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The Fresh Beat Band – Unexplained Cast Changes Keep Annoying TV Tradition Going

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If you are of a certain age (10 years old and under) Nickelodeon’s The Fresh Beat Band is probably part of your world. The show is now starting its third season, and in keeping with a very odd TV tradition, unexplained cast changes stand out as an incongruity that – whether TV executives like it or not – kids do notice and do not appreciate.

The Fresh Beat Band revolves around four likeable teenagers (Twist, Shout, Kiki, and Marina) who go to music school, dance and sing a lot, and seemingly have nothing else to do but have a good time. For the first two seasons these characters were played by Jon Beavers, Thomas Hobson, Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer, and Shayna Rose, but now in the third season Marina is being played by Tara (no relation to Katy) Perry.

It actually stands out in a significant way, and both of my kids noticed it immediately. No explanation has been given as to the change in appearance of the character, and so kids are expected to be as resilient as Bewitched fans seeing Dick Sargent become Darrin (replacing Dick York) without any explanation.

Unfortunately, this is part of a TV tradition that I find slightly irritating and a bit condescending. Do writers and producers have so little respect for their viewers as to think they will not notice such cast changes? The Fresh Beat Band has already undergone cast changes, with the character Reed being played by Hadley Fraser in season one and replaced by Patrick Levis in season two (again, no explanation), and now they have dropped Melody (owner of the Groovy Smoothie) played by Dioni Michelle Collins. My kids really liked her and are wondering where she has gone. I don’t have the heart to tell them she has joined many others in that big lost character pool kept somewhere in a Hollywood warehouse.

Such cast changes are not without precedent in the TV world. If you are of a certain age (40 years old and over) you will recall that Richie Cunningham’s brother Chuck disappeared after season one of Happy Days (again no explanation). On Dallas Miss Ellie went from being played by Barbara Bel Geddes to Donna Reed and then, after one season, back to Bel Geddes (again without explanation).

Some shows have tried to get it right. M*A*S*H writers went through great pains to say goodbye to Henry Blake (McLean Stevenson), but then dropped the ball when the popular Trapper John (Wayne Rogers) left without much explanation. When Frank Burns (Larry Linville) was canned, they did a little better job – but not much. And first season character Spearchucker Jones (Timothy Brown) disappeared from the show (again, without explanation).

NYPD Blue bid adieu to a number of characters, but no departure in television history was more acrimonious than David Caruso’s Detective John Kelly who walked out the precinct door and was never mentioned again. Blue lost quite a few more characters over the years, and I think it took a toll on me because I stopped watching (some time after Jimmy Smits left the show).

Back on Nickelodeon, Blue’s Clues had a huge cast change to deal with when Steve (Steven Burns) left the show and was replaced by his brother Joe (Donovan Patton). Though there was a two-episode “goodbye” to Steve, my daughter never recovered from it (she still only likes to watch the show when Steve is on). My son seems slightly confused when Nick Jr. runs an hour of Blue’s Clues with the first episode featuring Steve and Joe in the next one.

There was Diane (Shelly Long) on Cheers, who was replaced by Kirstie Alley, and to this day many people do not like Ms. Alley simply because she replaced Long. There is certainly a different tone to Cheers after Long’s departure. Cheers also suffered the loss of the beloved Coach character (Nicholas Colasanto died) who was replaced by clueless but loveable Woody (Woody Harrelson). That worked out well enough for the show and Harrelson became very popular.

I suppose we can view TV like real life: people come and go, but sometimes it is harder to part with someone we have grown to know and love. I don’t know why TV shows don’t get it and respect the viewers (even if they are kids) and try to explain the changes. Although, even when it is done in what can be seen as the right way (as in the case of Blue’s Clues), it still doesn’t always satisfy everyone.

As we were watching a new episode of The Fresh Beat Band (with the new Marina) the other day, my two-year old son said, “I don’t like Ah-rina.” I just nodded, but I think that best sums up how we feel about these cast changes over the years. We don’t like them and no doubt ever will, but they will probably keep on coming and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Now, if someone could please tell me what happened to Chuck Cunningham.

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  • It’s completely bizarre that they changed Marina without a word to anyone. Hello, Nickelodeon, you are on twitter and facebook! All you had to say is the old Marina was leaving to pursue other projects and welcome to the new Marina. Would that have been so hard?

