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TV Preview: House, M.D. Season Finale – “Help Me”

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At a press conference a couple of years ago, House, M.D star Hugh Laurie refers to a scene in Star Trek classic in which Captain Kirk looks out over the cosmos, saying ”somewhere out there someone is saying the three most beautiful words in any language.” But says, Laurie, those three words are not what you would expect. They’re not “I love you.” They are, Laurie recalls (though not completely accurately), “Please help me.” Laurie goes on to suggest that “House is a character in need of human contact and some kind of redemption.” That ‘please help me’ aspect I think is an important element in the show.”

“Help me.” A plea from a young woman on the beginning of a promising life; she has a new husband, the hopes of a family. She is crushed beneath a building, and trapped by a giant crane that toppled into the building, her leg wedged under tons of debris. Rescue is not imminent. It is also the title of the House, M.D. season six finale. And it is one of the series finest hours.

I keep saying that, it seems this season. Yes, season six had its problems; I know. But episodes like “Help Me,” “Baggage” (last week’s episode), and “Broken” stand right up there with House classics like “Three Stories,” “House’s Head” and “Both Sides Now.”

At the end of last week’s “Baggage,” House's psychiatrist Dr. Daryl Nolan (Andre Braugher) hits a tender nerve when he suggests that House’s misery may have something to do with his non-relationship with his boss, Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein). House denies the connection, and deciding that he’s had it with Nolan and psychotherapy, he accuses his therapist of being a “faith healer,” preying on those (like him) who “want to believe.” He’s given it a year and nothing for him has changed; everyone around his has found happiness—are “moving in together.” He’s done everything Nolan has asked (which in itself is amazing for the cynical House)—and his is still (if not more) miserable.

“Help Me” begins where last week’s episode ends: with Dr. Ernest Cuddy’s medical text. House had been holding onto the antiquarian book for years, saving it to give Cuddy for a “special occasion.” Clearly, House believes the window of opportunity has passed for a special occasion they can share, and he gives it to her (and Lucas) wishing them success as they begin a “new chapter.” It’s a housewarming gift. Is this a signal that perhaps House understands it’s over and that he’s lost? Is it resignation? Is he trying still (even after giving up on Nolan’s help) to be grown up about it while trying to steer himself on a new path?

Cuddy reacts strangely to the gift and House, which House attributes to her being on the verge of a breakup with Lucas, but he’s wrong. This is House still holding onto to the possibility that maybe he’s wrong after all—and there’s still a chance. In any event the gesture is enormous for House, and deeply sentimental. It’s a beautiful gift, something to which Cuddy barely reacts. I think she’s taken aback by it. But she avoids the issue entirely, telling him they have to be at the site of a horrific crane accident. NOW!

A giant crane has toppled over into an occupied building, injuring scores; several people are still missing, presumed trapped beneath the rubble. We never see the accident. There are no explosions, no fireworks. We discover the site as House does after he pulls up astride his motorcycle. Stunned and horrified by the enormity of destruction, he wanders the site at first in disbelief, taking it in.

House is House: in doctor mode, but not interested. Encountering the crane operator, he finds an excuse to go back to Princeton-Plainsboro: the operator has symptoms odd enough to catch House’s curiosity. But Cuddy’s not buying it, and the operator is sent back by ambulance with Foreman. The team will deal with the guy who caused the disaster, while House stays onsite.

And then House hears a tapping. He sure it’s someone buried and unable to communicate, but after exploration, the rescue workers hear and see nothing. But House, being House, explores further into the rubble. Startling him, someone grabs at his cane. “Help me!” It’s a young woman caught, her leg trapped beneath the debris.

So begins a remarkable hour of television. Remarkable for the series of events that leads House right back to his own leg injuries, and right to the core of his misery as he endeavors to save the life of the young woman.

Everything, from the direction and camera to the wonderful performances work to keep us on the edge of our seats as the building in which House is hunkered down with the patient might fall in on them at any moment. The situation is fragile, but no more fragile than House himself, the tension between him and Cuddy and the life of his patient.

Will the building come down on top of them? Will House’s patient survive her injuries—or even her rescue? And what is the cost to House through it all—physically and emotionally. In the midst of the disaster site’s chaos, this is a quiet, emotional and resonant story. And like the best House episodes, the impact comes not from the blockbuster setting nor from the catastrophic disaster in which it (mostly) takes place, but from the personal story of House and his patient.

To say any more would give too much away, and even I don’t know how it ends. The folks at FOX clipped the final minute or so from the press screeners, so I guess we’ll all have to find out together Monday night. Can’t wait.

I will be doing an episode wrap up early next week with House executive producer/writers Garrett Lerner and Russel Friend, and co-executive producer/writer Peter Blake, who wrote “Help Me.” In the mean time, enjoy my interview with Doris Egan and don’t forget to bid on this very Housian item offered by novelist Brenda Novak’s auction to benefit diabetes research (bidding is open through the month of May.)

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  • just4paws17

    Wow! cannot wait! thanks for the intel…

  • angelcat2865

    Can’t wait to see it. I know I won’t be let down.

  • Jaim

    Barbara, since you’ve seen the finale sans the last five minutes, based on what you saw, how harsh is the rejection that House faces by Cuddy and do you think that they can come back from whatever is said? I know she does reject him, but I also heard that she says alot of other hurtful things besides the obvious romantic refusal. Based on what you saw do you think House will even feel the same about her next season since she is so callous in her speech? Furthermore, do you think the viewers will be able to forgive her for what is said? I know I for one haven’t liked her character since the Thanksgiving episode and she’s done very little to redeem herself in my eyes, will this be the final nail for some fans?

  • barbara barnett

    Jaim–without giving too much away, I think yes. But there are other things that happen in this episode that are way more difficult to deal with that only tangentially involve Cuddy.

  • Jaim

    Sorry, Barbara. I’m not completely certain what you are saying ‘yes’ to? I know I asked a lot of questions so some of the ambiguity may be my own fault. Do you think House will still want Cuddy next season based on how she treats him in this episode?

  • barbara barnett


  • Jaim

    Thanks for answering me. Can’t wait to see how this particular scene plays out. I’m cringing at what I know so far. Ultimately, I’m a Greg House fan and I hate seeing him kicked when he’s down.

