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TV Review: House, M.D. – “Changes”

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Candice Bergen returned in tonight’s House, M.D. episode “Changes.” I can’t help but get the feeling that we are in some sort of holding pattern, with House (Hugh Laurie) a ticking time bomb waiting to fracture him into a million pieces. I think the finality of the breakup, which I sense that House had believed redeemable until the final scenes of “Changes,” is a fuse finally lit.Hugh Laurie in "Changes" on House, M.D. courtesy FOX

On its surface, “Changes” revisits familiar House themes: life sucks, and hopeful romantics are fools. Better to be cynical, not care (or try not to care) and muddle along, unhappy but with fewer hurts.

This week’s patient Cyrus (Donal Logue) is a repair guy who strikes it rich in the lottery. He falls ill, seemingly supported only by his close and caring friend, constantly at bedside. A vision from his past enters after years, Jennifer (Megan Fellows) to be with Cyrus in his time of need. It is something for which he’s longed and about which he’s fantasized. A lost love found. Is this seeming fairy tale for real? Or is she just a gold digger after Cyrus’ fortune? In the end it turns out that she’s a fraud and in collusion with the best friend to tap into Cyrus’ lottery winnings. The dying man has, despite his new riches, loses everything—even the hope that remained when Jennifer’s return was just a glimmer of a dream.

It’s been a few weeks now since House and Cuddy’s (Lisa Edelstein) breakup, and tonight’s episode is the first time they’ve really had to deal with each other since since. Enter Cuddy’s mother Arlene to concoct a very lame plot to get them back together.

Arlene is an inveterate meddler, but also very smart. (At least she thinks she is.) Cuddy asks the still-recovering Arlene to move in, immediately signaling to her that as along as she’s moved in, House and Cuddy stand no chance of coming together. So she decides to sue the hospital (and House and Cuddy). It puts both their jobs in jeopardy—if she actually goes through with the threat.

But as House realizes, that’s not Arlene’s intention. She wants House and Cuddy on the same page: talking, arguing, screaming and yelling—and getting the issues out in the open. She wants them back together. She’s actually pulling a page out of House’s book. (No wonder she likes him.) And by the way, I would not doubt that Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) is in on her plot.

Arlene’s attempt to make herself their common enemy is actually something House does in Season 6 (“Moving the Chains”). Then, it worked, bringing together Foreman and his brother Marcus, unified against House. Arlene is not so lucky.

This episode is really about protecting yourself against unrealistic expectations, no matter how realistic they seem—fatalism as a coping mechanism. “You lost your mother, euthanized your brother, your life expectancy is that of a pretty good sitcom. If you can convince yourself that you’d be miserable even with out all that, then maybe you don’t have to hate the universe,” House says to 13 for dealing you a very bad hand. It is the way she survives, House observes. “Vanquish all hope ye who enter,” and life is livable. She tries to live a life as a fatalist, but fundamentally she’s not no matter how much she tries.

Thirteen notes House’s track record with love, with drugs and with pain, wondering about his story. He tries to play the fatalist’s game—be a true cynic, but in the end he can’t succeed because his fundamental humanity won’t allow him to completely give up on hope.

In a lottery you risk money over and over, expecting you won’t win, but hoping you will. Lottery winnings don’t come with coping mechanisms to deal with the unexpected (or expected) disappointments that come along with newfound riches. In a lottery, you only risk your money, a dollar or two at a time. As 13 points out, Cyrus’ lottery experience is a metaphor for living a hopeful life. “Lotteries suck,” she says. You keep risking; you keep hoping, knowing there’s very little chance to win. And when it’s not a dollar, but your heart, it’s just not worth it to play the game.

The end of the episode destroys House’s slim hopes for reconciliation with Cuddy. (I do think that when he realizes Arlene’s ploy, House momentarily hopes she’s right and succeeds.) But Arlene’s little plan does nothing to convince Cuddy that she was wrong to break off the relationship. With House standing there, she explains bluntly to her mother that they will not be reconciling. By the time she turns to House, he is gone. Whatever balm she might have applied, and whatever opportunity to get closure (at least at that moment) vanishes when House does.

Would House likely have been better off in the long run had Cuddy just left him alone and not gotten involved with him—not gotten his hopes soaring and tasting a moment (or a few months) of happiness? Oddly (or perhaps not so oddly), this reminds me of Season 6’s premiere “Broken.” It’s an oblique connection, but it just occurred to me writing this commentary, so indulge me a moment.

In “Broken,” one of House’s fellow psych patients Steve suffers delusions as a result of post traumatic stress (he lost his wife on 9/11). Steve believes himself a superhero, someone who can leap tall buildings and rescue people. After a disastrous confrontation with one of the psychiatrists, Steve withdraws into himself; he’s nearly catatonic.

House misguidedly, but with good intention (mostly), wants to help him, taking Steve to a local carnival where House indulges Steve’s fantasy, taking him on a ride that lets them fly high above the fair grounds. It gives Steve a moment of sheer delight—perhaps the first one in many years. He really can fly! But it goes wrong. Elated, and thinking he really can fly, the delusional Steve takes a leap off a parking garage, seriously injuring himself. House thought he was making a connection, making this kid’s life better, but he wasn’t equipped for the situation and a life was nearly lost, leaving House and Steve both shattered by the experience. The false hope given to Steve nearly destroys him, and not just mentally.

The parallel to House and Cuddy goes back to the final scene of “Help Me.” After years, she realizes that she loves House and would be making a mistake to marry Lucas. The trigger is watching House lose all his guardedness in front of a patient—seeing him (perhaps for the first time in a long time) as he really is underneath all his crap. But she leaps into the relationship without considering the damage it can do in the end, both to their relationship and to House. But why would she? Why would she even consider that House isn’t equipped to handle things if it all goes wrong? Yes, after his brief affair with Lydia in “Broken,” House is able to recover from the breakup. “She’s gone and I’m lost,” he confesses to his psychiatrist Dr. Nolan (Andre Braugher). But House is in treatment, and on antidepressants, and he can cope.

By the end of Season 6, House had come a long way from “Love Hurts” (Season 1) where Wilson warns Cameron that she’d better be sure that she wants to be involved with House—before she does—because it will destroy him to have his heart broken (again). It’s the same admonishment he gives Stacy, telling her not to toy with House’s heart.

Because he keeps himself so guarded, pushing his hookers in everyone’s face (and I do not for a moment believe that House is anywhere as promiscuous as he promotes, which Stacy argues in their first scene together in “Three Stories”), no woman—not Cameron, not Stacy, not Cuddy can really know how seriously House takes being in love. House is an “all in” sort of guy. He’s the same way with relationships; to him, nothing is casual. Especially not with Cuddy.

For House, Cuddy is a fantasy—a dream come true. The lottery won. He’s wanted this relationship with her since college. So it’s a far different scenario.

She goes into the relationship ambivalent, and as much as she tries to tell herself that she doesn’t want House “to change,” and that it doesn’t matter that House is a narcissist and a jerk, at least on the surface, it really does matter.

Cuddy never intends to hurt House; she wants this to work, and she undoubtedly loves him. But eventually she loses patience with him, until it all falls apart. It’s not really her fault, except in becoming involved in the first place. Would it have been better for House in the long run for her to simply marry Lucas?

“Changes” leaves House in a place we’ve never really seen him: without hope. He was close mid season three, facing drug fraud charges and possible prison. But this hopelessness seems different—centered not on his professional life or his disability, or even his drug use. At this point in the story, House is for the first time hopeless. Is House in Dante’s final circle of hell? Without hope or chance of reprieve?

For all his protestations that “normal is overrated,” House craves a sense of normality that has thus far eluded him, perhaps his entire life. House’s hopes for any sense of a “normal” life are seemingly gone, and where that will lead, is anyone’s guess. (Although the promo for next week’s episode seems rather dire for him.) Paging Dr. Darryl Nolan!

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  • Lauren

    The conversation between House and Thirteen at the end of the episode, made me think back to their end scene in “You don’t want to know” in season 4………there was talk of hope AND the lottery in that scene too. The big difference being, in the season 4 scene, both characters still had hope, and in “Changes”, they didn’t…at least not for themselves. What’s interesting, is that between those two scenes, it is very clear that neither of them has ‘changed’…they still have the same way of seeing the world–for example, 13 still believes that hope allows you to be happy, and that it shouldn’t be taken away from you (hence her helping Cyrus find his love)…the difference is, she is no longer that hopeful person. For her, it would be too painful to be that person. I love the dynamic between these two (although I always feel that I should qualify that by saying that I do not see them ever being romantically connected). Despite the fact that they almost seem to be in part, enabling each other’s hopelessness, I think they genuinely like each other, and on occasion, contribute to each other’s fleeting happiness.

  • Julia

    ““Changes” leaves House in a place we’ve never really seen him: without hope. He was close mid season three, facing drug fraud charges and possible prison. But this hopelessness seems different—centered not on his professional life or his disability, or even his drug use. At this point in the story, House is for the first time hopeless. ”
    This, exactly. I liked this episode, but it was really depressing. I wonder what will happen next.

  • I did not realize that there was already a new review! Barbara, thank you very much. Moving here the comment I just made ??in the previous post:

    Well … last night was the first assault! My impression? Good and bad. BITTERSWEET.

    Our thoughts were true. Arlene wanted to reconcile House and Cuddy. It did not work. I don´t understand the attitude of Cuddy and her irrevocable decision to never back with House. On the other hand, yesterday I had moments when I hated profoundly House.