  • Jay Manley

    In Mid June-July of 2011, it was announced that Rose was leaving the show to get married and pursue other projects

  • Thanks for the comments.

    I am not talking about press releases or publicity. I can remember that happening with Wayne Rogers and David Caruso too.

    The “unexplained” part is within the show itself. The disappearance or change should be made part of the episode, especially in dealing with little kids.

    In the case of The Fresh Beat Band it probably would have been better for Marina to “go to college” the way Steve did in Blues Clues and bring in a completely new character. My son is sitting there hearing this new person called Marina and he’s saying “that’s not Marina” and he’s right.

  • tee

    I read the reason Marina was being replaced is Shayna Rose wanted to leave the show because she was getting married. Not sure why she can’t be married and stay on the show, but that was the reasoning she gave.

  • Nessa87

    Even my two year old noticed! They shouldve just gave the new character a new name in my opnion.

  • scalice

    dont forget when they changed the daughter on Rosanne! my 5 year old noticed the fresh beat switch right away and added, “i like her, she can really dance.”

  • Dee Dee

    Don’t forget the youngest daughter on Family Matters. She went upstairs, and never came back down.

  • LuckyGirl

    I’m a fourteen year old girl who watches this show and I’m quite disappointed. I’m watching an old episode at the moment with the old Marina and the Groovy Smoothie lady. I love this show. And besides Twist, Marina was my favorite character. 🙁

  • It’s kind of hard to explain to kids especially, but remember that these are actors playing fictional characters. The key, as with all fiction, is to suspend disbelief.

    Nobody bats an eyelid when, for example, Robin Hood is played by Kevin Costner and then a decade later he turns into Russell Crowe.

    And it’s not unheard of for a broadcaster to screen a pilot episode, decide they like the idea and commission a series, but they don’t think the actors are a good fit so they recast it. (In the pilot of Cagney and Lacey, for instance, Cagney was played by Loretta Swit, who was subsequently replaced by Sharon Gless when the series was picked up.)

    There are also many examples of movies being made into TV series, usually with entirely different casts: the aforementioned M*A*S*H is one good example. (Radar was the only character played by the same actor in both incarnations.)

    A series with established recurring characters has its own special challenges in that respect, yes, but sometimes just replacing the actor is a better option than writing in some elaborate and contrived explanation for why the character looks different.

  • fbb

    My son said “Look. Marina’s go a new head.”

  • Nikki

    I don’t think they dropped Melody. When I was at Paramount Studios in mid-June, she was there filming for season 3.

  • Okay, Nikki. My daughter said something about the Groovy Smoothie becoming a pizza place. Not sure about that one.

  • The Girls!

    I watch this show with my twin girls and they love it so much that I dance/sing with them as well. Marina(SR)will be missed!!

  • Nathan

    It did look like The Groovy Smoothie was a new pizza place for an episode, but it was back (as was Melody) on another new episode (i.e., the pool party one that just aired last week).

    Also, is there any way you can remove the #10 comment by Jo above concerning his preferred diet? That strikes me—especially in the context of a kids show—as pointlessly vulgar.

  • lizzette carmin flores

    i love you gise and i love your show so so so much [personal contact info deleted by comments editor] love lizzette


    In addition to the cast change, all of the promos leading up to the new season seemed to be hiding the new girl. Like the editors did EVERYTHING they could do to focus on the other three, even with a song solo. Lame.

  • Mrs Whitley ,VA

    MY DAUGHTER NOTICE THE CHANGE TOO. AND SHES ONLY 2 …ugh!… where’s Marina mama? where’s Marina? thats not Marina…Hope to see her again somehow., i like her too.Freash beat band will never be the same again.

  • Derrell

    Wtf wha happened 2 marina & who is this imposter thats not marina I like her she was a cutie

  • Mom in CO

    My daughter is extremely confused. She just kept saying “What’s wrong with Marina’s hair? That’s not Marina!”

    I don’t think unexplained changes with main characters are very good for kids. I like Nick Jr. because of the learning factors~ especially in a day and age where most TV turns your brain to mush. This is simply confusing my kid after having dealt with a family death a few months ago and “how come your dad doesn’t live with your mom?” types of issues. Disappointing, what could have been a lesson and giving the kids a chance to say good-bye rather than sending the message that people are disposable and replacable. It’s simply inappropriate when dealing with children.