  • Audrey

    Can’t wait to watch the season finale ! Your review is making me more impatient now 🙂
    And most of all .. after reading all the spoilers I was so scared that this episode would killed ‘Huddy’, but after reading what you answered in the comments, I’m still scared, but a little relieved 😉

    Sorry for my bad English ^^

  • Quentin

    Barbara, do you really think after watching this ep that cuddy and house are still in love?
    or mainly that cuddy is in love with house, this season is so depressing for huddy fans.

  • Sally

    Quentin, sorry to tell you that, but House is in love with Lydia, did you not watch Lockdown?
    Anyway, thanks for the review, Barbara. I’m not interested in Huddy at all, but I like House in doctor mode, so at least that’s good news for me. I just wish the finale would involve everyone, including the team, not just Cuddy. But I guess they want it to be the “House and Cuddy show” now, ugh.

  • Jones

    Can’t believe anyone is still watching this crap! Here’s hoping it will get cancelled soon!

  • Quentin

    Sally, I watched “Baggage” and I don’t believe Cuddy is just a consolation prize, if so, like Jones says : what a crap!

  • Dominique

    Is there anywhere left on the web where people can be actual fans without having others spoil the fun?

  • Flo

    I’m with Dominique on this. it’s okay to not like this show, but don’t spoil the fun. Other people like this show and still think it’s great.

    sally, I’m afraid you misunderstood the scene in “Lockdown” where House mention Lydia. I don’t believe at all that it means he is in love with her.

    I am a non-shipper who don’t think that Cuddy changed so much this season.

    I just wait for a great episode.

  • Janine

    I’m so excited for this episode, despite what some “fans” are saying about it on other sights (rehash of House’s head becuse of the accident, to much “huddy”, etc). I am not a shipper, and I agree with Flo that Cuddy hasn’t changed all that much in character this season. She is just making herself happy for once. Sure, her happiness makes House sad, but she can not let House dictate how she lives her life. I feel that a lot of people who dislike her character this season thiks she should. As a non shipper though, I would still like to see the relationship that has been developed for years between those two characters play out. Hugh Laurie and Lisa E are some of the finest actors on television and always work great together. Honestly, I’m surprised non-huddys are not just as excited about this episode as Huddies are (I’m neither as I said above). I would imagine that non-huddies would be excited for the potential for the relatinship to end, which is heavily hinted at in the previews. I would think people on all sides would be intersted to see if a decision is made once and for all about the relationship. Oh well, even if people don’t care about House and Cuddy, it seems as though the story of House and the patient is going to be really important and compelling. Its a shame, as I said before, that some people are going to miss this because they don’t want to watch House and Cuddy.
    I don’t believe Cuddy is a consolation prize either. My question in this relationship lies in the fact of House relly loving Cuddy or loving the idea of being with her after all these years.
    You’re entitled to your opinion, but why show up at a House fan sight to insult the show and its viewers? Perhaps if you gave some sort of reason for your thoughts I could respect them, but what you did was just rude.
    Thanks for the great review and for answering te questions about House and Cuddy in the comments. I was already excited for the epsidoe based on previews and clips, but now I literally can’t wait. Luckly there is a House marathon on today on USA (they’re reairing Broken!!) that will distract me.
    on kind of a side note,Anther thing that i has surprised me so far about this episode is the lack of advertising. Before the season premier, you could not watch a show o FOX without seeing the commmercial at least twice. There were also commercials in magazines and on the raido. As a result the episode has one of the highest viewerships for the show since season three. Now that the ratings are down, it seems like there is no advertising, a problem that began before lockdown when the ratings drop started. Sure, these things like the return of JM in lockdown and the clips for the finale are widelytalked about on teh internet, but only a smell percentage of the fan base actually follows the show online. I was shocked this week when I watched American Idol on tuesday and wednesday and, between the two days, only saw one commercial for the fainale. I think if the folks over at FOX want the ratings back where they were at the begining of the season, they should advertse these amazing episodes to the TV audiece insted of the overly critical (on most other sites at least) internet fan base. Just a thought.

  • Veronique

    Barbara, thanks for this pre review. Knowing you liked the episode is comforting me into seeing it. Frankly, as much as I love House and Hugh Laurie’s acting, it is becoming difficult for me to see this character more and more miserable and suffering each year and finale. I don’t know what the writers’ goal is, but making House journey more and more painful is not proving good for ratings, and I fear for the future. What is the point on watching a show which depresses you more every week? This season has been problematic for me (not only, obviously!) as I was waiting for some redemption? tiny hapinness? at least some equilibrium in House life, which the writers seem eager to keep denying him. And this Luddy thing, even not being a heavy Huddy shipper, is the worst idea I have seen in the whole 6 seasons. I am relieved to read you think there is still hope for House and Cuddy, and I really, really hope the missing scene can bring House (and us viewers) a little comfort for this summer. Please tell me House can still be a bastard, but a slightly happier one.

  • dandelionwine

    I don’t believe the whole idea… That is sooo out of character of House… They tortured him so many times during the seasons, but this one will be just… beyond all the limits… As if we – the audience – are bloodthirsty vampires… Feel very sorry for House…

  • Janine

    I don’t know why, but since the begining I have had a feeling that the final scene will not involve House’s misery. Think about it, House is affected by the patient and upset by what Cuddy has said, along with the fact that her and Wilson are moving on without him. He also quit therapy Everything is set up for him to be miserable and/or relapse, so why then would the producers take such great efforts to concele the final scene? Just like last year, where everything set up House to be with Cuddy only for it to turn out to be false in the last five minutes, I feel like this season will surprise us. IF the final scene were House popping vicodin or brooding alone, that wouldn’t come as a shock to anyone, and threfore wouldn’t need to be hidden. This is just a theory.
    Just out of curiosoity Barbara, did you see the finale before hand last year and if so, did they cut off that final scene as well?
    I don’t understand your comment. Are you tring to say that this episode is out of charcter for House the show or House the character. I personally don’t agree with either. House the show always used major events as a means to House’s mind and emotions. House the character has always connected to patients who he relates to and makes all efforts to help them. Perhaps going to the scene of an accident is a little out of character for House, but Barbara said that House was uninterested in the scene, and only comes across the patient when exploring to satisfy his own curiosity, which is very in character for House.

  • Janine

    This is kind of unrelated, but I just read that David Shore’s remake of the Rockford Files is not going through. Sad for him, but good news for House fans because now he can spend more time on this show.