    Brief analysis:

    – As much as we like the chemistry between House and Cuddy will not return. I did not like at all, to see the “game” between them: I forgive you hours of clinic, I ask your underwear … It’s not funny. It is no longer fun. Does not work anymore. Sad.
    – First I hated House, and I loved Cuddy. Then I loved House, and I hated Cuddy. At the end I came to hate (without malice) DS by these feelings.
    – Wilson was good. My first impression was that he was fantastic. I loved Wilson for a moment.
    – Arlene, as always, fantastic.
    – Cuddy … what happens with Cuddy? “I had every right to break up with you. ” Not a bit of regret. I still think that his reasons are not valid (my opinion).
    – House was a jerk at first. An asshole lover. Once again proved to be the smartest in the class.
    – The Vicodin … The Vicodin? Seriously? Wilson agrees with Vicodin? Cuddy agrees with the Vicodin? The last time the House was on Vicodin, he lost his medical license. On Now what? Wilson analyzed his pupils and entered through a window to verify that he was not on the vicodin! I do not believe it, sorry. By the way, those boxes of Vicodin, are not like before! (am I right?)
    – 13 is a bad influence on House (my opinion). She’s not a double … is worst.
    – The patient. I could clearly see House in the place of Cyrus.

    @Barbara. Actually, there is no hope for House after this episode? As much as I’m negative, I always hoped a step back in the absurd decision to Cuddy….

  • Suzy

    Never commented before but have been reading your articles now for a couple of weeks/months. Sadly that spoils me since I’m only on season 6 (From Sweden) But I love your thoughts and how you get into these characters.

    To me your thoughts ring true and is basically how I feel about House. Love House as a character and no matter what a jerk he can be I feel for him. That has never changed for me despite the the sometimes uneven road the show has taken. Still love it and hoping desperately for a season 8.

  • Eloise

    LOved this episode but something felt lost to me could not think what but now I think i understand in that House I think really is lost and that’s the overall feeling from him.Thanks for your insight on this cause I think thats what made me realise this I do not share those who ready to cut and run. I am still excited for the last few episodes but will have a large box of tissues available.

  • smk46

    your analysis read better than the episode played. the show’s writing leaves too many blanks that, despite the fine acting, feel like gaping holes. mostly, it’s the lack of real conversation between cuddy and house about their breakup. this is just unbelievable given the emotional weight that situation carries. i think that you have done an excellent job interpreting the theme the writers wanted the story to carry, but didn’t manage to infuse into the dialogue and action. and the patient of the week was not interesting as a medical case. he seemed to be there to shadow the plot line of house with thirteen providing commentary. someone on another page said : acting, good; writing, poor. i have to agree. your writing, however, barbara, is just fine.

  • “For House, Cuddy is a fantasy—a dream come true. The lottery won. He’s wanted this relationship with her since college. So it’s a far different scenario.”

    But Barbara, and she? and Cuddy? I really think that in an unnatural way the writers have searched to ruin this relationship. And of course, this road of no hope for House. But I think that this destruction is completely artificial. The relationship has been building for years not as a fantasy but as a reality. And not just by House, but also by Cuddy.
    Even if I see a clear parallel between House and Cyrus, the stories are different (to our eyes). The House and Cuddy relationship is not like buying a lottery ticket.

  • RedTulip_Ana:

    I actually was thinking about Cuddy, and the same applies to her in a way. She, like House is a victim of excessive expectations. She wants House; she loves House–still. But she also thought when they got together that what she dislikes about him wouldn’t matter-or that she could ignore it – or that House would somehow change like The Beast, the Toad and other such fairy tale characters.

    So it’s just as sad for her, but her coping mechanisms are different. She’s not self-destructive in a physical way and she can better handle it. She doesn’t need to be a fatalist, which is why she can still be idealistic, something House thinks he can’t afford.

  • ruthinor

    I don’t know why, but I found this episode totally lacking in spark. The theme seemed to be “we are who we are”. In the end, Foreman is stressed, Chase is sleeping with someone, but not really happy about it. Wilson is House’s helpmate and whipping boy…but to me, Wilson just seemed unengaged throughout (RSL thinking of Broadway?) and actually boring. He’s letting House take vicodin in his name and is not even upset about it? And worst of all, Cuddy. I don’t know what they did to her character, but she’s become like a walking zombie. She needs anti-depressants more than House does. I never bought the whole break-up scenario. Cuddy is not someone who just gives up w/o a fight when there is so much at stake. At least that’s not the Cuddy we saw throughout the series, until this year. This year Cuddy suddenly shies away from confronting both her mother and House. You don’t get to be a woman in power w/o balls. They’ve castrated her!

    13 has a right to be hopeless. She really has had a crappy life and her future looks even worse. Compared to her, House just looks like a whiner. When he says “there are two of me”, it makes me cringe. I want to shake him and tell him to quit being such a jerk.

  • 2 lightworker

    Barbara, thank you for your careful and thoughtful review, and for your disciplined work to post so soon. I agree with the view of #7 RedTulip_Ana, that there is something artificial about the way the whole relationship has played out. Remembering the poignant moments of House with Stacy, Cameron, Kate, and Lydia (sorry if I’m missing anyone) in various degrees of closeness, after “Unwritten,” the House and Cuddy relationship has felt to me like a SNL parody.

    Even with that perception, I enjoyed subsequent episodes until “Bombshells,” which left me in shock even though Cuddy’s responses had become wooden, and I am aware that there were viewers who were relieved by the termination of the coupling.

    From my viewer’s chair, the gradual distancing of Cuddy after she had initiated the relationship, particularly given House and Cuddy’s long history , seems like a plot device, with little of the raw emotional exchanges I saw in the Stacy arc, except for House’s heartrending reaction to Cuddy’s rejection at the end of “Bombshells.” Even that seemed to be dependent on the acting chops of HL and LE rather than coherent character development.

    Ever since my initial viewing of the series, when I was drawn to the iconoclastic scripts and characterization of House, I was fascinated by the lack of sentimentality intersecting the presence of deep feeling at House’s center. But now, all that seems like a dream, and although I will stay the course to the end of the season, I cannot totally shake my shock at the way this was handled.

    Hugh Laurie is right, it is not the story itself, and other choices for a serious relationship have been favored by viewers. But HOW it is handled affects an invested viewer, and I am sorry to say that the interviews by the creator, writers, and directors that have elements of mockery to fan reactions, do not enhance my confidence in their good will for those of us who support the show and provide a fan base for their success. A different tone, with a mix of critical thinking and modesty, would lead me to have some trust in their judgement.

    Thank you, Barbara, for providing a means for fans to respond in our many different ways of “seeing.” Given the nuances of House’s past relationships, this feels to me like a descent into the valley of death.
    But even if “hope is for sissies,” I am an unrepentent hopeful viewer that there may be a resolution that offers more humanity, redemption, and possibilities for House’s future journey until the series’conclusion.

  • Tea

    Though I enjoyed parts of it, I did find it a somewhat lacklustre episode. Or perhaps it’s just the overflowing amount of hopelessness permeating from the various characters? And what was with the repeated “It’s like there’s two of me” line? Though I haven’t really considered it might be true, it gives some slight credence to the coma/hallucination/can’t-remember-the-specifics-bah theory floating around?

    I really enjoy your insight on the episodes, as well as the opinions offered by the readers. I truly appreciate the effort you put into these reviews, thank you. :]

  • 2lightworker–

    I have an old friend from the X-Files fandom (a fanfic writer) who would, like Joan in Romancing the Stone call herself a “hopeful” romantic. She’d sign every email with it, and footnote every story and post likewise 🙂

  • Heather

    Barbara, maybe I missed it, but in your reviews, you explain very well what you think the writers might be doing, how it advances House as a character, etc., but I don’t often see your reaction.

    Sometimes you do it, but I don’t think it’s a consistent thing, and I think it would be great to see an emotional reaction in each review telling us if you loved it, hated it, or somewhere in between.

  • Heather

    Not much time here to write much, but just one point I wanted to express. I think it’s very frustrating to have Cuddy be such a 1 dimensional character. Why does House get no more chances? Why is the relationship absolutely OVER?

    There’s very little exposition here, which makes Cuddy look like an unforgiving, heartless, you-know-what.

  • 2 lightworker

    12-Barbara Barnett
    I love that story about your X-Files fan fic friend, “the hopeful romantic.” I told an on-line [H] friend that in my “recovery” from “Bombshells,” I have been watching Netflix DVD’s of old Masterpiece classics that I missed – they can never provide the fascination that the charismatic interpretation HL has given to the iconic House – but they ARE a comfort for this “hopeful romantic.” 🙂

    I admire the objectivity Barbara seeks to bring to her reviews, which now and then do reflect her personal response, but what I want to say is that I totally feel what you have written, about Cuddy’s becoming so one dimensional, that there is no forgiveness for House after he tried hard, that there seems to me to be a cynical view of House, and the harshness of the statements that the relationship is totally done. But as you can read what Barbara has said, I am indeed a “hopeful romantic” emotionally, even though I can step back with some detachment. So I live with what I would like to think is an open-eyed hope. 🙂 I hope the finale warrants some of that.

  • 08joanna

    The main thing I found interesting about this episode was House’s current relationship with Thirteen. There’s nothing at all romantic about it, but it seems as if, after the brutal honesty of their road trip, they understand each other in a new way. She seems to be the only one who really sees what’s going on with him. I think they have the capacity to be soul-mates to each other, and maybe help each other to find something positive in the bleak realities they both face.

    As for Cuddy, this episode turned her into an even more pathetic, clueless creature than she’s sometimes been in the past. She expects House, who she dumped in a very cruel way, to help her in dealing with her mother? And then House, rather than her, is the one to realize that her mother is attempting to get them back together by creating a common enemy? Not only is she hurtful, she’s dense, and House is truly better off without her.

  • Lanne

    huddy, huddy, huddy….all about huddy…soap endless,ruining the show I loved.