  • Cobye

    Thanks for letting us know about Marina. I noticed the new girl on the new video they are playing “Here we go!” My kids love that song! I thought maybe i was seeing things, but then a commerical came on with the new girl and it was bugging me because i hadn’t heard anything about any cast changes. Well i think the new girl will do a great job, i am sure alot of kids will be disapointed but hopefully over time they will grow to love her too. All my kids love this show! My daughter loves to dance along it’s just so cute to see kids interact with these shows! I wish Rose the best of luck on her marriage and hope to see her again on another show because she was very talented!

  • Karlton

    In the opinion of my wife, daughter, and myself the worst switch was Reed.

  • Sonia

    I agree with Karlton..My daughter loved Reed and now that he is replaced she gets upset. The new Marina doesn’t really phase her much because her favorite has always been Kiki. As long as the songs and morals are still as strong and note worthy as before I’m sure the show will have continued success

  • Erica

    It was a big shock…to me, my son didn’t really notice. I really prefer Rose. I think she meshed well with the others. Even though I think the new Marina is a better dancer. Do they have real concert shows,like the commercial, any where? My son would love it! He screams and starts dancing whenever the concert commercial comes on.

  • The rumor is a concert tour sometime in 2012 for the Fresh Beats. Right now I’m hoping to get tickets to the Yo Gabba Gabba live show that is coming this fall.

  • giana

    lol omg ppl its just a character kids will get used to it..if they throw a fit then maybe its ur parenting skills..lol she chose to leave the show so get over it stop being so dramatic

  • daena

    My son just told me today “mommy i dont like the fresh beat band anymore!” i asked him “why” he responded in a sad voice “beacause they all grew up!” ugh!! that broke my heart!

  • ashley

    the old marina is much better , the new one looks much older and they should have changed the name because even i was upset about the change that is clearly not marina

  • Riley

    I can’t believe Marina is leaving the show. She was my favorite character. The new girl isn’t as talent as Shayna. My two year old sister noticed it wasn’t marina and got upset from seeing the season three commercial. It may just be a character but it rally annoys me how they replaced Reed, and now Marina. It’s very obvious that it is not the same Marina. I hope she comes back.

  • Michelle

    I’m glad they changed her. Agreed that they could’ve given her a new name, but the original Marina was a horrible dancer, even my kids said she looked stiff and uncomfortable dancing. The new girl is much better!

  • Tami

    My 2 and 4 year old grandchildren told me that Marina wasn’t Marina, Boy was I surprised.
    I have to agree with most people that the old Marina was much better. Not only is she younger looking but more importantly harmonized with the other 3 better. The chemistry just isn’t present with the new Marina.
    As far as one persons comment that her dancing looked uncomfortable and stiff, I disagree. She was more freeform like Twist and that element added to the overall chemistry.
    For whatever reason she left, hopefully she and/or the studio realize that the original Marina will be missed.

  • Rob

    Chuck had to leave the Cunninghams because they found out he was really the Brady Bunch’s Cousin Oliver.

  • TC

    I explained to my nephew who is 7 that “New” Marina would be in the more recent episodes, so that he wouldn’t be shocked. I told him the girl that played “old” Marina had to leave to do other things. He didn’t really get that, but he now says “there’s the new marina” and gets excited. I tried to prepare him ahead of time, because I had heard about it ahead of time. It seemed to help. It was frustrating, though. I like both Shayna and Tara, both bring different elements, but yes, maybe they should have just made a new character and said that Marina had to move or something like that. Show kids that changes happen in life all the time. Just enjoy the show, and give Tara time to come into the role more, make her own impression on it. 🙂

  • Yes, TC, I can se it as a teachable moment, but kids don’t think that way. They could have even said that Tara was Marina’s cousin – call her Carina or somehting like that, nbut for little ones the way they did it is very confusing.

  • Tara Williams

    I think we should give the new Marina a chance. We should encourage our children to do the same. Remember, change happens. Give her a try!

  • 3yrMom

    A t.v. show has nothing to do with parenting skills. It’s all about your kids understanding what’s going on with a person (even if their just fictional) whom they grew to like or love. I’m sad she’s gone, but it’s the way t.v. works. My biggest disappointment is the fact that they didn’t give her a new name same with Reed. Is it that unheard of for a new character to have a different name? I’m happy I found this site because I wanted some where to voice my opinion about the whole subject.