  • dandelionwine

    Janine, I hope I will be able to give you a bigger, with details (again, hopefully) and more coherent answer tomorrow – it’s too late here already. But I can tell you, it’s not just my emotions – it’s my sense and resoning based on what I saw in s5 + s6:1-18

  • dandelionwine

    I mean I saw the whole thing through, including 6:19-21. But these last episodes were kind of… suspect to me.

  • Janine

    Ok, yu can explain whenever, I just didn’t understand what you were trying to say before. I get what you mean now.

  • I did not see the season five finale before it aired last year. This year, I saw the screeners for Broken and for 5 to 9 in addition to the finale. Neither of those times did they cut off the ending. I think they were wise to do it. The detailed spoilers making the rounds can only serve to have people pre-judge without watching for themselves.

    I watched the episode for the third time yesterday. There is so much more than that first meets the eye–beyond “ships” beyond the actions of the players. It really gets to the very core of House the human being. I can’t say more. I can’t wait until I see that final scene.

  • veronique

    Barbara, please just tell us (the viewers) we won’t be upset the whole summer….;

  • Dominique

    Barbara, your review is making the wait unbearable!

    The secrecy around the final minutes does make me think, though… why guard them so frantically if they are just a repeat of that which we see in the first two minutes, or the natural progression of that scene? Why guard the miserable ending if you didn’t guard the previous two miserable endings?

    Maybe… maybe it isn’t a miserable ending at all. In which case it would be better to let the normal speculation run it’s course without ANYONE knowing the ending, so that every conclusion people could come to would be off, by certain degrees, and no one would be able to blow the lid off of it prematurely.

    Because, well, if a happy ending would be happy as the sad endings have been sad, no one would be able to restrain themselves… not that I think that this finale, or any episode of House for that matter, could ever contain that much happiness.

    I’m hoping for bitter sweet or some kind of redemption for House. A measured amount. Not to make him “happy”, because I think he’s encountered too much for a single event to make him happy.

    Just… I hope those last two minutes hold some kind of reward for this season’s quest. They would’ve let the whole thing unravel right in front of the eyes of everyone at that screening, ’cause they don’t fear sad endings.

    Glimmers of hope are rarer on this show… so maybe, it won’t end in complete misery?

    The cliffhanger would be wondering how long this could last.

    (some fans seem to have a view of David Shore as this guy who stomps on pretty flowers)

    So… I’m hoping for some kind of peace for House.

  • Janine

    I said the same thing earlier. I think loyal House fans will get a glimmer of hope, but in what form and how much we’ll have to wait and see. I think I’ll go crazy waiting for Monday!

  • xinyuActor

    Thank you so much Barbara. Still wondering why today’s just sunday though…

  • Jaim

    I think the reason people are tired of seeing House go through so much misery is because he has made great strides and deserves a sliver of happiness. I’d like him with a woman for half a season. Bring back Mira Sorvino or introduce someone new and unexpected, yet thoroughly perfect as his lady. I want to see him all romantic behind closed doors and happy to have someone to make him coffee in the morning. I’d love seeing him cooking breakfast, since he is an amazing chef, and his lady love cooking beside him. Just little glimpses of what he’s like when he’s in love and with a woman who gets his craziness because she kind of
    off-center herself. I think it would be much more interesting than focusing on Lucas/Cuddy, Taub/Rachel, Wilson/Sam.

  • Jesus

    I think someone has already found all House’s hiding place in his flat.
    You understand what I mean? 😉

  • simona

    Barbara, I didn’t watch the promo of Help Me but I just read your preview. I want to be surprised watching the episode with my own eyes. I can only say that nobody as Hugh Laurie can touch my heart and the words of the interview you mentioned (At a press conference a couple of years ago, House, M.D star Hugh Laurie refers to a scene in Star Trek classic in which Captain Kirk looks out over the cosmos, saying ”somewhere out there someone is saying the three most beautiful words in any language.” But says, Laurie, those three words are not what you would expect. They’re not “I love you.” They are, Laurie recalls (though not completely accurately), “Please help me.”) represent a perfect example of what I mean. Thanks.

  • Delia_Beatrice

    Barbara, thank you for the preview. As there is nothing (and i literally mean nothing, not even a crane crash!) in the universe that could keep me away from watching “Help Me” tomorrow night, however, some of the spoilers and certainly the previews and the teaser have made me cringe at the prospect of seeing him crushed yet one more time, and this time, by the very person who has been his greatest protector and saviour for so long…

    What i mean is, you made me understand that, however sad (or not…) this might turn out to be, it is probably another necessary step of the road for him. I only hope the road does take him to a sunnier place this time, a place where a bit of happiness is possible – he deserves it so, this year more than ever.

    @Simona: i watch all thr promos and teasers and i read spoilers etc, but i am still surprised – always. At least with season finales, i think we can always count on being surprised or shocked, as will probably be the case this year. I only hope that this time, it will be a slightly more pleasant surprise.

    @ Jaim: i agree. I think House’s potential for romance is huge, and it’s sad that it hasn’t been explored yet. I wanted him to go there with Cameron, then with Stacy, then with Cuddy. All three stories were built beautifully. I still want him with Cuddy, since that’s what he himself wants at this point, but the whole House-Cuddy relationship was beautifully built for at least three seasons (3,4 and 5) and then it treaded on a very thin line in season 6… I have no idea how they’ll deal with that in the season finale, and it’s interesting to see if the idea of House and Cuddy will be abandoned or finally taken further. I doubt that there’s a middle ground possible at this point, it’s been going back and forth for too long.

    PS: I am very sad to see that hate and unfounded angry comments have made their way even to this site – it usually seemed like a safe place to think, comment and feel, to make analyses for which we all give arguments. I will not comment on any of those – i think none of us should. Hateful expression of absolutely nothing usually goes away when it is ignored.

  • simona

    31 – Delia_Beatrice
    I hope too 🙂
    And totally agree about your PS. I always hope that people have more brains but I remain often disappointed. Well, does not matter…

  • Janine

    I said it earlier, but I’ll restate, I have a feeling the finale will bring House to a sunnier place. I didn’t see the whole preview, but *Spoiler for those who haven’t seen the two minute promo* I know that it starts with House distressed and possibly ready to take pills, then it goes back to the begining of the day with House in Cuddy’s office. If the actual, cut off final scee is jut a coniuation, it would not be shocking, as the finales always are. I read a review on hollywood news (first link of the imdb.com news page for House). This reviewer was alo VERY positive about the finale, but he seems to think the end will be obvious, he doesn’t give details as to what he thinks it is though.