  • Jane E

    I felt last nights epsiode had some very good story behind it, but yet the Arlene scenairo did leave me disappointed. You could tell that Arlene like House and I felt she would try to get them back together. However, I did not feel that was written correctly. I believe Arlene would be able to get this couple to talk and communicate their feelings. I think the loyal viewers are still owed an explanation over the breakup and we still have not got this.
    As for House’s character, back to drugs. That was season 3. Since I work for physicians, I cannot see how Cuddy did not ask him to stay with Dr Nolan all along. I don’t find these final episodes as good as Season 6, but we shall see.
    I think Wilson was the highlight of the night. If only he could be there couples counselor!

  • Maria

    I’m so so tired of the hopelessness, the misery, the pain, the loss, the depression… What circle of hell does David Shore live in?

    I’m wondering if the seemingly endless cycle of “no one every changes so House will always be miserable” is why ratings have dropped to their lowest numbers ever during the last several weeks.

    I get the message; I’m just not sure I want to watch it anymore.

  • Joan

    Barbara, I totally agree with your view of House as being ‘all in’ especially when it comes to love, but (tries) to hide his feelings under the brashness, etc. so he is not going to just get over Cuddy quickly and yet, in Changes, we still see that they are avoiding any real issues of the breakup and going with the bottom line that House sees reconciliation as hopeless. Why?

    I agree that getting Cuddy was in his mind House’s ‘lottery’ win. I think they both did ‘try’ to make the relationship work but I disagree that tried their hardest, I think both made some little changes but nothing fundamental and yet it was working surprisingly well (we viewers thought) given all the issues that were to be expected. Then we got the infuriating abrupt breakup where Cuddy decides immediately after surgery that his one drug slip-up means she actually can’t deal with him as he is/he has not changed enof for the relationship to work. Cuddy made the decision very abruptly at a vulnerable time. She is sticking to it now tho she regrets it but she has never said or done anything to indicate the door was barred to ever trying again.

    What I found most striking is House’s reaction — its like he has been trying to make sure that the breakup is irrevocable and Cuddy will never let him back in; it is not life or ‘fate’ making it irrevocable — it is his words and actions (OK, TPTB and the WRITERS!) that have done nothing but push Cuddy further away and are effectively standing in the way of a reconciliation. Since the breakup House has gone on his crazy hotel debauch with the hookers, pulled ridic stunts like the balcony jump and getting a monster truck to drive around in, gone from one slip to taking vicodin openly and been nasty and cruel to Cuddy, shoving it all in her face, above all this quickie marriage to green card girl (who was not mentioned once in Changes I notice)(I don’t even understand WHY the writers put this in if they are completely going to ignore it — it was just a stunt to beat Cuddy up with?? UGH. Sorry) Even worse in a way, since the breakup as someone else noted they have not had one real conversation with any hint of dealing with the issues that either brought them together or drove them apart. Not even a yelling match which might be a precursor to actual honesty. House has been mean and bitter and even when he is being honest, like when he said ‘you broke my heart’ it was just to poke at Cuddy! We viewers understand they love and miss each other and are miserable but they are not dealing with that at all. Where is the House who would fight for what he wants? Or scheme, manipulate, woo, demand, take action??

    Despite TPTB tiresome refrain that no one changes, we all saw House make changes — he can act/react differently (thank you Nolan), he can get off the drugs, do rehab, get outside his comfort zone and do what he needs to to be with Cuddy (babysitting Rachel, dinner w/mom, attending social events w/Cuddy)etc., but I don’t think he gave his ALL to make the relationship work; I think he compromised or gave in where he saw he had to but his comfort zone behaviors stayed much the same. Why not try to show Cuddy by his actions that he can be the man she needs (not the perhaps unrealistic image she still has in her head of the man she wants)?? Go back to rehab, do therapy w/Nolan or someone, etc. Since they still have not had a decent conversation in Changes I was not at all surprised Cuddy told her mom they were not getting back together over her common enemy scheme. I think she rightly needs something more than that. Why not pull one of those Housian moments and give her the big baby blues and actually be honest, show her he can change enof to make a relationship work if she’d work at it too… Bottom line — if House is ‘hopeless’ now it is his own fault and his negative thinking at play (WRITERS!). He isn’t 13, he has options she never will. He can man up and start making some real changes and win Cuddy back. It is only hopeless if he chooses to see it that way (or writers write it that way I should say, which may be closer to the truth).

  • Sneaky Microbe

    I can’t help but feel like something is just very wrong now. Each episode leaves me with a “bad taste” in my brain. I was irritated by the blatant “snark” between House and Cuddy that was thrown at us, like the writers are trying to get back what they once had. Sorry, but I’m afraid that ain’t gonna happen.

    There was some kind of lightheartedness to this episode, which worries me about what’s to come. I also found myself asking “Huh??” after some of the dialogue, especially with Arlene. Found it confusing, not making sense. As always, thanks to Barbara for providing your insight. My “insight light” is quickly fading.

  • Jacksam4eva

    Great review Barbara, one of my favorites. I haven’t been commenting for a while because I’ve been depressed by all the criticism that the show received (I really identified myself to that article that you wrote a while ago wondering why so many great long time viewers had started hating the show). However, overall, I liked the episode, even though I did like the two previous ones better. However, I do have a few quick points to make :

    – Wilson’s character: Someone said in the comments that Wilson has been less and less present this season, probably due to RSL’s broadway ambitions. More than that, I just wish the writers would find out how important they want Wilson to be in the show. For the last few years, he’s been on and off, at some point being the most important people on the show (season 6) to having little to no screen time at all this season for example. If I were to look deaper into it, I’d say that TPTB want to show the fluctuations we usually experience in friendship (sometimes you want to escape your friends and yet you tend to always come back to them in a crisi eventually) but I know this is TV and Wilson’s current absence is probably just due to RSL other projects. Anyway, I currently do miss Wilson a lot, and it makes me even more sad because I really believe that RSL won’t be back next season. House and Wilson are (and have always been) to me, the best friendship on TV and I’m really scared of having to let them go.

    – I thought it was interesting that the harshest words House told Cuddy in this episode were said in front of an audience (be his team, Wilson, or anyone else). At first, when he started to say things like in the “relationship with no sex and in which I still have to deal with your mother” and the “I want your underwear” conversations, I thought he wanted to openly hurt her, especially since both times they weren’t alone. However, I think this is deeper. I think more than to hurt her he was trying to get some kind of reaction out of her, to see if they could at least have their old banter back. I think he loves her, knows that they haven’t had a proper conversation ever since she broke it off and was trying, naively, to see if things could get back to normal. The problem is that when he tried, Cuddy never reacted like she would have. That’s why, like someone mentionned it earlier, it wasn’t “funny”. He asks for her underwear, she says “okay”, doesn’t fight him. Same thing when tells her in his office that he’s not going to the meeting, she drops the matter, doesn’t push it, just acts disappointed and says “fine do whatever you want”. Even though we learn later that that was her goal all along, I think that confuses House, and makes him realize that no matter how much he tries to go against it, their relationship has changed forever. She’s changed her behaviour around him, she avoids confrontation, maybe because of her guilt, maybe because of something else. Just like Wilson said, “he needs you in his life” and he’s trying to get her back but she doesn’t care or at least want to.

    – Arlene’s behaving like a kid whose parents are divorcing and I didn’t like that at all. This would actually be the only criticism I’d have to make about this episode. They had built her character as a strong, opinionated woman and she decides to become House and Cuddy’s common ennemy to get them back together. The fact that Cuddy had to hug her in the end bothered me. It’s like a kid watching his parents divorcing and saying “I promise I’ll be better and will eat all my vegetables”. It’s not his fault that his parents are splitting up and yet he tries to do something childish and naive to get them back. Wasn’t it obvious that the problem was much deeper than just a usual fight that could be solved by a common ennemy?

    – I love the relationship House is building with Thirteen, it feels like she’s closer to him than any fellow has ever been. I love Thirteen, I love her character and I love that House is trying all he can to prevent her from becoming like him. She doesn’t mind about being hopeless but he doesn’t want her to be, tells her she’s another “him” trying to point out that even though he understands her reaction, he doesn’t wish anyone to feel the way he does. He’s being great with her, doing the right thing, and I really like that.

    @Lanne #17 : Thank you for that wonderful insight.

  • The Other Barnett


    I liked how you weaved the show’s plot into the real story…House’ happiness and love. Your reference back to ‘Help Me’ reminded me of how I felt when I first saw that damn kiss at the end of last season. As the screen faded to black, I actually looked at my wife, and exclaimed, “What the hell are they doing to him?”

    I think it may have been better for House to see Cuddy marry Lucas. Maybe he’d still be on vicodin now, but he would not have been as emotionally raped as he was by this relationship with Cuddy…and definitely would not have been as destructive in his behavior (as the previews seem to suggest – things may be getting ramped up again). While you do not blame Cuddy, I do. Cuddy entered into a relationship with House with her heart leading and no real regard for House’ nature. My wife says this is a very feminine quality, to love a a man so much that you want him perfected, and yet also want him to instinctively know what he needs to change so that the woman does not want to feel like the dictator. If this was the case with Cuddy, she should have known House well enough to put aside her sensitivities and start the renovation, if she desired it. It was this lack of communication on her part that made the first half of the season painful at times to watch and that led House to this point emotionally……lost, but still not hopeless, I think.

    What we saw with House at the end of the episode with 13 was not a hopeless man, Barb. I think we saw a man who is experiencing a clueless psychic pain over the notion that there is nothing he could do right (in his eyes) to make the relationship work for Cuddy. Hopeless implies knowing what would work and seeing no chance to achieve it. Lost….that is the term…..