  • Sammi

    Seriously you all need to get a life. The actor is getting married and older…she wanted to move on and do other things with her life. None of them are gonna stay young forever…if your children are that upset over this issue then perhaps they need a new hobby

  • 1234nuts

    im just glad they finally put long pants on the brother instead of his capris…

  • Momomomomom

    I like the new Marina! She can dance AND sing better than the old one. Kids won’t even care, really…they’ll get use to it.

  • angela

    Melody is still here. I watch everyday with my sons. She was not in the first episode of season 3, but she has been in episode 2 and 3.

  • Mamy @ MD

    my 2yo DD favorite character was Marina (Rose) and so was mine. She has a sweet smile, and we will miss her. My DD noticed right away the change, and asked me to change the channel, when I asked why, she told she didn’t like the new Marina… 🙁

  • Sheff & Brad’s Mommy

    My three and four year old sons instantly realized Marina was not the same but they are starting to like the new one: watching the Season3 premiere and the video for “Here We Go” over and over and over (and over) again has certainly helped. 🙂 I agree with the majority: the new Marina should have become a new character, however I’m glad my sons are willing to give her a chance. I wish the original Marina LOTS of luck and many THANKS for making some rainy days extremely happy ones in the Davis household. She will be missed!

  • Gen

    My daughter noticed it right away, she was calling me as if something was terriblely wrong and told me to look at her hair. When I looked at the color, I noticed the change of character. I will miss her, she was my favorite character on the show. She had the best voice.

  • mari

    I have a 2 yr old and she doesn’t mind the change and I don’t either. The old marina seemed like she just wasn’t trying or she was just getting tired of the show and you could notice. Maybe she had to much on her plate. But im kinda glad there’s a new marina. She seems like she is more enthusiastic about being on this show.
    So good luck with the new season

  • Sharon O

    My husband read that the old Marina was getting married and ‘pursing other interests’. That last part made me wonder if she is pregnant. That would certainly be a reason to recast the part.
    They could have had Marina move away and simply introduce a new character. The executives @ Nick must have thought that most preschoolers wouldn’t figure it out.

  • Randy

    Did you all not notice that marina was preggers?

  • Randy

    It’s why she couldn’t stomp during that episode and her face got bigger

  • Donna

    Seriously who cares it’s a tv show if this is what you’re concerned about sorry to tell you but you have no life!! Get over it

  • khrysteena

    I think you ppl that are on telling us parents to get a life, maybe you should too. For us, our children’s happiness is the best part of our lives. And if they have problems with their favorite tv shows, then we can VOICE your own opinions. So shut up and get off of here because no body wants your 5 cents anyway.

  • Jen

    I’m the same way with this stuff, my daughter is 2, and while she didn’t complain, I have to watch what she watches too, and it annoys me. No explanation… would it really have been so hard to spend one show saying goodbye to Marina? I mean, for shows that have a continuous story line, sometimes it’s not so annoying, but on Nick Jr. when they cycle through shows in no order, to have one with the old and one with the new, and then back to the old… it’s just bad. And they can’t just stop playing the old ones, so the kids will continually be confused. Same with blues clues. I noticed after a while that they changed a lot of the standard songs in blues clues when the “new steve” (as I call him) came on. That makes any continuity really hard. Maybe Steve Burns had a contract for his songs, but it is really annoying when the songs we know are changed little by little until they don’t exist. Makes it hard for the kids to enjoy the shows.

  • Sofi

    yeah, all of you who are telling us to get a life, WHY ARE YOU READING THIS ARTICLE???? If you think its that unworthy of commenting WHY ARE YOU COMMENTING? It’s an opinion you idiots, and our children are our life. If you even have kids, I’m sorry for them that you can dismiss their concerns so easily. And if you don’t have kids, again, WHY DO YOU CARE ABOUT THIS???? Shut up and go away.

  • Samantha

    My 4 and 5 year olds noticed. They weren’t happy about the change. At least on the Young and the Restless when they change a actor they announce it at the beginning of the show.