  • Delia_Beatrice

    Simona: i know… It’s funny, i am bothered by the drop in ratings this year, because i only wish the best for “House”, but i also find it so disturbing that that kind of people actually have watched or are still watching “House”… I mean, what do they understand from it? I guess it’s right that the show is so layered, it’s got something for every kind of viewer…

    Janine: interesting speculation there:) If this season ends in a gloomy, dark place, then all it does is confirm that House will never experience happiness and he is destined to eternal misery. Which kinda makes us wonder why on earth would we still be there with all our hearts, watching, loving him…

    If version B is true, and the season ends with House getting (some of) what he wants and needs, with him getting redemption and reward for his efforts, then i think it’s pretty obvious too… “Under My Skin”, “Both Sides Now”, all season 6 and “Baggage” confirmed that the one thing he needs and wants most of all is a relationship with Cuddy. He has managed to find balance and a certain level of safety in his friendship with Wilson, and he has regained confidence in his sanity and his ability to lead a better life, but it was obvious in “Baggage” that he feels it’s all useless if the final piece of the puzzle doesn’t fall into place, too.

    Possible SPOILER ALERT: (in fact, just speculation): my guess is, Cuddy comes and finds him. The words she says to him have the power to break him, and i don’t think she’ll allow it. I think it would make for poetic justice, one year later: the setting is the same, in the same location (he seems to be on the floor of his bathroom, in his old appartment), and in pretty much the same desperate state of mind, except that this time the salvation and redemption should be real.

    My guess is, a symbolic reeanactment of his hallucination in “Under My Skin” will happen, a significant and well-deserved act of salvation through love: last year, he dreamed of an effortless salvation, he dreamed and wished that Cudy’s love would save him and he wouldn’t have to pay any price.
    That couldn’t have been. He spent a whole year paying the necessary price, and after he has fallen into the deepest despair, after he has experienced loss and pain and immense efforts of redemption and change, after he has done everything in his power to save himself, he partially failed, because this is not possible either.

    She couldn’y have saved him on her own and he couldn’t save himself entirely on his own – which kinda makes it obvious that the only way for him to find a glimpse of happiness is if they work together to save eachother, in a way.

    Of course, i could be entirely wrong, and this could end in the deepest dispair, but hey! I still have until tomorrow night to dream that my favourite man in the world will get a tiny bit of what he deserves.

  • Janine

    Good theory. I can’t wait til monday o see if we are right!! I like your idea ofparallels from Under My Skin

  • Delia_Beatrice

    Thank you:)
    I base my theory on the fact that “House” writers usually create splendid themes and then walk away from them, but return after a while and close the circle. It’s what usually happens with lots of storylines, that open up and then fall silent for a long time, only to come out after a while and explain themselves or gain significance.

    I believe that what happened in “Under My Skin” and “Both Sides Now” was very meaningful on its own, at that time, but during season 6, the most important, long-term significance of it (the depth of House’s love, “the man with Cuddy”, “so this is your story”…) was addressed only tangentially and never at full power. So the time has come and it’s gotta be grand. So i’m thinking, if he is to be rewarded the way he deserves, then it makes sense to do it in a way that not only gives hope for the future, but also heals his past wounds – a way that fulfills his past, present and future love, in a symbolic manner, of course.

    What they make of it and the outcome – only one night away until we know…

  • rsg

    I too was wondering if the ending of this season may turn out as you say. I was so surprised, (in my spoiler hunts), to hear Cuddy be so brutal to House and was crushed for him. It would make a really nice symmetry for the story to end this season with Cuddy finding House at his apartment. Who knows though, I don’t think it’s necessary, I can just hope though.
    Regardless, like yourself I think, I’m a die hard fan, so no matter what, I just want House’s story, whatever that may be, to continue!
    Yikes! Is it still Sunday?!

  • Dominique


    What I would like to add to your splendid theory, is that I’m hoping for Cuddy to find him but when the hook-up part comes along, House refuses. That would be a journey reward for his quest: Self-respect for our leading man!

    For him to be pining, to be desperate, it isn’t the path to happiness. He has been at the whims of others all season. For Cuddy to even be allowed to reject House in the most brutal ways and then get done with Lucas and immediately be allowed to return to House… is that happiness? Is that progress?

    We know that there’s love between them that needs to be explored, but I don’t think this could really be the way. Because this is… just a physical event, in the way that Cuddy could write it off as a spirit of the moment thing.

    I would LOVE for House to refuse her, not in a sad way, but in an adamant, confident way.

    I think they could even be in the same room, at peace with each other (and with a certain measure of love) but don’t throw in any kisses, no sex, just give House some dignity and Cuddy a taste of her own medicine. That doesn’t mean that what there is between them has ended. It would just mean that we’ve laid Luddy to rest in a way the writers can actually and comfortably build on.

    Wouldn’t that be a great way to start a new season? With a House ready for the world, confident, redeemed in some ways… with a relationship with a kind of Cuddy people could like again?

    Wilson got happy with Sam because he’s thrown House out, Cuddy got happy with Lucas because she denied House… maybe happiness is growing a spine.

    It’s not that I don’t ever want them to have sex… just not like this. Not because House is pining for her and desperate (and I don’t think Cuddy would ever deserve to have him at her feet like that after this season) but because they are both in the right frame of mind in that they love each other, want each other, want to have sex. Not because House thinks he needs her…

    I hope House takes a stand in those last minutes. He deserves it!

  • Delia_Beatrice

    @rsg: of course it’s House’s story that i watch and love. It’s his journey i care about, no matter how much i like other characters and their relationships with him.
    The thing with House and Cuddy is that the potential of a romance between them was explored for a long time, and my personal opinion is that the writers wanted as many of us possible to become “Huddy” fans (i hate the term, i find it diminishing).
    I see no other reason for the patience and the skill and the subtlety with which their love story has been built – other than it was fully intentional on part of the writers. I don’t complain, though – i wanted House with Cameron and with Stacy at the time when he himself seemed to want them. After that, i allowed myself to catch the microb of House and Cuddy and i’ll stick with that, for as long as the show sticks with their story.