    I needed a half-day to get some perspective on the episode’s theme….change. We are who we are…but as House referenced, we know not what we may become. Sure, Foreman may be easily irritated and angered (lovely subplot, by the way), Chase may be unable to turn away the skirts, 13 is peaved about dying alone, etc. But, I like to think (and hope the writers are considering this despite Shore’s dreary outlook on life) that each of these people (along with Cuddy, Wilson and Taub) can re-focus. We have seen House re-focus to some extent dozens of times. If House can, why not the others. Is it that House’s nature has poisoned the whole environment of PPH (thus the escape of Masters), even though he continues to try to evolve?

    Would it not be a wonderful thing, Barb, to see Dr. Nolan come in and do an across the board review of the diagnostics unit? I’m not saying some staff retreat here…I’m talking about the same kind of review of the staff that the military used to do of high-performing bomber units in WW II. The whole unit (from the commander down to the mechanics) would go through interviews and file reviews to determine at what level is the breaking point. It would make for good television and allow for the writers to focus on character development and not as much on the story – where they sometimes just stumble horribly.

  • There were some depressing undertones to this episode. It was kind of sad. I saw a lot of parallels between House and the POTW. Both constantly searching for what makes them happy, what completes them, yet really it’s right under their nose. When the POTW was reminded at the beginning that he keeps digging in the past to find happiness, meanwhile there’s a whole world out there that can give him pleasure. Same thing applies to House, he’s so miserable mostly having to do with this past, he can’t let go and misses out on what’s right under his nose, mostly a life with the one woman he loves more than anyone or anything.

    I don’t think House has lost all hope, at least not yet. He’s hurting, as his Cuddy but even though he told Arlene he and Cuddy weren’t getting back together, I don’t think he believes it, not really. I do think he and Cuddy are scared to death of having “the conversation” about where to go from here because they still love each other and I don’t think they really want to let go. They think they can but they can’t. Facing each other would mean one of two things can happen: either they split permanently and accept it (which neither can do, not in their hearts) or they get back together and make it work (which scares them because they know how it feels to break up). So as long as they don’t have to deal with it, everything is ok the way it is, even if it sucks. I do think what Wilson told House about keeping the negative banter alive because without it there would be nothing between he and Cuddy at all, was right on. He doesn’t just love her and need her in a romantic way, he needs her in his life period.

    Seems to me a door is being left open for them. House doesn’t deny to Wilson that he still loves Cuddy though he deflects by saying that he’s happier without her and better off alone which we all know is a lie. Cuddy’s mother pretty much told House and Cuddy what everyone else already knows–nobody else can put up with them, which is true. I mean let’s face it, TPTB have created two very dysfunctional characters. And for these two what they had together was still a thousand times better than what they have now apart. They’re never going to find what they had together with anyone else. Cuddy doesn’t deny in coma guy’s room that she still cares about House when pointed out by Wilson. And Cuddy tells her mom in so many words it would take more than a “common enemy” to get her and House together. Add to that Arlene telling her daughter she is an idiot with impossible standards and the fact that when Cuddy turned around after hugging her mother, hoping that what just transpired may give some closure to her and House, he was gone, meaning there is no closure, things aren’t finished yet. I don’t think things can ever really be finished between them.

    I enjoyed a few good lines between them, I loved the interaction between House-Cuddy-Wilson-Arlene. But…something is missing between House and Cuddy and that’s the fun, sexy, flirtatious, witty banter they used to share. Now, it’s just bitter. This isn’t the same House and Cuddy I remember from prior seasons. Heck it’s not even who I remember early on this season. The banter between House and Cuddy has lost its edge and that sucks. One of the great things about these two is how they need each other. Cuddy needs House to push her and challenge her to be not just a great administrator but a great doctor. He makes her better and makes her stronger and tougher which a woman like Cuddy needs to be. In turn, Cuddy gives House boundaries, she’s been able to take his crap and push back, restrain him, reign him in. They used to be SO GOOD AT THIS and they both knew it. Now? It’s gone. In order for the series to survive another season they need to get this back. We can’t go through another season of bitterness and tension, not like this, no way.

    The episode was about changes but I didn’t see much in regards to change, in fact what I saw was very much of the same. In the end, Foreman and Chase didn’t change, Thirteen has resigned herself to a life of misery while awaiting her impending death, House is still miserable, as is Cuddy, and Arlene is still shifty as hell. The POTW was able to move on with his life when the great love of his life returned at the end. Is that change? Well, instead of finding someone new, he was adamant about a relationship with the old flame, which was rekindled. Maybe it wasn’t really change at all.

    Change is hard. We are who we are, just like Thirteen told House. But that doesn’t mean a person can’t be happy. House is who he is because of the experiences he’s had in his life, but it doesn’t mean he has to be miserable. Cuddy clearly made him happy–at least the House version of happy. And while Cuddy can’t change either, or it so appears, House made her happy, at least however she defines it. Change is different for everyone. The changes these two have to make in order to be together are alleged to be BIG changes, but is this really the case? Do these two have to make monumental changes in their lives to just enjoy what they give each other? I know Cuddy had told House early on she didn’t want him to change, but maybe she wanted him to want to change once he realized how happy he was with her. It’s not that he didn’t want to change, he was afraid. He could have really used her by his side to help him through that. And Cuddy, well she is afraid to let her guard down and just be in love, let someone else take control for awhile, making her also afraid. But she could have let House be there for her to help her get through that. It doesn’t have to be painful, not at all. But these two are so screwed up they can’t see it.

    It will never be over for House and Cuddy, unless one of them dies. We can thank TPTB for that and I think that’s a good thing. TPTB have given us many years of wonderful House and Cuddy that we have come to love them. We love their more than 20 year history and all they have shared during that time. We think about people in our own lives who we known that long and wonder what life would be like without them. That history between House and Cuddy is the basis for a deep emotional attachment that can’t be broken, not even by all they have been through recently.

    As to the next episode, I don’t know what to think about the 7×21 promo because that looks like Meth or Heroin (not having seen either maybe someone can clear that up?) and if this isn’t a case of a misleading promo that has nothing to do with House taking street drugs and if it has nothing to do with him once again using himself as a guinea pig in an effort to diagnose the POTW, then I’m going to be angry. Why? Isn’t it enough that TPTB threw House back on Vicodin because it’s easy to write since we’ve been through it before, but throwing him on street drugs? Now they can argue that House is so depressed, so miserable and sad that he has lost all hope and doesn’t want to live anymore….then this might as well be the end for House. Wasn’t hitting rock bottom after losing two colleagues and his father, plus the DBS which caused a brain injury in trying to save Amber, in addition to an overload of the no longer effective Vicoding, all of which sent him to Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital enough?

    Good grief. At what point does House get a break?

    If TPTB are trying to show us that people can hit rock bottom, hey we get that. If they want to show us that people have a real hard time changing, we get that too. We also get that our experiences make us who we are and that some things, like genetic makeup, make it hard to change. Yes, we are ALL dysfunctional, so we can relate to House. The thing is that this isn’t what we want. Oh we don’t mind House facing challenges and being a misanthropic, sarcastic, rude pain in the ass but seriously he deserves better than this as do his partners in crime Cuddy and Wilson, who are in my opinion highly underutilized. And not only do our favorite characters deserve BETTER than this but so do the magnificent actors who portray them, and the people who work behind the scenes to make this show great, and ultimately the loyal fans who keep coming back for more week after week despite the lack of continuity in characters and sometimes lack of a compelling storyline. The [H]ouse we know and love, which is still one of the most watched television programs in the world, should be nothing short of brilliant every single week.

    Once again though kudos to Hugh, Lisa and Bob for giving us more fine performances!

    One more thing…

    I am hoping like hell that TPTB are fooling us and plan to give us a spectacular finale which explains everything we’ve seen these past couple of months, does us proud and proves us wrong in our assumptions!

  • Reality Check

    Once a Huddy Fangirl…. Sheesh!

    Why would House want to be with a nagging, demanding, emasculating bitch who keeps his balls locked away in her Hope Chest?

    Likewise, why would Cuddy want to be with a man who is self-involved, self-centered, disrespectful and weak?

    You can’t tell me you like what these two people have evolved into, or the train wreck this show has become these past 2 years.

    The PTB do NOT know how to write relationships and they most certainly do NOT know how to write for women, especially the women (Hess, et. al.).

    Jessica, you make an excellent point: kill off one of them and MOVE ON!

  • Lily


    Wonderful insights. I absolutely agree about Wilson’s ever fluctuating role on the show, which is especially frustrating because so many time when he is on the show, it’s only to lecture House and to psychoanalyze him for the less perceptive viewers. Throw in the Huddy shipping and Wilson becomes more of a mouthpiece than a character. Or he just provides comedic relief as he did for much of those Season 6 B-plots. Neither makes Wilson consistent or likable, which is a pity, because in those few moments (like The Social Contract), where we get a hint of something deeper, I’ve always liked what I saw.

    And I think you helped me to clarify in my mind just what is going on with House and Thirteen. It’s kind of unbelievable that it took House three or four tries to get to the conclusion that fatalism is her defense mechanism. Was that not already incredibly obvious given Thirteen’s loop of self-destructive pessimism and almost incredulous hope? It makes sense that for all his taunting of Thirteen’s false hope, he doesn’t want her to be like him. He likes that young woman who defends the value of hope to someone who seems to have none (final scene You Don’t Want to Know, which as someone upthread mentioned, perfectly mirrors last night’s), who can still throw herself into silly stunts like rigging a spud gun even after she endured a year of hell, who can casually talk about her impending death sentence (The Choice). She’s unbelievably resilient and House respects that most about her and doesn’t want to see her finally break.

    It also makes perfect sense that the reason (other than less-than-subtle writing) that House keeps repeating that she’s her double is that he wants to not-so-subtly tell her that she doesn’t want to end up like him. Thirteen has always the truth in House’s maxims, but these days, she’s living them– that determination to prove that the patient’s true love wasn’t so true after all is just like House in all those times he’d insist that the patient’s loved one was lying to/cheating on/otherwise betraying the patient. House knows better than anyone that it’s not a good way to live your life and he’s warning her that she shouldn’t want to BE him.

