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Top 5: Garth Brooks Songs

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In the realm of music, I think Garth Brooks is one of the most underrated artists in history. The biggest strike against him is that he’s a country singer. How many people listen to country? Not many. But what you should know is that Garth Brooks is the first solo artist in the history of the Recording Industry Association of America and Soundscan to sell a hundred million albums. To Brooks’ credit, he always confessed that Elvis should have had that distinction since Elvis lived in a time of fuzzy record keeping.

Garth reinvigorated country music – although, maybe not for the best. Garth brought new life into a genre that most people stereotyped as being hick music. He brought a rock edge and a new cool to the genre. If it weren’t for Brooks’ hybridization of country music, the genre may never have enjoyed the 90s resurgence that it did; artists like Faith Hill, Shania Twain and Kenny Chesney might never have become stars if it wasn’t for Brooks. He is currently in his self-imposed semi-retirement, but he still finds time to do many charity concerts and events. Here is my Top 5 Garth Brooks songs list, in tribute to my favorite singer.

1. “If Tomorrow Never Comes” (Garth Brooks) – Brooks wrote this song in honor of his then-wife Sandy for being there for him during the good times and the bad. It is his breakthrough hit, and helped catapult him into the mainstream.

2. “Baby Jesus Is Born” (Garth Brooks & The Magic Of Christmas) – On Garth’s second Christmas album, he sings an incredibly original tune in the spirit of both the Gospel and gospel music.

3. “You Move Me” (Sevens) – He is at his element in this simple, yet powerful tune about love, with great background vocals with Trisha Yearwood.

4. “The Thunder Rolls” (No Fences) – Garth’s most popular song deals with infidelity. The video for this song was groundbreaking and the song is still as powerful as it was over ten years ago.

5. “Alabama Clay” (Garth Brooks) – One of his most heartfelt songs, Garth sings about a man’s duty: to live, to dream, to provide and to love. Sometimes in life, one must make a choice to sacrifice one of his duties in order to do the right thing. Man, this sounds like Spider-man.

Honorable mention: The rest of the catalog. Everything is gold.

I love Garth Brooks, but he gets strike two for playing favorites with the devil (not Bill Gates, but Wal-Mart – Al Barger’s “Garth Brooks now a Wal-Mart only artist” article here).

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  • Thanks for the plug, buddy, but do you consider this an argument FOR Garth? “artists like Faith Hill, Shania Twain and Kenny Chesney might never have become stars if it wasn’t for Brooks.”

  • Whenever I hear mention of Garth Brooks, I can’t help but be reminded of the opinion of the imortal Kinky Friedman’s description of him as the “anti-Hank”.

  • georgiaboy

    “artists like Faith Hill, Shania Twain and Kenny Chesney might never have become stars if it wasn’t for Brooks.”

    For this alone, Garth should be condemned to eternal damnation.

  • It was a for and against – type thing.

  • Aren’t all contemporary country artists “anti-Hank”?


    You’re not going to make me beg for that Top 5 Chris Gaines songs list are you? Are you?

  • You do…. I wasn’t planning to mention any Gaines songs because I was planning to just write a review for it, that album rocks!


    BRING IT ON, DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kevin

    I like Garth Brooks but Shania would of became a megastar nomatter what. Her style it totally different and whe brought a new style to music worldwide.
    Faith Hill and Kenny Chesney aren’t even in the same league as a Garth or Shania. Faith copied Shania with much less success.
    Shania is an original and holds the record for best selling country album of alltime. He COO album alone sold 36 million worldwide. Shania is a household name all over the world.
    So yes, I credit Garth for bringing energy to his concerts and bringing fans to country music but Shania did it on a much higer level globally with her world records in countries all over thew world.
    there will never be another Shania or Garth.

  • I’m glad there’s anothe person out there besides me that likes the Chris Gaines album.

    Shania might have had success, but she gets more sexual appeal since she’s a woman. Her looks might have gotten her some success, but the sound is credited to Garth Brooks.

  • kevin

    I disagree with some of what you said. Garth and Shania are two totally different sounds and artists, thats why they were so successful. Both had their original sound. Shania obviously took it more into the pop realm where she became a pop megastar worldwide. But when she came out with THE WOMEN IN ME album, it was a totally unique sound to country music. Yes, Shania is gorgeous but that doesn’t take away from her talent and charima and work ethic. She is very private and lives far away from Nasvhille and has always been bashed and been an outsider.
    I personally like Garth and Shania and they are the two biggest artists to ever come out of country music.

  • Shark

    oh friggin’ jeezus.

    Tan the Man sez:

    “Garth reinvigorated country music…”
    “Garth brought new life into a genre…”
    “He brought a rock edge and a new cool to the genre…”
    “If it weren’t for Brooks’ hybridization of country music, the genre may never have enjoyed the 90s resurgence that it did…”
    “…artists like Faith Hill, Shania Twain and Kenny Chesney might never have become stars if it wasn’t for Brooks…”




    This is SO WRONG, so MISINFORMED, so cowboy-culturally retarded, so friggin’ — [Shark sputters, stutters, spews… trying to find the right words]… so… so… so friggin’… YANKEE that it hurts.

    All of the above, including BROOKS ENTIRE PERSONA, PERFORMANCE STYLE, and EVERY FRIGGIN’ MOVE OF HIS STAGE ACT are owed to the late, great Chris Ledoux .

    Ledoux was to Brooks what Guthrie and Ramlin’ Jack Elliot were to Bobby Zimmerman… um, I mean “Dylan”.

    Oh… did I mention that Ledoux was A REAL FUCKING COWBOY?