    @Dominique: i did not mean sex, when i talked about a parrallel between “Under My Skin” and “Help Me”. I understand your point and i share it: when two people who have been in love for so long finally have sex, (as cheesy as it sounds…), i think it needs to be out of full, mutual acknowledgment of their love and the unique place the other occupies in their life. And it needs to be clean and crystal-clear, in the sense that we wouldn’t (and House wouldn’t, he made it clear in “The Choice”) settle for “adulterous” sex (while one of them is still in a relationship).

    What i meant by the simetry with UMS was this: we have House on the bathroom floor, where last year he hallucinated two scenes that symbolize his deepest desire, that of unconditional love from the woman he loves (the “pill in the toilet” scene, a significant moment when Cuddy showed she cares about him and can be tender to him even when he is humiliated and at his lowest, and then the morning after smile & trophy/memento lipstick scene, that signified House’s love for Cuddy and the magic of their relationship).

    And now we seem to have House in a sadly similar position: defeated, scared, sad, desperate.
    So what i was thinking about was a step by step recreation of “Under My Skin”, but not in a sexual way. Just a slower, more tender and more meaningful reenactment of their itinerary through the appartment, not with passionate kisses and tearing of clothes, but with very gentle, healing gestures of delicacy (together on the bathroom floor, her slowly helping him to get up, walking together to the bedroom holding hands, Cuddy undressing him of the dirty bloody clothes he has on and cleaning him up – nothing sexual, just oceans of healing tenderness).

    And because House’s story could never be perfect, by the time she arrives, he has already taken many Vicodins… Which she sees, but doesn’t react to – it’s the grand gesture of unconditional love with which Cuddy pays for her “sins” this year, a symbol of her admitting to him and to herself that it’s an unreliable drug addict that she’s in love with.

    On that scene that caused such a stir: i agree, it is brutal. But since we don’t know the whole story, my guess is that all is not as it appears, and her rejection is not as definitive, nor as brutal and hurtful as it seems from the promos. Just like i don’t think that Cuddy has changed much, nor that she does, indeed, have any “sins” before House. What she tried to do with her life is a legitimate attempt at healthy change, and the few changes we did see in her (she is less funny, more tense, less sparkly, less flirty, maybe even less witty – all these are things that House brings out in her like nobody else, so the distance between them is responsible for the “new Cuddy”, tired, uptight and worn out.

  • simona

    @Delia_Beatrice – @Janine – @rsg – @ Dominique – @Flo…… and certainly I have forgotten to mention someone else …

    Your thoughts are really beautiful, heartbreaking almost like House himself (but please, note that I’ve written “almost”:-). I just quote some:

    “She couldn’y have saved him on her own and he couldn’t save himself entirely on his own – which kinda makes it obvious that the only way for him to find a glimpse of happiness is if they work together to save eachother, in a way.”
    “So i’m thinking, if he is to be rewarded the way he deserves, then it makes sense to do it in a way that not only gives hope for the future, but also heals his past wounds – a way that fulfills his past, present and future love, in a symbolic manner, of course”
    “When two people who have been in love for so long finally have sex, (as cheesy as it sounds…), i think it needs to be out of full, mutual acknowledgment of their love and the unique place the other occupies in their life. And it needs to be clean and crystal-clear, in the sense that we wouldn’t (and House wouldn’t, he made it clear in “The Choice”) settle for “adulterous” sex (while one of them is still in a relationship).”
    “…..nothing sexual, just oceans of healing tenderness.” (Delia_Beatrice)

    “It would make a really nice symmetry for the story to end this season!” “…I’m a die hard fan, so no matter what, I just want House’s story, whatever that may be, to continue! “ (rsg)

    “I’m hoping for Cuddy to find him but when the hook-up part comes along, House refuses. That would be a journey reward for his quest: Self-respect for our leading man!… I would LOVE for House to refuse her, not in a sad way, but in an adamant, confident way. … I think they could even be in the same room, at peace with each other (and with a certain measure of love) but don’t throw in any kisses, no sex, just give House some dignity and Cuddy a taste of her own medicine.” (Dominique)

    Talking about me, I’m absolutely sure: I don’t want sex between House and Cuddy, not now please. It would be premature, they both have a long way to go, much to deepen, a lot of work on themselves, on their own and each in its own way, in respect of their stories. There is so much to build working on the inner growth of the two characters. The writers must mend their relationship that this season has been torn. House and Cuddy need, to use a metaphor, a complex surgery that requires great professionalism by the writers / surgeons. And we know that after surgery, on a patient who suffered serious injury, requires a long hospital stay, waiting and rehabilitation. We must wait for the scars to heal before returning to normal. And I’d like to follow step by step, all the way to healing (if ever there should be a healing as I can’t help but hope).
    I wish this season would end, as perhaps I have written before, in a “monastic way”. No alarms and no surprises, please! For both.
    However I fear that this season will end with the two patients on the danger list BUT perhaps the seventh season will start from the differential diagnosis……….
    Well, I know, I’m dreaming 😉

    I wish a good view of “Help me” to those who can see it in real time. I will have to wait until Tuesday night so I will return to read your comments on Wednesday and before that day I’ll put a lock on my pc to avoid any temptation 🙂
    Have fun!!

  • Janine

    Thanks. I totally agree about the surgery thing. Even if House and Cuddy do end up having sex during this finale, just as a more dramatic cliff hanger, I think teh building of the relationship will be delicately handled and re examined next season. I’ so excited, T- 8 and a half hours till House time!!

  • Janine

    This interview with Lisa was on TV guide.

    it doesn’t seem hopeful for any House CUddy relationship this season, in fact it seems as though Cuddy will stay with Lucas. Although, Lisa is very good at playing coy, she could just be hiding the true facts to keep things under wraps.

  • Dominique

    Well… I don’t think that really says anything. They usually keep cast members’ leashes very short around finale time!

    I don’t really find it surprising that after all the secrecy, she doesn’t divulge much either: what she says pretty much follows all the previews we’ve seen: the outlook of the relationship is bleak, but if all was as it seemed, would it be such a secret?

    I’m just going to patient now… lol. Is it time yet?

  • Dominique

    Well… I could judge things better with sneak peeks… WHERE ARE THOSE THINGS?

    I mean… am I missing something?

