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THIS JUST IN on the Michael Jackson Trial

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The verdict is in: jury selection is boring as hell. You may resume your quotidian activities.

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  • Aaman

    Warning – spam headline – shameless, click-grabbing, Michael-mooning post:)

  • Aaman

    I mean the original WaPo one, of course;)

    Holding signs that read, “Dear God, Please Give Michael Justice” and “Smooth But Not a Smooth Criminal,” fans on Monday sang along with a Jackson song that derides the prosecutor in the case as a “cold man.”

    Just Lose It!

  • Eric Olsen

    nice Aaman – yes, there will be vast quantities of filler at least until testimony gets under way. I am looking forward to the E! “recreations” of the day’s events once that gets started.

  • Temple A. Stark

    So I’m assuming you think he’s innocent Eric? I do btw.

  • Eric Berlin

    I’m a huge fan of all reenactments / recreations. Aren’t they sublime?

    I believe they were elevated to artform status on Unsolved Mysteries in the 80s. The more lines for the “actors” the better, by the way.

  • Eric Olsen

    do I think he’s innocent? I wouldn’t presume to pass judgment on the allegations before the court, but I have little doubt he is certifiable and a pedophile

  • Eric Olsen

    and reenactments: sublime is perhaps an understatement as one soul melds with another outside of the chafing strictures of time and space

  • Eric Berlin

    Sublime an understatement? I’m afraid you are correct, sir.

    Etheral. Hmmm… yes. Ethereal.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must off and return to my snifter, cigars, and Fox television…