    *southern humor?

  • Shark

    Tan, I can’t wait for your fine art review:

    “Thomas Kincade: Master of Light”

    “…the genius of Kincade’s softly lit fairy-tale cabins reinvigorated the genre, opening doors for such artists as Caravaggio and George de Latour…”

  • Tan’s a fine fellow, so I really, really want to play nice. Nicer than Shark, anyway. So I’ll leave off of Garth in particular.

    I’ll just say that pretty nearly all modern commercial “country” music has little or nothing to do with country music. It’s just carefully de-racinated rock and roll that’s twenty years out of date. Notice how the Eagles show up now on “country” radio.

    Yuck. Take rock and roll and scrub the black out of it, and all you’re left with is, well, Garth Brooks.

  • That’s why I go for ska when I want some real white rock.

    Well, there’s early Fishbone of course, though.

    And a bunch of others, really, so…

  • Shark

    Big AL: “…Tan’s a fine fellow…”

    I’m sure he is — and when I want advice on Chinese food, I immediately look for a guy named “Billy Bob”.

    [Tan, Al, that was a joke, ‘kay? All my posts are jokes. ‘kay?]

  • It’s fine Shark. You’re not really harshing here, certainly not by your standards anyway.

    And ol’ Al standing in as a Billy Bob could in fact tell you where to find the good Chinese food.

  • My personal experience has taught me to NEVER eat Chinese food in Wyoming.

    I don’t know how that applies here, but there it is.

  • I don’t care about Garth Brooks, but that Chinese food thing is just funny for so many reasons.

    Tht is all.

  • “All of the above, including BROOKS ENTIRE PERSONA, PERFORMANCE STYLE, and EVERY FRIGGIN’ MOVE OF HIS STAGE ACT are owed to the late, great Chris Ledoux.”

    Duh. Him and Brooks were big pals. But no one really knows who he is. And Ledoux didn’t usher in a new age of country, Brooks did. And Brooks always gives Ledoux credit.

  • Shark, I don’t take offense. But I’m not Chinese. So the joke kind of goes over my head.


  • Sister Ray

    How many people listen to country? Not many.

    Actually, a lot of people do listen to it – or else Garth wouldn’t have sold so many albums – but generally they aren’t the kind of people who write about the music that moves them.

  • Well, I think the statistic was Garth Brooks being the first country artist to sell a million copies of an album. Then the popularity exploded and artists were selling more and more albums.

  • Liberal

    Too bad Brooks had to take that job as a Wal-Mart greeter when his career collapsed.

  • He wouldn’t have been the first country artist to sell a million albums. I’m not sure who that would be. Perhaps Johnny Cash, if not before. Certainly Willie Nelson and (may Rand forgive me for invoking the name of the anti-christ) Kenny Rogers.

  • Shark’s Wife

    “…I’m not Chinese. So the joke kind of goes over my head. Explanation?”

    Dear Mr. Tan,

    Please don’t ask. Shark HATES to explain his jokes, and when he does, he’s hard to live with for at least the next few days.

    Mrs. Shark

    PS: I rarely “get them” either, so don’t feel bad.

    Oh, and Garth rocks! — but Ledoux was sexier.

  • Thanks for the head’s up.

  • Baronius

    Garth Brooks did some real damage to his image by leaving his wife and family. Maybe it’s a country thing. A lot of his catalog, including a few of the songs in your Top Five, don’t work anymore. Or maybe it’s a “squeaky country” thing. Country singers used to have girls they loved before, as long as they were always on their minds. But I don’t think that image works anymore in country. Rock and rap sure, but country has a gospel side, and country fans definitely have a gospel side.

    I’ve got to agree with Sister Ray about the popularity of country. Try finding a rock station outside the East Coast.

  • Is there anybody who doesn’t live in a trailor park that likes this guy?

  • bert

    here in the philippines specially here in the Cordillera region we are all country music lovers cause the people here are like westerners meaning people here are cowboys and cowgirls…

    here in baguio city the summer capital of the philippines they or we have radio station (99.9 magic, mountain province broadcasting corporation) here, frankly speaking they dont like to play pop songs here cause its really suckin…its a noise and it will just destroy the ears of people who dont like pop songs…
    TO YOU SIR GARTH: keep up the good work, always remember im here, supporting country music lets help one another to promote country music here in the philippines and elsewhere…..
    kindly compose music for us here in cordillera region?
    thank you sir garth brooks

    HEEEEP HEEEEEP HORAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! to country music…..

  • Me

    To those of you putting down Garth Brooks, deal with your pathetically introverted jealousy, and just come to terms with the fact that he has a million times the career you’ll ever have. People will miss him and his music years, decades, after he’s gone, while you’ll be the person they’ll have to search through old yearbooks to remember, not that you’re worth that effort. He may not be a perfect man, but that simply means that he’s human, fallible, and that’s a large part of his appeal, as well as his status as a “round-cheeked country heartthrob.”

  • redhatter

    I’m not a real big fan of modern country music. For me country music has to have some twang and yodeling in it. George Strait and RAndy Travis are about the closest to real country music. Heaven’s Elvis sounds more country than a lot of these modern “country-rock” singers.

  • MovieRoom Man

    If you watch Chris Ledoux footage, you can see the roots of Brooks. Ledoux had some great fun rodeo songs and Garth gave him due credit, I believe. Wonderful artist. RIP.
    Garth Brooks can sing ballads like no other “modern” top-ten country singer. No one seems to touch his range. I can’t wait till the reunion tour!
    For my money, I still love the oldsters, though, like Jimmie Rodgers, who bring up the memories of my old Oakie relatives.