  • Janine

    if you want to see the first to minutes, go to the Ausiello Files on entertainment weekely’s website, then click on catagories “House”. It wil lbe about two stories down. If you want to see the promos, just search them on youtube.
    Only 4 hours and change left!!!!

  • Delia_Beatrice

    No sneak peaks this time – only promos and the teaser.

    @ Simona: quite an honor, to be quoted by you:) Thank you:)
    I understand what you’re saying and i agree (as i said before). And in any other show, book or movie, that’s what would probably happen… But in “House”, i fear that a long, quiet, slow and healthy rehabilitation for each of them and for them as a couple is too much to hope:(

    On the “monastic way” to end this season – i agree, again, in the sense that it made sense to keep House out of any sort of sexual encounters after “Broken”. And it also makes sense that House and Cuddy do not have sex in “Help Me”, because this season, an immense emotional chasm has been created between them, and nothing that happens in “Help Me” can mend it all that well and all that sudden.

    I would like to agree to the “monastic way” in the other sense – that House would manage to find tranquility and balance within himself, and without giving up on loving Lisa, he would somehow manage to find the meaning and the answer in himself and to go on, with or without her. But i’m nearly certain that nothing this beautiful will happen… It would be the ideal way, of course, for him to begin a really healthy path towards balance and happiness, but for a person with such a broken self-esteem, such a deeply wounded sense of self-worth, a person so lonely and so dependent at the same time, a person so incapable to find meaning in himself and his life, a person who essentially finds it hard to think of reasons to justify his very existence and who is so recklessly playing dangerous games with his own life… His healing is far, far away from allowing him to find that kind of emotional health and balance.

    So what i fear is that it’s either/or at this point: either somebody reaches out and pulls him out from the depths of despair (and that would have to be Cuddy, for the salvation to reach its full purposes), or he ends the season trembling on that floor, utterly desperate.

    On the spoilers and Lisa’s interviews: well, apparently that’s what does happen up to those misterious two minutes – which she absolutely cannot talk about: they disagree, they fight, they really hurt eachother once more.
    On the other hand, the last two minutes might not change anything – i really cannot face that possibility, because that would break my heart beyond mending point. I applauded his every step this season and i was delighted for every good thing that happened to him and i kept my fingers crossed oh so tight for him to get his well-deserved reward. So if it all ends in flames and ash, then i really need therapy myself…

  • Janine

    Oh those elusive two minutes!! They could change everything or could change nothing. All we know is that its something big, otherwise the producers wouldn’t go to such lengths to keep it under wraps. The something big could be anything though, good or bad (though I’m guessig good in terms of its entertainment value because House finales, especially the final scenes, always are)

  • Soon, soon, my friends. (although you will all see the end before me!)

    Got to be something in those elusive last minutes!

  • Janine

    Speaking of the final two minutes, the show is scheduled to run over an extra minute (until 9:01) so for thoses of you DVRing, be prepared!!!!

  • Janine

    LOVED the ending!! a lot of non huddies are going to be unhappy, but i don’t care! 🙂
    It was pretty close to what we predicted, a kiss and tension and passion but no sex (at least not to see). House didn’t take the pills of his own choice and found a glimmer of happiness. see y’all in the discussion (most likely a new on in a revised review??) tomorrow! Finally a summer of HOuse happiness!! 🙂

  • Delia_Beatrice

    It was all there. The magnitude and the depth, the intensity and the devotion, the loyalty and the vulnerability, the delicacy and the tenderness, the torment and the need, the honesty and the union, the trust and the desire.

    Thank you. I mean, thank you, Mr. Shore, Mrs. Jacobs, Sir Hugh, Lisa, Greg, and Russel Friend, Garrett Lerner & Peter Blake, for restoring harmony and justice in the universe.

  • Visitkarte

    I’m highly upset. I was terribly sad and I cried when Cuddy practically butchered House, dismissing him as a person and telling him it would have been better if he had died back when he had his infarction. When she rubbed it in his nose that he was alone. He did everything and got just hatred back. To top it all, she conned him into giving up his beliefs and browbeating the woman into agreeing with the amputation. Had he stand up to her for his patient, the women might have survived, and lived to tell the tale. In pain or not.

    The ending made me mad. By all the love of the world, I’d have expected House to send Cuddy where she came from and at least tried to off himself. But maybe he is even more broken than I believed him to be.

    I’m not saying I don’t wish House luck, but I’m saying that I have hardly any positive feeling about Cuddy deserving his devotion and forgiveness, what she did was unforgivable in my book.

  • Jacquelyn

    I thought the episode was beautiful, and will probably have more to say when it isn’t 4:30 in the morning here in Germany. I saw shades of so many other episodes – “Three Stories,” with the references to House’s leg, “One Day, One Room,” in the way the patient needed/wanted House, and more.

    Beautiful all around (even with a spotty live stream over here!), and especially the ending. All of that pain, all of those hurtful words, had to break at some point. But rather than negatively, they went for a positive ending. Now, where to go next?

    I think there’s a lot to be said in this show for the questions of “helping” someone or “saving” them. Who is Cuddy going to be for House? Ultimately, when it all comes down to it, we’re responsible for our own selves and our own happiness. The sooner Cuddy understands that she can’t “save” House, and that he’s taken enormous strides on his own to help himself…well, maybe the sooner she can see she can help him as well…and that’s not a bad thing.

  • Janine

    you’re entitled to your opinion, but House said really hurtful things too and in the past. It seems there is mutual forgivness, so I have to agree with Delia_Beatrice on this one. It was a great finale and I can’t wait to see what they’ll do next season

  • MRose

    Every viewer, whether or whatever they ship, should be happy for Dr. House right now.

    Because he overcame so much, and worked so hard, to turn his life around. He really has been less selfish, less cruel to the people around him (mainly, Cuddy and Wilson). He’s been good. And all year long, until tonight, he got nothing in return.

    I doubted and even disliked Season 6 at various points, but in hindsight the writers absolutely nailed the one big overarching theme- House’s recovery and happiness. It would have been boring-too easy- if he had returned from Mayfield to find his most important relationships instantly healed. We all saw House recover from the nightmare of Season 5; it took all year for his friends to recover, too.

    And yes, Cuddy was awful to him this episode. But no more awful than House was to her before Season 6. These two forgive each other, clearly. Who knows how long they’ll make it? Let’s just enjoy their journey and celebrate these two great characters. And Wilson of course 🙂

  • DebbieJ.

