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TV Review: Nazi Collaborators – “The IRA Conspiracy”

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The Military Channel has aired some excellent original programming over the years. Shows such as Combat Zone, Battleplan, and Special Ops Mission have all played to an enthusiastic reception among TMC’s faithful. As part of the Discovery Communications group of stations, The Military Channel has really come into its own over the past few years. Based on the first episode, their new 13-part series Nazi Collaborators may be the station’s best moment yet.

Nazi Collaborators is set to premiere on Tuesday, October 4th at 10:00 pm, with “The IRA Conspiracy.” While there were a number of alliances at the time, some have received more attention than others over the years. The efforts made on behalf of Hitler’s party by the Irish Republican Army have been metaphorically swept under the rug since the end of World War II. This hour-long documentary reveals the shocking tale.

The age-old military adage “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” best summarizes the IRA’s decision to forge an alliance with Nazi Germany. The two antagonists’ mutual target was Great Britain. The Irish Republican Army were pursuing their agenda for total Irish freedom from England, while Germany’s quest was simple and unequivocable world domination.

The IRA’s seeming naivete as to the true nature of Nazism is astounding, and their eagerness to team with anyone against Britain was ruthlessly exploited. A German soldier by the name of Hermann Goertz was the main contact, and it was with him that such plots as the Kathleen Plan and Operation Green were hatched. Coupled with riveting historical footage, and an incredible story, “The IRA Conspiracy” provides some fascinating insight into a little known side-chapter of WW II.

Nazi Collaborators looks to be a real winner for The Military Channel, here’s hoping that the remaining 12 episodes are as strong as this one.

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  • tallgiraffe

    It should be noted that the IRA Conspiracy program narration indicates that PM de Valera gave his respects to the German embassy upon the death of Hitler but did not do so when FDR died, thereby implying disrespect; however, Wikipedia points out that American Ambassador David Gray would not receive de Valera. All flags were flown at half-mast on Roosevelt’s death on de Valera’s instructions.

  • Mark Connelly

    The IRA’s tenuous alliance with Germany in WWII has fascinated filmmakers. In actuality, a few German agents were landed in Ireland, most of whom were interned. The IRA was a shell of an organization and unable to become what the Abwehr hoped and British feared – an underground guerilla army. The IRA used no codes, had few arms, and no trained radio operators. On film, however, the IRA has been portrayed as
    staging commando raids (The Night Fighters), working as Nazi spies in London (The Man Who Never Was), and planting bombs in the London Underground during the Blitz (The Gentle Gunman). These film images have helped maintain rumors that the Irish added the Nazis during the war to discredit not only the IRA but the Republic itself.

    Mark Connelly, The IRA on Film and Television

  • steven

    In respnonse to article:
    First, the series you named was originaly aired in Discovery Channel, that is to say before the change of ownership, which I blelive has change hands several times.Second, the original series was a collaboration between British and the old Discover Channnel team back in midd 1990’s and expanded in the 2000. This re-edit version of the original series is a dumbdown version ,and has used mixed footage, such serbian civilians to stand for Jews being executed etc. The origanal British / Discovery Channel team also included Gen. Francisco Franco, who actively aided Hitler with a volunteer force of 45,000 men, in the American version he is not mention at all, uhm, could it be because many u.s. companies aided him in overthowing a duely elected goverment. Finaly, we come to Gen. Gustov von Manerhiem, who is shown to be a reluctant collaborator, when the actaul facts say otherwise. In short your praise of this u.s. versian is a complet mystery to any reasonably intelegent person. The original British/old Discovery Channel version has more powerful visual narative that is lacking in this versian, and more importantly it does not sacrifice facts for politics, which this rather poor versian does in spades!

  • Marc Ó Taidhg

    Completely agree with Thomas, The IRA are constantly compared to other groups like Taliban and Al Qaeda. would the founding fathers of America not be classified as terrorists? Was Hiroshima not terrorism?Things are often portrayed differently when the Occupying side has control over media and government. The atrocities committed by the RUC, UDR and British paratroop regiment are all kept nice and quiet…

  • Thomas John O’Keefe

    I am shocked and dismayed by the comparison of the IRA to Al Qaeda. No mention is made of the atrocities and injustices of Great Briton and the Ulster Defense League and other British paramilitary groups that abused and terrorized the Irish for years. Not to mention the British attempt to annihilate the Irish people in much the same manner as the Nazis tried to annihilate the Jewish people by using the so called famine to kill off an entire nation! Though it was not the point of article, not mentioning these atrocities relegates the IRA to a terrorist group. Would you speak of the founding fathers of the United States as Al Qaeda-like? Shame on the producers.