  • Sheri

    Charles “Chuck” Cunningham (Gavan O’Herlihy, Randolph Roberts): Elder son, college student and basketball player. Chuck’s rarely-seen character disappeared without explanation in season two, giving rise to the pejorative term “Chuck Cunningham Syndrome” to describe TV characters simply disappearing from shows. In the last episode Howard comments that he is proud of his “two kids.” Fonzie’s character took on the role of big brother to Richie and his friends.
    Wikipedia doesn’t seem to know nuch more than we do about dear old Chuck Cunningham. He’s kind of like the eldest brother Tom Jr. on Days of Our Lives. He disappeared as well and Don Craig went to check the mail and was never seen again…lol

  • I wanted to start off by saying that the Groovie Smoothie is still around and kicking. The confusion probably happened in episode 2 of season 3 (or 4 if you go by wikipedia, but we’ll call it 3 for now as that’s when it aired), when Harper was introduced as the owner of the new pizza shop that opened up, and they showed the Groovie Smoothie without Melody behind the counter… As the previous episode was the graduation, I too had feared this marked the end of Melody (as Ms. Piccolo is either going to be an extremely reduced role, or gone altogether now it would have been the perfect time to get rid of all of the old side characters and get new ones), but Melody was there for both the graduation and she brought smoothies to the pool party in episode 3. So I would say Melody is here to stay… For now… But as I told my wife, when they replace her with a size 0 stick figure actress, our kids are no longer allowed to watch the show. I think it’s great the show cast someone who isn’t built like all of the other characters on the show and couldn’t see any one replacing Melody…

    As for the other replacements… I’ll start with Reed… Why Patrick’s character wasn’t his American cousin, I’ll never understand. Hadley had created a pretty cool, blues guitar playing pal to the FFB… Then we get a new version of the character that is kind of… Well… Dorky… I don’t know if it’s the lack of the accent that make the dialogue sound stupid/unnecessary and borderline psychotic (with his favorite thing being whiskers on kittens which even Twist looked at him like, “dude… What is WRONG with you?!?”) or if the actor is doing a bad job or what’s wrong? I was actually hoping season 3 would see either a new Reed, or with the way episode 2 played out with the intro of Harper, we’d see Reed go away…

    As for Marina… While she was one of our favorites on the show, I think Tara may be able to do a good job eventually. My biggest issues right now, is when you hear her voice in place of Shayna’s on a song like “Go Bananas,” it just sounds forced or that they took Shayna’s voice out and placed her’s in without re-recording everyone else (it was in episode 3 during the pool episode if you want to give it a listen and really focus on her part). I think as they start getting newer songs, she’ll get better… And maybe after there are 10 episodes or more out the adjustment will be better as well… Definitely better than the Reed switch as far as replacements go… I don’t feel annoyed when she comes on the screen as I do with new Reed…

    Now that that’s out of the way… Any one else see that there appears to be a crossover with Yo Gabba Gabba! happening with episode 12 titled, “Yo! Fresh Beats Go Gabba Gabba!?”


    My daughter cried so hard- then refused to watch any of the shows unless the real “Marina ” was in it…It does effect the children…This is a very cute show…so much enthusiasum and fun!

  • Shannon Slack

    I understand that it’s just a show, and that’s it’s not a life altering event for the show to change characters. For me. For kids it is a bit different. Blue’s Clue’s got it spot on with their change to Joe. No matter why an actor/actress decides to move on they should still consider the audience aka impressionable kids. I mean really, how hard is it to film one more episode with a simple storyline explaining the change?

  • Best way I could think of to explain the change to kids, is that Reed and Reed are cousins with the same name… Same with the Marinas… And the originals either went off to college or went somewhere else… Maybe they’re working on David’s (from Sesame Street) grandma’s farm with David and Roosevelt Franklin… Unfortunately we have to some times fill in the blank as parents for these shows… D’OH!!

    And I still wonder about whether Shayna left of her own accord or not… “pursue other interests” is Hollywood for fired… I’m hoping she actually DID get married and is maybe having a child as is rumored on the internets or perhaps doesn’t want to be away from her new hubby when the FBB starts their US tour… I would sincerely hope it was that, and not the other rumor I read about Yvette (Kiki) getting her fired over something petty…

  • Mom of 2

    As a mother of 2 boys ages 8 and 2, my 2 yr old suffering from developmental delays. The show gives him the opportunity to sing and dance along with the characters. I myself was disappointed by the change in character. Us as parents deserve the opportunity to (A) voice our oppinion and (B) the heads up on change of character if it wasn’t for us parents allowing our children to watch these programs they wouldn’t be aired. For those of you that say us parents have no life for posting our comments and oppinions on this blogs, OUR children are our lives and now a days technology plays a huge roll in our everyday lives….therefore, a change in character on our children’s favorite television program does have an affect on our children which also affects us as parents.