    M I N O R S P O I L E R S

    I am so glad I was able to keep my temptation at bay and not read this preview or the comments until AFTER watching it tonight. It was torture but so worth it!

    Delia, you hit the nail right on the head with the last two minutes. Indeed, it has come full circle since Both Sides Now.

    I can die happy now but now how are we supposed to get through this summer hiatus! LOL

  • marjohn626

    @Barbara ~ Oh my… how right you were about the disaster scenario that I was dreading! I am still reeling.

    Far from sensational, it was agonizing, riveting, and among the most surprising season enders in all six seasons. My faith has been fully and completely restored.

  • dandelionwine

    Just saw the finale – and just as i assumed )))) It turned finaly and peacefully to a SOAP OPERA! It seems like at the very beginning of s6 there was shooted “Brocken” first, then “From 5 to 9”; and then “Help me”. and only after that the rest of the episodes, and finally “Baggage” – that one was really outstanding!!! Except for the final 5-7 minutes. They look like they were made as a bridge between the whole season, the first 25 minutes of “Baggage” and the end of Baggage and finale itself… Have you heard of a misunderstanding between Swiss and German engineers, when they were building the Upper Rhine Bridge in 2004?… At the meeting point they found out that there was 54 cm difference between two parts… And coming back to Season 6, it feels like to fill that gap they needed to add “The Book story” to the end of 6×21 and beginning of 6×22…

  • barbara barnett

    Finally saw the final 2 minutes. Wow. No matter the hurtful thing she said to him, we have to remember, dear readers, that he is and has been in love with her. He has acknowledged it and the fact that she became engaged to Lucas hit him very, very hard. House has worked incredibly hard this season and the fact that he tossed away the pills (and the fact that he agonized for who knows how long–hours???) sitting on the floor (remember the ep was flashback) he’s come full circle. He can redeem himself; help himself.

    Much more after my interview with Blake, Friend and Lerner tomorrow. I will interview late afternoon and won’t post the interview until Wednesday. My season wrap up by the end of the week. Then into hibernation to finish the final chapter (season six) of Chasing Zebras on deadline.

  • Flo

    good episode. very powerful but I don’t really buy the end. Too “all of a sudden” for me.

  • Visitkarte

    Am I the only one who noticed that 13 took time off because her Huntington is showing symptoms and she might never be able to work again as a doctor?

    Most of the feelings you described here I felt during the episode. Cuddy’s words hurt not only House, but me too. I was full fledged crying when she smashed him and step on him like on a cockroach (every pun intended)and I was deeply upset when he negated himself and told the worst version of his life story to Hanna. I was stumped when he pronounced that he had a fat embolus and felt as devastated as House ‘felt’.

    First of all, there is one single reason to love this episode: Hugh Laurie. I never believed he could play any better than he usually does play House, and he proved me wrong. The feelings he expressed here, the fast changing of feelings, from devastation to disbelief over desperate hope and finally wanting to believe and spare his disbelief… Gosh!

    If I were a Huddy, I’d stop looking after this episode. Knowing that no one gets to be happy on this show for more than a few episodes, this is the best episode to find conclusion and stop looking you can ever get.

    Saying this, also the opposite is true:

    Now we know what we suspected all time along: No one can be that cruel like Cuddy was to House since the middle of season 5 without being in live with the said person. You always hurt the one you love most cruelly.

    Having said that, I don’t believe this is a basis for a happy or even stabile relationship. I’m trying to see and keep the positive sides (like the most brilliant acting we’ve ever got to see) and the promise of a slightly happier and more content House.

    @ Janine
    Yes, he did, but he was sick and hurting back there. And how come that gives her the right to hurt him back, after he did all he could to get better and overcome his problems? Stumping on a man who is already lying in the mud?

    @ dandelionwine
    There’s that, too. The first time I saw the end it was my first impression, too. But I liked it at the second viewing, enjoying Hugh’s masterful performance.

  • janine

    As you said, you always hurt the one you love. I feel like she was trying to protect herself, point out House’s flaws in order to justify her acceptance of Lucas’s proposal, but in the end she realised that Lucas would not make her happy. Also, she was in distress and angry at House about the risks he was taking. A lot of people say things they don’t really mean when they are mad, we’ve seen House do this a dozen times. The only reason I (and I think a lot of other fans) can forgive Cuddy is because she forgave House so many times and because of the reason I just stated above. This was a wonderful finale and in an interview Katie Jacobs promises that this was more than just a gimmick and we will get to see at least some of this relationship play out!!

  • janine

    I agree all shippers should be happy for House, and I imagine non huddies would be happy in a sense because now at leat the will they or won’t they factor is gone. We can find out once and for all if this relationship will work.

  • janine

    sorry for so many posts but thoughts keep comming
    I loved three things about the final scene (asied from the obvious!!)
    1. Cuddy did not stop him from taking the pills. She did not threaten him or try to physically take them. House decided on his own to stay sober
    2. House kissed Cuddy. He chose to move the relationship foward. He chose to accept her, despite what she said. I feel that if Cuddy had kissed House first there would have been a different implication
    3. The throwbcks to last season. First he asked her if she was going to dive across the floor and take the pills, which is exactly what Cuddy did in House’s hallucination. Then of course there was the “how do i know I’m not hallucinating” line at the end.

    I liked that the final shot was of them holding hands, House’s dirty and Cuddy’s clean sort of symbolizing a fresh start. Plus the final shot was tasteful deep and sweet insted of a sexual shot which would have been too obvious. Can’t wait for the interview and the season wrap up!!

  • Flo

    Even if I was a bit disappointed by the finale, we should be careful of double standards as we should watch closely at the characters reactions.

    House’ve been a real bastard, a real jerk to Cuddy sometimes. He said truly HORRIBLE things to her in the past. But it is House and she forgave him so we did it too.

    Because it’s House we can understand, we give him excuses and move on.

    The truth is, he had no excuse to tell her she would suck as a mother, he had no excuse to act like a jealous immature jerk in “Joy” and his comment about going to suckle the bastard child because it’s good for her ego was waaaay out of line. And he even humiliated her by telling everyone the he slept with her.

    Now you can find a reason for all those comments but why not doing the same for Cuddy?