    On the other side of the equation, I also agree with some others upthread that House is kind of taking the easy way out in comparing himself with Thirteen. The difference between his laundry list and hers is that most of hers gave her very little, if any, choice. (I doubt choosing not to euthanize her brother and watching him suffer instead would’ve made her any happier.) House still has choices– addiction or not, choosing to work towards quitting vicodin and going back to therapy is an option. Choosing to be mature about how he deals with the fall-out of his relationship with Cuddy is an option. His break up and his relapse were not inevitable in the way that her diagnosis is. They both have every right to be cynical, but he stands to gain more from hope than she does. He doesn’t Thirteen to be hopeless because he doesn’t want to be hopeless but the two are only linked in his strange worldview. By comparing himself to Thirteen, he’s essentially waving away all the choices he still has left and resigning himself to his miserable fate.

    There’s so much here to explore with House/Thirteen and I just wish that their scenes had been more subtle and gone further to get to the root of these issues. I liked their interaction, but it feels squandered with all this repetition of lines and themes.

  • nitemar

    After this last episode, I ve lost all hopes for the show and Huddy., Of course, I said the same thing last year about this same time, whem heartbroken because of Lucas and Cuddy together, and House losing all hopes and dragging us fans in the process. Arlene, she was great, a Huddy shipper if I may call her that, and DS ironically represented by House. “we will not reconcile”..that’s what Shore has been saying all along about House and Cuddy getting together..and my G-D! Cuddy has learned so much from House! She really faced off her mom! even using reversed psycholoy with House..but boy, she is now so cold, repressed maybe bcs not getting any sex? lol! So hoping for a great season finale, whatever BANG means to GY…:( Thanks Barbara!!

  • @#25 Reality Check. I don’t want to see anyone killed off but if they are going to go the House hits rock bottom yet again and is all alone routine, they might as well kill him. I’m being facetious of course. I’m hoping that TPTB come to their senses and write these characters in a way that they once did…that wowed us all. I remember those days….the stories were consistently powerful and entertaining!!

  • The Other Barnett

    Lets throw the show on it’s ear….13 walks in on House shooting up Heroin in some dive…he looks up at her slightly in a fog and says, “What do you want?”….13 simply sits next to him, grabs the hose and ties it and shoots up with him….the camera pans back as they both sit slouched on the floor against a ratty looking wall as John Mayer is playing “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room”.

  • #26 Lily, loved your comments. I keep thinking Thirteen should just look at House and say “ya know I’m pissed off, miserable and alone because I’m DYING” what’s YOUR excuse?

    LOL seriously…I think living with a death sentence is a good reason to cynical and depressed. At least House can make the choice to live and make the best of it. Thirteen doesn’t have that luxury. Maybe they should have House do a little self-evaluation in regards to that.

  • nitemar

    Oh pushed post comment button too soon..missed to comment how miused was Candice Bergen last night..and was hoping for a more heated, and private conversation between House and Cuddy..too rushed if you ask me… Just a thought.

  • Lily

    Jessica– Ha, that is exactly what I was thinking Thirteen should’ve said in that last scene. But alas, my reading of her is that she’s so screwed up that if she can’t help but blame herself for her misery rather than her circumstances, she doesn’t actually feel like she has the right (or the luxury) to lash out at House. She still really needs him for what emotional stability his presence provides, especially since no one else knows what really happened in the last year.

    As much as I love the House/Thirteen comparisons and their strange bond, I’ve always thought that it wasn’t as apt as House (and some viewers) would like to think. I find it particularly ridiculous that people were surprised by and disapproving of Thirteen’s cynicism. The woman has gone through a year of hell just to save her brother a little bit of extra pain when she doesn’t have all that many years left. I’d be more concerned if she were emotionally okay after that. That’s partially why I’d love it if the season ended on a slightly more optimistic note with regard to their relationship– maybe in helping her, House can find some hope of his own and see just how much choice he still has left.

  • MHM

    29-“The Other Barnett”

    Can I say I LOVE your comment? LOL!

  • The Other Barnett

    34-MHM….Thanks, it may be rock bottom for House, but at least he is not alone – which probably pushes below the rock 🙂


  • housemaniac

    For the anti-Huddy’s out there, can someone please tell me how the show has gotten better since they got rid of Huddy? I just think it’s been, quite simply, boring. I know one anti-Huddy argument is that the reason it is boring (if one agrees with this characterization) is because the fall-out from Huddy is boring, but surely showing the fall-out from a relationship is not the same thing as the relationship itself and the writers could come up with something interesting for the aftermath? First we get over-the-top antics, and now a half-hearted conversation? I was expecting a much more interesting exchange between House and Cuddy this episode. It’s almost as if TPTB want to bolster our impression that the relationship was not all that much to begin with. But that’s ridiculous, given how they developed the characters’ feelings for one another, prior to their romance and how much time (however short) they devoted to the relationship i.e. most of this season.

    Although there would be other ways to generate this besides Huddy, the show has lost, in my view, almost all of its dramatic tension and I am hard-pressed to care about any of the characters. It’s weird and I can’t put my finger on it (as someone else said). I see some people have had similiar reactions. I scanned through the comments here and found words such as “lost”; “gaping holes”; “lacking in “spark”; “lackluster”; “frustrating”; “something is just very wrong.” I agree and agree and agree.

    Lately, I have begun watching on-line another TV drama that has been running about as long as House (also medical) and while some things are inferior, there is A LOT more dramatic tension, character development and interesting POTW’s. The best writing on House is better than the best writing on the other show, but, on average, I think the writing is better on the other show. The acting is better on House, but that’s about it. It’s been really interesting to have a point of comparison. And, yes, yes, it’s hard to compare a show’s second year to another’s seventh, but even so….

    One more quick point: the one thing I have been able to put my finger on, which I mentioned on another blog, is that none of the episodes on House seems to require a preview, you know, the standard flashback “Previously on House…” The episodes are largely self-contained, or can be seen without knowing the backstory. That’s just weird. I think the best dramatic series require SOME sort of orientation for the viewer, for at least MOST of the episodes. All the other shows I have liked in recent years employ this mechanism at least some of the time, and, if memory serves, House did at one point too, but I may be wrong about this. Either way, what does it say that we do not need any sort of connection to previous episodes? It reminds me of something I often write in the margins of my students’ papers: you need a transition!

    Having said all this, I still plan to buy three more lottery tickets. 🙂 My commitment to next season, however, is fading.

  • sherlockjr

    My first impression of this episode was not a good one, I’m afraid, but I’ll give it a second pass — sometimes I find more to like on the second viewing than on the first.

    When you asked, Would House likely have been better off in the long run had Cuddy just left him alone and not gotten involved with him — not gotten his hopes soaring and tasting a moment (or a few months) of happiness?, I thought, not of Broken but of House’s ketamine experience. In both cases — one physical, one emotional — he had brief respite from the unhappiness of his life, and a short period of hope that his life would improve. In both cases, those hopes were dashed.

    As someone who had a brief respite from pain (in an ill-fated drug trial), I always sympathized with House about the ketamine. For me (and in my view, House), it’s worse than not ever having had hope. I’ve always believed that his rapid downward spiral after the pain came back was because he couldn’t adjust to being back where he started from.

    Likewise, I can’t help but feel that the end of his hope for a reconcilliation with Cuddy can’t work out well for him. Perhaps it’s easier to discount hope and be totally cynical — and therefore never disappointed — than to get your hopes up and be crushed.

  • Well, I will introduce a topic of debate. In my first post I said that 13 was a bad influence for House. And I really think it. I just saw the interview with OW and PJ on Fox, and I am a little worried. It is possible that House and 13 being involved into a closer relationship. I do not know why, but do not I like this: “House and 13 like each other…13 thinks House is sexy …Let’s we see” (OW)

    @8 – Barbara Barnett
    **** Thanks for your response. Anyway, I’m thinking…In my head still do not see reasons for Cuddy to break up with House in the way she did it. Well, after their breakup I can see those reasons: House was given to the madness at the next minute and even got married in front of Cuddy. So I still believe that the moment of the rupture (the final minutes of BS) is artificial. I have understood the story of the lottery and the relationship failed if there had been other negative interactions between them.

    It was easy to create an atmosphere of animosity between them, why they did not do that?

    Yes, I also think many times we wish something with such force that in our minds we imagine a wonderful movie. Then, when I finally have it, that was not what we expected.

    Do you belive I could fix my mind someday? I wish I can have answers in the season finale … O.o … Still three more lottery tickets (I love this! @36 – housemaniac)

  • Kate

    I really hope this season doesn’t end with something that can make House even more miserable than he already is.

  • @24 – Jessica aka JLCH

    I really LOVE your comment!

  • RobF

    Very nice review, Barbara! I liked your parallel with “Broken”, but I think you might have it backwards. That episode showed how someone can be hurt by unreasonable false hope, i.e. a belief that he can do something which is impossible and dangerous. But there is also danger in false despair, i.e. the belief that you cannot do something which is in fact possible and essential.

    House has been telling himself for a very long time that he is hopelessly broken, so now he refuses to accept the possibility of a relationship. He believes it is impossible for him to love and be loved. But we viewers (and our proxy, Wilson) know that this is not the case.

    The other interesting development was that (through the contrived sub-plot involving Cuddy’s mother) House and Cuddy were made aware that neither of them is exactly a prize pig. They have each put the other on a pedestal for so long that the illusion of perfection has replaced reality. The patient also has tunnel vision for a particular woman, but (as Thirteen points out) he will be happy with reality because he doesn’t require her to be perfect.

