is my pick for the death. If she doesnt die she will be under a sleeping curse. (DON’T FORGET Maleficent is A GUEST STAR.) Factor in my theory of Emma believing in the Curse thus breaking it You have all of Storybrooke stuck In A Land Without Magic MM said in the pilot Beliveing in something was powerful. For me it adds.

  • cjbreisch

    Of course Regina knows that Gold is not on her side. And she knows that she’s not on his, either. She believes that he is a useful tool to her. Nothing more, nothing less.

    What’s more surprising is that Jefferson would ever believe that he and Regina are on the same side. He’s been betrayed by her once before. Surely he knows it’s coming again.

  • Tzigone

    I think you giving Gold way too much credit for altruism. He was willing to kill numerous people and to curse an entire world’s population to reunite with his son. That’s evil.

  • Jane E

    I really don’t have a clue as to the season finale. I think this is a very exciting show with a lot of twist and turns. Naturally you want Regina to be defeated but then there won’t be a show. I do think that Emma will start believing due to Henry eating the apple.

  • Pixie Michele

    I love to guess and be wrong, so here goes. Emma has two calls to adventure to accept, believing and taking her savior role (the latter being way down the line since she’s not ready.) Whether she believes is her cliffhanger.
    At first, Emma will reason Regina’s attempt to kill her backfired, but write off the fairytale connect. Different story by episode end. They’ll fight, Regina will show her true colors (and maybe a reminder she doesn’t love Henry to come full circle from the pilot), and Emma will have a choice. Does she believe it’s a sleeping curse or not? Henry/hope can’t die, but he’ll flatline as a cliffhanger as Emma decides.
    Meanwhile, Mr. Gold is waiting at Storybrooke’s border for his trip to find Bae, at the mercy of his curse he can no longer control. Will Emma believing hold him in or let him OUT? I’d like Snow and Charming to have a real-world glimmer of hope for some balance to all that intensity. Happy viewing to all for the finale!