    Cuddy is as screwed up as House and after the season 5 fiasco she thought it would be better for her to stay away from House.
    Yes, she wasn’t particularly pleasant with him throughout the season but she didn’t do anything worse than House already did to people around him, her included.
    She wasn’t more cruel than House can be.
    It would be also fair to note that House didn’t really give her good reasons to try something with him in the time when she thought is was a really bad idea. He rejected her one more time in “Epic Fail” so she tried to move on.

    As Janine and MRose said, House forgives her as she always forgave him. It goes both ways.

    Another point I’d like to share. When people can hurt you so bad. When people can make you feel really good and really bad, it means something. It means there are deep feelings involved.
    Cuddy spend this year telling herself that a life with House wouldn’t be good for her and for her child. That it was doomed to failure and that she didn’t need that.
    When she says to House that he should try to move on with his life, she tries to make the conversation about him and his problems to hide the fact that she is having second thought on Lucas and is not so sure herself that she indeed moved on.
    It’s called misdirection. The more you yell and making the issue about the other, the more it is your issues that are at stake.

    However, I wasn’t impressed by the last scene nor by the episode. It was pretty unbalanced and the last scene is in total contradiction with how the show was written so far this season. The last scene is too much of a twist to be really believable IMO.

    I will develop that point on the appropriate discussion when Barbara gonna do her review of the episode. Just wanted to respond to the Cuddy bashing which I always found ridiculous, uncalled for and unfounded.

  • janine

    I agree with your opinion of the Cuddy thing. but I don’t share your feelings about the final scene. First of all, its a finale so it has to have a big twist, to keep people wanting to come back. Second, I don’t think it was contrary to the season at all. All season House has been trying to better himself and make human contacts and now he has gotten his reward in the form of the woman he has been pining over. Sure the episode overall was different. but House always does format breakers. I totally believe Cuddy would do what she did because as you said, she and House have always had deep feelings for each other. IMO the minute she changed her mind about him was when he told Hannah to amputate and how he wished he had. She saw House was struggling and I feel like something finally clicked that his life is much harder than she ever knew.

  • DebbieJ.

    @janine #64

    I agree with you on all points. But I don’t think House was shocked by the hurtful things Cuddy said to him because they were the truth and he knew it. She said them in anger so said them in a hateful, hurtful way, but still, the truth.

    A few points of my own. I loved how it came full circle for House when he says to Hanna, it’s just a leg. I could hear Stacy saying those exact same words to House in Three Stories.

    The actress portraying Hanna was truly amazing. I felt her pain! I, too, saw the parallels between her and the POTW in ODOR where she found a bond with House and wanted him to help and comfort her. The three most poignant moments, imo, between her and House was when he reached for her hand to comfort her, the courage and fear in her question of will it hurt and his honest reply to her. And the third was when they prayed together, atheists both.

    It was [H]ouse, MD at its best and it was Hugh Laurie at his best.

    I loved the ending. Not being any particular shipper, I loved that House has finally gotten what he wanted for so long. All season long he’s been looking for happiness and for ways to be less miserable. If it hadn’t happened, I don’t think I could relax all hiatus long, knowing that he is still miserable, still in pain and probably have taken the Vicodin. That would’ve just broke my heart. Knowing that Cuddy finally declared her feelings for him made be happy for the both of them. Who knows how long it’ll last but at least he finally found what he was looking for all season.

  • Flo

    @Janine (#66). Yes I know that the finales always have a sort of twist. I’m not against twits at all. Yes, House has been trying to be better and Cuddy is a great reward. It’s not for that I don’t feel good about that scene.

    When I’m saying about how the season was written I’m not refering to this.
    I just having a bit of a hard time to believe in the “okay-I-was-wrong-i-love-you- and-I’ve-just-dumped-Lucas-for-you-and-now- we-can-kiss” kind of thing. The dialogue is not that good. When he said that he is the most screwed up person in the world, I feel it was a great opportunity to remind us and herself just how much screwed she is coz she was way more like this than him this season.

    Sure she said “I’m stuck”…but I don’t know….it may be how the scene was written and how ‘twistic’ it was (seriously it was really out of the blue), I just don’t buy the “we can be together now” of it. It came a little too suddenly for my taste I think.

    Anyway, I don’t want to talk about it now. Like I said I will comment further on the appropriate topic.
    Plus, I only seen the episode once, so maybe on the second viewing it’s gonna be better.

  • janine

    Thanks. I forgot about the praying scene, that was a great moment. That House would do something he doesn’t believe to comfort his patient!! I too was not a particualr shipper and would have been happy seeing him happy with anyone, but I think the fact that it was Cuddy and the fact that it happened now made it better because he was good all season and got the girl he wanted to be with the most. I can’t wait to see this play out in season seven, and I know it won’t be all happy because these are screwed up people but thats what makes this show great.
    I too will finish this discussion later but I think Cuddy was admitting she was screwed up by saying what she did, she was just more descrete and careful about it. I feel like she is not at the place yet where she could admit that she is just as messed up as House.

  • Michele1L

    Very touching episode. I loved House’s connection with the patient — and the actress was wonderful.

    Janine- I have always felt that Cuddy and House were similar emotional creatures.

    Based on rumblings I’d heard, and the fact that my sister watched this episode three hours before I did and was complaining about what a “B” Cuddy was (before she saw the end, of course), I was prepared to see Cuddy absolutely tear House to pieces, spewing venom, etc.. In the end, I didn’t feel she was all that bitchy. I felt when Cuddy was lashing out at House she was hanging on by the skin of her teeth to what she felt was a good situation for her and Rachel, and was more attempting to validate her decision to be with Lucas than trying to convince House that he was a horrible person and that he should move on. I didn’t buy it for one second and that’s a tribute to Lisa E.’s fine performance. I knew she was trying, in vain, to talk herself out of loving him because I picked up on the subtle clues that doubt was creeping into her heart and mind three episodes ago. (Back to that cappucino machine.) All of it culminating with Cuddy telling House, “I love you. I wish I didn’t, but I can’t help it”. — That was all of it in a nutshell. She was done fighting it. Who knows what will happen from here. She is his boss, after all. Are they going to try and keep it a secret? Will she resign her post? Will he resign his for another hospital? The prospects are so interesting. And how long will David Shore and the “House” scribes/producers allow the two of them to be involved romantically? Can’t wait. Especially since the season premiere is being written by Doris Egan.

  • jp

    I’m still not convinced House wasn’t hallucinating.