  • The tone of the negativity about them just being “kids shows” and we parents not having a life have all been heard before. We can just ignore those people as best we can.

    In reality, many of the parents leaving comments here are very involved in their children’s lives (as they should be if they are 0-10 years old). It’s not like we are upset because our teenagers miss a character on Gossip Girl.

    These comments actually reveal a very subtle disdain for children’s TV programs. I think we all want our children to enjoy TV just as we enjoyed it as kids. The TV industry should realize that this demographic is crucial for their marketing and the toys and games associated with these shows.

    We parents just want our kids to have good programming (which Nick Jr. definitely provides) and to respect their intelligence and attitudes in regards to these shows.

    Just to show you how keen children’s attention is to the details of a show. My daughter announced she did not like Olivia (a cartoon show about a precocious little girl who happens to be a pig) anymore because they changed the mother’s voice and brother William’s voice.

    I know adults who are lamenting the loss of their TV soap operas, and how many people have been disappointed when actors leave shows? It is just normal (I admit as a 24 and Lost fan I am still feeling withdrawal pains since these shows are gone) and the networks should realize and respect their fan base.

    As someone noted above, we can easily change the channel (maybe to Disney), but even there problems exist. Since Demi Lovato left Sonny with a Chance the show has become That’s So Random and my daughter has been so turned off to it.

  • Me

    I love the fresh beat band, even if im too old for the show. I actually like the new Reid and really, really dislike the new Marina. In my opinion she has a big mouth,no offense and im kind of stuck on the old one. Their songs are different also. Although they made a lot of changes, the fresh beat band will always be my nephew’s and my favorite show.

  • Wow

    Sorry, toddlers shouldn’t have the degree of emotional attachment to television character as so many of you describe. If they do, maybe you should wait until they have a better understanding of television is. What’s more pathetic is that some of you, thinking your child will not come around to like the show (or just on principle) are looking to other stations to fill the void. Take your child outside or on a play date and instill in them that real activity is more entertaining than watching strangers on a box. All of that goes for adults as well, but it’s particularly sad that so many children are going to prefer electronic entertainment over real activity.

  • Shannon

    My 3 year old hasn’t notice, but my older kids and i have. Not a big deal. It happens. @ Giana Your right it happens, but children that have special needs like Autism and other needs in the same style. IT IS A BIG DEAL! and not on the parenting. Some children need closer where others can flow with it.

  • Candace

    I don’t think it’s a matter of “getting over it” as someone so eloquently said, I think it is simply a respect issue. A two year old has a hard time “getting over it”. Of course we will all get use to it, but as a mother of 6 (with great parenting skills might I add) and as a teacher I know that children like stability and consistencies so I think it would has been real beneficial to simply say these characters moved or left rather than switching them out like no one noticed. It will save a lot of confusion.

  • Candace

    BTW just because someone’s parenting style is different from yours doesn’t mean you win in the parenting Olympics. Everyone is different, stop bashing other people. My kids love Nick Jr, however they have plenty of playdates, sports, dance classes, and outside activities. When are we as parents going to stop going after each other, especially mothers? It kills me, it really does.

  • Nana Ticha

    PLEASE. let us know the reason the 1st Marina, played by Shayba Rose left the show.
    I am a grandmother that watches the show with my grand-children and I miss her! She is part of the fresh beat band like no other.

  • connie

    My child is 3 years old and asks everyday, “Where is Marina? What happened to her? Is she sick? Not a good idea to just make her disappear. Children are smart and they DO notice

  • Caitlin

    Nick Jr is an education channel. Part of learning about life is saying goodbye. For example, a parent remarries. How confusing would it be for the kids if new mommy or new daddy has the same name, wears the same clothes as their real parent? The same thing can be said for characters in a childrens show. Kids need consistency when it comes to learning, and if their teachers keep changing, it will be too difficult for the kids to focus on the material because they will be too shaken in dealing with the kaleidoscope of teachers. In adult shows, unexplained cast changes can be irritating, but we are old enough to understand what is going on. It’s harder for kids to grasp that kind of change. It wouldn’t have been too hard for the show to do an episode about Marina leaving, and welcoming a new (differently named) cast mamber. My solution; if a show doesn’t explain, then the parent can. Just sit down and say “Sweetie, I know you don’t understand why Marina is different, but part of life is change… (fill in the rest) The kid may handle the change better if you explain it.
    Hope that helped.

