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TV Review: Fringe – “Northwest Passage”

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Break on through to the other side, the two part season two finale of Fringe begins next week. Finally, we get to travel to the alternate universe, and the best part is that there is a brunette Olivia. How awesome is that? As for this week’s episode, it is all about Peter. And as for this episode, tonight, the writers of Fringe showed us why this is the best show on television.

It would have been easy for Peter to have exploded into a steroid-like rampage and unleash his anger on the world. Instead, the exact opposite happened. Peter left Boston and headed for the Pacific Northwest to sort things out in his cranium. We found him in a diner chatting up the young waitress and he could not have been more charming. It was obvious that the revelation of him being from, “Nowhere you’ve ever heard of,” as he said, was weighing on him. However, in his attempt to figure things out he never lost his nerve. Even when thrust into the middle of a kidnapping case, he used methodical deductive reasoning while aiding the police. Actually, while showing off his considerable scientific acumen and logical thinking, he looked a lot like Walter. This was Joshua Jackson’s time to shine and he did not disappoint. I cannot believe that this is the same guy who did Dawson’s Creek. Jackson has showed complete command of the role of Peter and I could not imagine anyone else doing it.

The big reveal was that indeed the “Mister Secretary" was Walternate. John Noble has made a clear statement on how he will portray the other universe Walter. Gone are the idiosyncratic mannerisms, disheveled appearance, and stumbling speech pattern. This guy stood tall, looked dapper, and talked with incredible confidence.

 Is this whole season not progressing beautifully?  What an amazing setup for an explosive season finale.

I cannot wait to see the full alternate universe. We caught a glimpse this week of alternate brunette Olivia; man, she looks good no matter what. We also learned that one of my favorite characters, Charlie Francis, will be back, or, perhaps it is alternate Charlie. I had to slow down the DVR but there Charlie is as one of Walternate’s soldiers. But, where is William Bell? My guess is we will be seeing much more of him down the road. The only bad part is that we have to wait a whole week to have the finale begin. Don’t they say that "all good things come to those who wait." Whomever came up with that phrase obviously wasn't on pins and needles waiting for the finale of Fringe.

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