    To directors, a “MacGuffin” is a goal which is unimportant in itself — its sole purpose is to drive the plot. House and Cuddy have been each other’s MacGuffin for so long that they forgot the point of the chase was not the chase but the relationship at the end of it. Now, perhaps, each can see their relationship as a journey, not a trophy.

    (Also, I have a feeling Foreman’s repressed rage is deliberately being brought to the foreground, so he will actually rage in an outward manner at something. But that’s just a guess — in the past there have been other hints at character development of Foreman which have led to nothing.)

  • 2 lightworker

    24-Jessica aka JLCH – thank you for taking the time to write this in depth reflection. Bravo!

  • bigHousefan

    I love House’s journey, Im just emotionally exhausted, but still addicted to the turmoil. House is an E- ticket ride!  Maybe that’s one of the points of this season – it’s very hard to be House’s friend, and it comes at a personal cost.

    It’s a given that House’s ‘three month pity party’ is going to be dramatic, reckless and self- destructive and likely longer than three months given the fact that with Cuddy this relationship was a huge emotional risk.

    It’s reasonable to expect that 7 weeks in Mayfield and a year in therapy isn’t going to be enough to ward off future relapses which it looks as though House is going to make the most of, especially given this heartbreak.

      Cuddy will never find perfect in House or anyone else and House will always be emotionally handicapped.  These two imperfect souls are perfect for each other, that was part of last night’s message.

    House cannot fix himself (he could find less debilitating outlets) and Cuddy must accept the ‘gaping chasm in-between’ that House spoke of in Season 2 Humpty Dumpty. And I still think that in the end they will be together.


  • raiza

    42-bigHousefan-I think so too, H/C will eventually end up together–Arlene made it so evident.

  • BeeJ

    Hello Barb and Everyone! Been awhile since I posted. I read every article/analysis, just too lazy sometimes to comment lol. However, today I’m motivated…must be all the nice and warm weather here in SoCal!

    I must say I enjoyed the episode. Thought POTW was a strong storyline (Loved Donal Logue on Grounded For Life!) I really liked the House/Cuddy/Wilson/Arlene interactions. I thought LE was particularly great in this epi…looked great too. I completely agree with Barbara this episode seems to be the tipping point for House. I felt so sad for both House and Cuddy in that last scene with Arlene. I feel so sorry for their situation that I actually regret the fact Cuddy came to his apartment at the end of “Help Me” and started all this. I really loved them together…but this doesn’t seem worth it now. Closure is yet to be had indeed!

    However, If I have one gripe it would be about this feeling of hopelessness. I mean I’m no dummy…I’m completely aware of the history of this show and DS’s “People don’t change” motto. But where can they possibly go from here lol? I usually have kept myself from having expectations for characters for this show. But I must admit I really don’t think I can take another season finale with so much hurt and despair for this man. The show seems so heavy right now almost weighed down with sadness since “Bombshells.” And it doesn’t seem like the finale is going to suddenly bring on the happiness. I just hope the endgame involves some sort of peace-of-mind for House.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    I see that “Bones” has been picked up for another season on FOX. No word on “House” yet?

  • Dmckoy

    Great review Barbara, and I agree with several of your points. I also agree with many of the comments made here.

    I thought this was a pretty good ep, albeit depressing at times. I’m a bit torn with Cuddy’s current state. I was all for her standing up to House and not being his punching bag, but I’m not sure I wanted her to stoop to his antics, that’s his MO not hers. In fact over the years when she resorted to House-like behavior I always felt that it just didnt suit her. After all, she is supposed to be the “adult” in this relationship. however, someone mentioned here (it may have been Barbara) that the two of them are coping in different ways but both are equally as miserable. House gets all, well we all know how he’s coping. Cuddy, she’s becoming cold and callous as a coping method. Does she think being cruel and distant is the cure to broken heart? Maybe disguise the pain? Some may argue that she bought on the heartbreak with her decision in the first place, but I stand by my opinion that the heartbreaker can be in just as much pain as the heartbreakee depending on the circumstances.

    Elsewhere on the ep, I don’t think 13 is nearly as bitter as she thinks she is. Ever heard the expression ‘thou protesteth to much’? She takes every opportunity to let everyone know her cynical views. I think she’s doing more to convince herself then anyone else. She secretly has hope, and while I think her and House are good for each other (platonically speaking of course), they are also toxic for one another. Misery is breeding misery with these two. For crying out loud you two, smile sometimes! Lol

    So, like I said, pretty good, and like others I’m still rooting for Huddy, and I’ll settle for them linked as just friends. This relationship is to beautiful and rare to just fizzle. There has to be something brilliant in store for us…I guess you can call me a hopeless romantic as well..

  • DebbieJ

    Haven’t read all of the comments yet, but I wanted to give my 2 cents, for all that it’s worth.

    Everyone seemed to have phoned in their performance last night. What is going on in Houseland?

    There they (the writers) go again, spoon feeding us the parallels between House and the POTW instead of the subtlety they were so good at once upon a time.

    What I find most disturbing since Bombshells is that no one is batting an eyelash that House is back on Vicodin. Cuddy breaks up with him when she learns he relapsed, but there are no consequences for him as an employee. Wilson doesn’t say anything about it. Not a thing, until he threatens to stop writing Rx’s for him. Like as if House never rehabbed, like there wasn’t a full season (last year) of House working on his sobriety! Has every character gone back to square one? I feel like they’re in a bubble or a time warp or something. How come NO ONE is upset that House relapsed? And then previews for next week we see House cooking something elicit/free basing. What kind of sadists are TPTB? I saw that last night and it made me sick to my stomach.

    As tight and as cohesive the narrative was in seasons 5 and 6, I am finding season 7 completely choppy, the narrative is all over the place; they could jumble up the sequence of the episodes and I don’t think it would make it any more fractured than it already is.

    And how in the world is a cripple able to box? (Referring to screencaps of next week’s episode.) Really? What in the world is going on at the writers’ desk?

    I’m a diehard and will stick with this show until the (bitter?) end, but I’m finding it to be more of a chore to do so and I hate that feeling. As if I’m afraid of what’s coming next instead of feeling excited for it.

  • Lily

    “Elsewhere on the ep, I don’t think 13 is nearly as bitter as she thinks she is. Ever heard the expression ‘thou protesteth to much’? She takes every opportunity to let everyone know her cynical views. I think she’s doing more to convince herself then anyone else.”

    Exactly, Dmckoy. This is exactly what House does all the time– these two are always trying to convince themselves of fatalism because they think it’d less painful to never have hope than to have their hopes crushed over and over again. But they can’t help it– cynicism is their defense mechanism, but it’s not in their nature. They’re both disillusioned idealists at heart and even as they spout cynical catchphrases, they want so badly to be proven wrong. Thirteen was exactly right about the fake Jennifer, but at that DDX, there’s not a hint of smugness, just shame and sadness. She just wants for the world to beat her lowest expectations, but she can’t even have that.

    That being said, I think they’re still good for each other. House seemed to be genuinely trying to make her happy this episode, because this time around, she’s hardly a puzzle. Just someone he cares about. And even if they are miserable and nearly done with hope, they’re not totally alone. That’s something.

  • house love

    Dear Barbara: I love to read your reviews. Keep them coming! 🙂

  • TVTherapy

    #47 It’s highly curious that the Vicodin has garnered nary a mention. Was this not the same drug that House hallucinated Amber, Kutner, a detox, and a night with Cuddy?

    What’s the difference this time? Does he have to build his tolerance back up to hallucination level? Vicodin back up to 11 before anyone decides to intervene with the drugs?

    With season 7 comes a lag in continuity. Pay attention, TPTB. Your fans notice EVERYTHING!


  • Maka


    Olivia Wilde also said that it wasn’t likely, and that their relationship wasn’t like that, and they didn’t exactly flirt that way. As for the “we’ll see”, keep in mind that Jesse Spencer said that there might be a Chase/Masters romance back when he was doing those Q&As.

    Don’t think we have to worry about that.

  • Alisha

    As soon as the lawsuit came up, I wondered if Arlene was scheming to get them back together. I wish it had worked!

  • Jacksam4eva

    I can imagine TPTB missing a lot of details on the show but I believe there’s no way they’re going to let Wilson and cuddy enable the vicodin without saying anything. I think it’s just a matter of time before they force House into facing the consequences of his actions. I can only guess that their lack of complains means that something big is about to happen.

  • DebbieJ

    @53 – Jacksam4eva – It seems they already have let W&C enable his vicodin use by being indifferent to it.

    Yeah, something big is about to happen. Next week we see him shooting up (or about to).

  • I have posted episode shots from 7×22 on my personal site. Beware of spoilers, however.

  • Eileen

    Barbara, thanks for posting those. I finally have hope!

  • laury

    With all due respect, I rewrite my earlier comment because I received no answer.
    I apologize for having to force it to use a translator but did not speak English and I use one to read your articles but it is easier to write what I think in Spanish in a rough translation as a translator. In order for me to really show has lost much luster still see it because it’s my favorite and I could see many but there is only one real love lol, but beyond what happens in the series as I am concerned that the hearing and the possibility that there is no end to the series for a possible cancellation leaving us with a fitting end that i deserve so we are still watching House MD as a product, as a project, you think?
    Thank you very much in advance there are chapters that no analysis just never understand.

  • And if the Vicodin, which takes House, is not really Vicodin? We know that he buy it with the name of Wilson. Wilson may have given orders not to give him real Vicodin. And if it is a placebo? Not the first time (remember Cuddy with morphine). Respect to the possible heroine of next week, I think it only has to do with the boxer, I do not see House, even more drug addict (or yes?).

  • Koji Attwood

    Another excellent review; loved the Dante reference (from I believe, “Damned if you do”–“..melancholy without hope, which circle is that?”)

  • Action Kate

    Two minor mistakes: The POTW’s love is Jennifer, not Janet, and the best friend is his cousin. 🙂

    Re your Dante reference: All the circles of hell are without hope. The inscription reads “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

    The last (ninth) circle of hell is called Cocytus. Dante and Virgil first see four concentric rings of sinners frozen into a sea of ice, with each ring worsening as it goes in: those who were guilty of Treachery Against Blood Ties (like Cain), those who were guilty of Treachery Against Country, those who were Treacherous to Guests and Hosts (which is worse than killing your brother), and those Treacherous to their Masters. In the center of the ice is Satan, who has three heads. Each head is chewing on a different sinner: Brutus and Cassius (who slew Caesar) and Judas Iscariot. [/Dante geek]

    Is House guilty of treachery against Cuddy? I wouldn’t say so. Cowardice to some extent, sure, but he didn’t betray her. Not fundamentally. He didn’t cheat on her. The lies he told were for the patient’s sake, which is part of his MO. Even Wilson would be more deserving of this label if you hearken back to, ahem, “Finding Judas” in S3.

    He may be miserable, but he’s been miserable before. He lost Stacy, the other love of his life, and managed to pull himself together, more or less. Yes, the Vicodin got out of control, but he showed that with effort, help, and antidepressants, he can conquer that. So this is a deeply unhappy time for him, but deep unhappiness is very familiar to House.

    I don’t see him as without hope ever again, just unhappy and burned out in the sense of weariness: the fire of his grief has gone out.

    Now, why TPTB felt the need to reset the characters this way is something I don’t get, but that’s another discussion.

    An aside: Barbara, were you on alt.tv.x-files/.creative back in the day? That was my entry point into the Internet, fanfic, and truly obsessive fandom, all at once. Helluva start. 🙂

  • Kojii–what I was thinking.
    Action kate–thanks for the corrections. The “other Jennifer” was actually Janet. I’m easily confused, sometimes.
    We know House was for a time without hope post Stacy. According to Wilson, he fell apart. And I wonder how much is exacerbated by the sense that he has now given it his truly best shot (in his opinion), he really tried, and this was (also in his mindset) perhaps his last chance at “being happier” and he failed.

  • hegdeu

    Helloooo – what ever happened to the wife? It seems to me that the writers are leaving a lot of loose ends. First Luke disappears – did he strike anyone as the kind of man who would go quietly and not lash out at House for his getting dumped – that too after getting engaged? Then they show the wife-cum-maid-immigration scam and just as you wonder what that would do to the dynamics, they make her disappear. Even if House wasn’t having a relationship with her, she’s there in his life, isn’t she? And no one refers to the marriage after it happens.

  • morphine, a violin, a friend, and a mystery

    So House has lost Cuddy, someone he has wanted since college. Maybe he will realize how many possibilities there are for him in life. All of his connections have been either with someone from the past (Stacy and Cuddy), someone whom he met as a patient in a psychiatric hospital and who was married (Lydia), and his various prostitutes etc. So imo he hasn’t had a real relationship. Until he makes that leap, he won’t realize that getting hurt is a good thing once you start to take risks in the real world, not just in your mind. All of his relationships were doomed to fail. House lives in his own mind. Until he reconnects with the real world, he will not be happy.

  • Anna S


    I don’t agree that House had held up a hope for a reconciliation with Cuddy at all in that scene, i think House had already accepted that he and Cuddy couldn’t be together and this episode was just to showcase the fact that they excel in their jobs but they are immature on a personal level and the common ground they usually worked within has been destroyed because of the end of their personal relationship.

    House wasn’t devastated in any way about her declaring the fact that they are over to her mother he just got his epiphany from the conversation and so left to go and diagnose his patient.

  • Amie

    Yup. I agree with Anna S.

    I didn’t see this episode as House losing all hope. He already has as we can beautifully see when House says “we’re not getting back together”.
    That been said, I don’t think he thinks he tried his best. Why else would he have said “I can do better” when C broke up with him? And he’s not trying very hard to win her back.

    Had TPTB not hammered us with “Huddy is over”, I would have had hope for the futur when someone finally tells Cuddy she has impossible standards. I wish this would have gone through to her.
    And I wish we could have seen Cuddy’s and House’s state of mind during the “music part” (with Chase in bed and Foreman trying not to stress). We really have no clue what’s on Cuddy’s mind and it is bothering me.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    #65 Amie: You raise an important point that’s been bugging me. House has never been a quitter. Until now. He let Cuddy’s decision stand and then let that decision nearly destroy him. That’s why things just don’t seem right. House seems to have given up, and Cuddy is distant and cold. The only thing that got me through much of Season 6 was seeing how much House loved Cuddy and that he kept trying to figure out how to get Lukas out of the picture. When he “conceded” by giving her the old book in “Help Me,” that act touched her deeply (along with the rest of the episode) and brought them together

    The portrayal of the relationship wasn’t “quite right,” the breakup was harsh, and the aftermath doesn’t ring true to the characters. That’s why this whole post-“Bombshells” series of episodes doesn’t feel “right” to me.

  • Frustrated

    In answer to your question, Cuddy should have married Lucas. When she went to House, she should have thought of the repercussions of what starting a relationship with him would cause. Even if she didn’t go to him in Help Me, I think he would not have taken the vicodin. Even if he did take it that night, I think he would still have had hope of being better and not being miserable at the time. When Cuddy broke up with him, she said he couldn’t do better. That was a death sentence she gave him with those cold, harsh words. She basically crushed all his hopes of being a better man and doing better. I still can’t believe how she’s acted. This is not how a woman acts towards someone she loves. Never once did she try to help him. The problem is the writers changed her and this is not the same woman that cause fans to believe in the Huddy pairing. This new woman is selfish and it’s all about what she wants and needs.

  • bigHousefan

    SneakyMicrobe and Frustrated-

    With regard to Cuddy’s apparent selfish behavior, I think that what she discovered is ‘the giant gaping chasm in between’. In season two’s Humpty Dumpty, House said something to the extent of, “Cuddy, you see things as they are and as they could be. What you don’t see is the giant gaping chasm in between, otherwise you never would have hired me.”

    Cuddy wants perfect, and that’s not possible in anyone, especially House. During her relationship with House, she had to deal with the giant gaping chasm as a part of the package and in the end she opted out.

    Her subsequent harsh words and actions toward House lead me to suspect she is trying to communicate her truth to him in terms he can understand – ‘in the starkest, darkest way’. I think part of it is her fear that to love House requires HER to change, or at least acknowledge her shortcomings. Cuddy must be deeply worried for his well-being and I think the writers either think the viewers know that, or something else is going on.

    Another thing has been bothering me. Bombshells and The Dig show us (and House told Wilson) that House cannot provide support and comfort (‘two things that I famously suck at’). But House was clearly comfortable with offering support to Stacy in Honeymoon in the scene on the hospital roof. And when House discovered Cameron euthanized Ezra Powell in Informed Consent he found her crying in the hospital chapel and put his hand on her shoulder and told her he was proud of her.

    I can uderstand there being a difference in Cuddy’s situation because he believed at the time she was dying, but when he woke to find 13 crying, or when she finally told him her secret, he was not capable of offering any comfort. I just feel like I’m missing something.

  • Frustrated


    I don’t think you are missing anything. I find House actions very contradictory at times. For me, the writers bend him which way they want so that they could push through a story. Same with the other characters. The writers, for the past few years, have been changing the characters to fit a storyline instead of letting the characters just organically grow or write storylines which fit within the context of what we know of these characters. And I think that’s where my frustration is this season. Not only is there a gross lack of continuity this season, but there’s a very evident issue with the writers changing these characters to suit their storylines. I’m sorry but there’s a reason why out of all the female characters, Cuddy had the most following or support to be the better half for House. Huddy became popular based on Cuddy that was portrayed or seen mostly in the earlier seasons. She was portrayed as someone that could take on House. Slowly, the writers have turned her into a laughing joke. Back in S1/S2, the ducklings even showed their fear for her. Now, there’s no respect for her character at all. No wonder the Huddy storyline didn’t work. You have one partner that’s clearly inferior in character.

  • housemaniac

    Frustrated @69: I agree with you that the writers lately have seemed to change the traits of the main characters (less so the minor ones) to fit a particular storyline. What I don’t get is why they would do that? I think it might be unintential, but I’m interested in others’ theories.

  • Anna S

    65 – Amie

    He said “I can do better” to her in several episodes prior to BS also and i think he really did try his best and this is why he cannot get his head around failing anyway. Add to this him emotionally exposing himself to her (which she didn’t seem to reciprocate to his level), feeling he didn’t know her as well as he thought he did, thinking she has won in some way and we have a very angry, lost, hurt and confused House.

    A House who doesn’t know how to deal with what has happened so is distracting himself from the pain in every which way he can and Wilson is supporting him instead of making him deal because House is refusing to do let him in so he is trying to turn a blind eye by pretending everything is normal (when he knows it isn’t) because he is clearly scared of what House may do (I’m with him).

    What have we learnt about Cuddy through the seasons? She is a control freak, she’s good at her job, she is naive, an idealist, has a guilt complex, is lousy at life, screwed up very relationship she ever had etc.

    I don’t understand or agree when people say her character has changed! the above mentioned character traits were revealed in all their glory during her relationship with House but they were always there.

    I think the show told the story of the difficulties they would face logically (compartmentalizing their work and personal life etc) in that they are brilliant in their chosen careers but they are both too immature and emotionally stunted at present. The majority of their love and respect for each other comes from how they apply themselves in their jobs so him saying he would prefer to be a crappy doctor and in love with her was the straw that broke the camel’s back in her opinion because that is the last thing she would ever want, of course she couldn’t have ended it on that note because he would have talked her out of it but she got her good enough reason in BS, one that he couldn’t argue with. The words she used were harsh and upsetting to hear but then again so were her words to him about starting a relationship.

    Cuddy is hurting you can see it in her body language and hear it in her tone of voice. Her guilt complex had been eating away at her in OOTC and FFG and she turned a blind eye because she knew it was her fault why he went on his self-destructive rampage but after they kept them apart in TD and LT, it is now exposed in this episode that she doesn’t want to have to deal with him because she is hurt and angry with him after he has gone and gotten married.
    There has got to be some kind of conclusion to this before the finale.

    A happy House is the end of the show but equally so IMO a House without hope is also.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    “A happy House is the end of the show but equally so IMO a House without hope is also.”

    Amen to ^THIS.^ House wanted Cuddy so bad, then he got her, and now he’s just accepting the breakup?!? Does not compute. Yes, he’s very hurt, but I can’t fathom House not TRYING to communicate with her, TRYING in a dozen silly ways to reconnect with her. It is like he simply has no hope anymore. While I don’t want the show to be a sappy romance, I only want to see the characters being true to what we’ve come to expect. Not only has Cuddy known House for 20 years, she claims to love him AND she’s a doctor. Just STILL not accepting the cold, abrupt breakup over 1 Vicodin. Someday, perhaps, I’ll be able to move on…

  • Anna S

    72 – Sneaky Microbe

    “I can’t fathom House not TRYING to communicate with her”. House’s preset default is defining everything into a mathematical equation of meaning but there is no logical numbers game here, this is all out emotional and he doesn’t know how to deal with it since he cannot add it up.

    Cuddy “has” known him for 20+ years and he has worked for her for maybe 12 but where have we ever seen them socializing out of PPTH? Their jobs define who they are and what establishes their love for each other.

  • lobentti

    there´s something I´d like to understand: why those writers took so many years building this relationship to blow it up in 15 episodes ?!?!?!? Can you help me with this, Barbara?

  • Sneaky Microbe

    #73-Anna S.

    Excellent point about the emotional aspect. Effective communication is not House’s forte. On the other hand, it’s the DEPTH of his emotional investment that makes me question why he’s not TRYING, even through silly, childish means, to get her attention (his form of communication . . . and flirting). Yes, perhaps he has lost all hope. Going off to be sad, now.

  • Anna S

    75 – Sneaky Microbe

    He tried all the silliness to get her attention in FFG but once she signed the insurance form to add Dominika he realised then that she was done and so now he is out and out angry and confused because he wants to know why but just cannot figure it out and won’t take the step of actually asking her for fear of further hurt.

    The audience are supposed to feel as he does since almost everything is told from his perspective. He is confused, hurt and angry at the moment so of course the audience are also.

    These are scary times because nothing has even scratched the surface of being resolved but i have faith there will be some conclusion before the seasons out

    SPOILER (not to bring more sadness for you)

    If he doesn’t get involved in some kind of accident which puts a spanner in the works and we are left wondering for H,W & C’s sakes.

  • housemaniac

    Anna S wrote:
    “A happy House is the end of the show but equally so IMO a House without hope is also.”

    Indeed! Since TPTB seem to equate a House-Cuddy relationship with happiness (a wrongheaded equation, IMHO), I don’t see them getting back together before the show ends. This is crushing to me as someone who wanted to see that relationship explored in some depth. However, even more devastating would be a House without hope, as Anna S put it. My question is, if not from a relationship with Cuddy, where is House going to get hope? I have been wracking my brain, and I cannot come up with anything, given the recent trajectory of the show. I would like to share your faith, Anna S (#76), but I’m having trouble imagining where that faith could possibly come from.

  • Committed

    Sadly it is easier right now to have faith by not watching the show. I didn’t watch it this week, I probably won’t for awhile. Before anyone calls me a quitter, I long ago bought this seasons episodes on Amazon. That’s the only thing that makes this decision tolerable. I do miss it, even after one week but it’s just too dark right now.

    Since I have stopped watching and pursuing spoilers, etc, I have been able to see the hopeful side again. I think things will be okay in the long run. House never gives up pursuing what he wants. He doesn’t give up on his patients, he didn’t give up on his friendship with Wilson after Amber died and he never gave up his pursuit of Cuddy because he loves her. Giving up would mean he has changed and we know “people don’t change”. He might not get it right the first time but he doesn’t stop trying until he gets what he wants.

    I’m still reading the comments. Barbara I intend to read every word of your reviews once I get back into the swing of things. It’s just a little too dark right now – I look forward to the day when I can look back on it knowing that it was all worth it. For now, I wait. Here’s really hoping that there is a season eight. 🙂

  • @78 – Committed
    THIS: Giving up would mean he has changed and we know “people don’t change”. He might not get it right the first time but he doesn’t stop trying until he gets what he wants.

  • housemaniac

    Committed #78: Thank you! I think you may be right. Hope may be found in House’s history of perseverance! If you are right, I guess that means that we fans should persevere as well.

  • Happy Mother’s Day, dear readers!

  • Sneaky Microbe

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, too, Barbara! I also lost my mother in the not too distant past, so this holiday is bittersweet for many of us. I’m a devoted Pet Mommy and am surrounded by my warm fuzzies this maternal holiday. Even if I stop watching House, I’ll likely continue reading your reviews! Thanks for providing this opportunity.

  • Anna S

    77 – housemaniac

    I have faith because since when have we had a season finale where House has no hope?

    Season 1 – Stacy is hired back at PPTH and we are left wondering what will happen since she told him he is the one but she can’t be with him.

    Season 2 – House is shot and the episode ends with him stating he wants Ketamine to rid himself of his leg pain for good, the audience is left wondering what would happen if he had no leg pain.

    Season 3 – He loses his team in some way or another and the audience are left wondering what will happen now he has no team.

    Season 4 – House agrees a life threatening deep brain stimulation at Wilson’s request but isn’t able to save Wilson’s girlfriend and she dies. Wilson seems to blame House but Cuddy stays at his side, the audience are left wondering if Wilson will forgive him and are drawn to Cuddy’s protectiveness and caring for him.

    Season 5 – He suffers a mental breakdown and is admitted to Mayfield psychiatric hospital, the audience is left wondering how he will cope since he solely went there to come off the vicodin.

    Season 6 – Cuddy goes to him and declares her wary love for him and points out if they “can work”, House seems glad that she has supposedly saved him from relapsing and the audience are left wondering how the relationship will play out.

    Where are we at this season presently? He is refusing to deal with Cuddy, he distracted himself with hi-jinx and silly behaviour, He picked up 13 from prison hoping she will help him deal since he is most closely connected to her emotionally, Wilson’s become involved in the silly behaviour to keep an eye on him because he seems scared of what House may do, the team seem scared (as evidenced when cuddy enters the DDX room in this episode) but have not confronted him because they know better, Most importantly this episode, 13 kept flaunting her dour life view throughout and House kept questioning and agreeing with it because he was figuring out if she had always had that depressing point of view about life, her mother died from the disease that will eventually be her demise also but House tried to prove to her that she hadn’t always been that way and had changed because of her own diagnosis. She gave in by the end in her stating “we are who we are” to him but she knows this comment will do nothing to quell his on-going journey of proving the why’s and the truth’s which he consistently seeks and as the ending proved when he was eating potato chips without a care in the world he will continue to head down that path IMHO.

    The finale may be devastating but they have got to keep the fans interested for next season so they are going to play to all ships especially Huddy since DS stated this is the season of Huddy and they know that fan base is large, I very much doubt there will be a reconciliation this season but I would bet they have them on more common ground before the seasons out.

  • Anna S

    Happy mother’s day to you Barbara and all other mother’s here 🙂

  • The Other Barnett

    Red Tulip – I’d love it if the vicodin was a placebo – but I do not see the audience lucking out on that. With the writers, I do not see them trying anything that is a call-back to the past….possibly because they do not thihnk about the history on anything this season.

    I like the notion of 13 and House. I don’t see a serious relationship building at first. I’m more likely to see House and 13 engaging in some kind offriends with benefits connection that could take up most of the next season without making it too burdensome to the rest of the stories. And the FWB would end because 13 would get too serious emotionally, while House pines for Cuddy, and cannot stand any more.

    As for the Vicodin addiction. I am inclined to believe that this could be the set-up for the finale for this season. Imagine Cuddy running House out of the PPH and Wilson looking all powerless as House is dragged out by security. The next season would open with House working some community clinic (insert sarcastic laugh here), a battle between Chase and Foreman over leadership of the team (a tie in to this season), and Wilson regularly clashing with Cuddy over her decision. Maybe even different diagnosticians are brought in to lead on certain POTW as the department limps (not intended) along without House.

  • screamingmimi

    The Other Barnett: I like it. But i don’t see House “dragged out by security”. More likely he would arrive at the hospital to find himself locked out, his personal items in boxes outside the door. (I’ve seen that happen several times where i worked.)

  • Thanks for the Mother’s Day greetings and comments, guys. Have another late meeting tonight. Hope to get to the episode upon my return and write (at least an Open Thread) for tomorrow morning.

  • The Other Barnett

    screamingmimi – like the picture of the boxes on the floor
    – alas, its only Vicodin….if it had been heroin in that spoon last night, we’d have the visual – instead such a visual would also include some suspension of medial license for Cuddy adn Wilson for enabling the Vicodin – maaybe we even see Tritter drop in 🙂

    Just waiting to see what Barb says on last nights very good episode

  • I’ve left some preliminary comments. Working on something more extensive. I’m also interviewing Katie Jacobs tomorrow on the season..the last couple eps and next season (yes, it’s been renewed!)

  • Tim

    Isn’t that the reason why Cameron left the show ? No more hope on her deep love, House. Isn’t the entire show about hope (Foreman desperately trying to be the new House, Wilson trying to stay with the same wife for a while, etc.) ?

  • Greta

    What happened to the wife? After the marriage episode she just disappeared. How come no one is wondering about these loose ends?