  • Mom of two devoted FBB fans

    First of all. cast changes happen These are actors people.

    Second of all, just look them up in wikipedia The original Reed went back to London to do the re-vamped les miserables.. and the old Marina went on to pursure other things and get MARRIED.
    I did my research so I could explain why the actors change. My daughter who is 3 understands completely that both characters have changed and also so did their wardrobe.

    It’s not the end of the world people. Just do your job as a parent and explain things to your kids.

  • MdhOf4

    My boys and I enjoyed FBB and Marina was one of their favorite characters. For the network to make changes and for our children to be expected to accept their decision without any explanation within the show, leaves me baffled as to how much control they have over our children. I am left without an explanation as to why their favorite character is now someone else, but still named Marina. I mean you wouldnt put a rat standing in front of a castle and still try to tell your children its Mickey Mouse – They would know the difference – So now my children and I have agreed not to watch FBB anymore and have found a show to replace it. Good luck FBB, but you have lost a couple of fans because of you being so inconsiderate.

  • Robbie

    I have a one and a half year old and he just associates the music with the show and does not notice the actors. There is really no way to replace a child’s show actor with out every 3 year old noticing it.

    But as an adult, the new marina is much more talented. I have always had the feeling the old marina was there because she “knew somebody”.

  • step

    i noticed this change instantly. At first i thought she colored her hair but within mins it was clear it wasnt the original. Luckily my daughter is 15months and was oblivious to the change but it kinda irritated me because i know lots of older kids noticed and were upset. they deff needed to say she was “going away” and bring her on as a new character.

  • calih1983

    It’s not the fact that she left the show, its how the writers handled it that’s the problem. An explanation for the kids would be nice. Tho young the children are not stupid and notice things like that. It shows a lack of regard for their intelligence and a lack of commitment to the viewers who support the show.

  • shelly

    i dont like the new marina… i also noticed it immediately and was upset. my kids didnt notice…

  • Caitlin

    The problem with explaining the cast changes to your kids is that you don’t have the full story as to WHY. And that is a child’s favorite question. A parent can explain the best they can but there will still be some holes in your explanaition that your kids might catch. The main reason parent’s are mad is that Nick Jr is supposed to be a kid’s channel yet they don’t cater to a kids curiosity when their favorite character up an disappears all of a sudden and nobody is saying why. I’m 19, so I grew up watching Barney. If I sat down to watch him one day and instead of Barney, a cat walks out on stage with the same name and colors as Barney, I would have freaked out. Even if my mom sat me down to try and explain why Barney is suddenly missing, I still would have been upset because Barney didn’t say goodbye. Kids at that age tend to have personal attatchments to certain chracters. It’s not because they aren’t getting what they need at home, or their parents arent raising them right. They simply feel more affection towards that character than they do towards other characters. It sets parents on edge when an education channel doesn’t have the kids’ best interest at heart, it makes them hard to trust.

  • jenilee

    i miss the old marina because she was more the person that kids liked.

  • KeeKeeAllNatural

    I will not lie, I was mad when I saw the Maraina was replaced. I am 31 years old, my daughter is a watcher but even I had an attachment to the characters lol…I kind of miss seeing her on the show. But I will embrace the new girl.

  • Emily453532

    Lol dramatic much?

  • Jacob Andrew Sosa

    Does anyone want Shayna Rose back on The Fresh Beat Band as Marina again? If so, then I’ve got news for you. All of Shayna’s fans are on her Facebook page and they’re letting her know that they want her back on the show again. Just go to Shayna Rose’s Facebook page with her fans and tell her how much you miss her and want her back on The Fresh Beat Band again. We somehow heard that If they ask her she’ll come back to the Fresh Beat Band again a little later so let’s all hope to God that they’ll ask Shayna to come back to the show again because we ALL want her back again for reals! Just let me know who I have to write to to get Shayna back and I’ll hook you all up with it too. And start worldwide petititons to get Shayna Rose back on The Fresh Beat Band as Marina again. Becasue she is The Bomb and we want her to AT LEAST return to the show again towards the end for the last season or two and make a HUGE come back and return for not only her fans, but for The other Fresh Beat Band members as well. So yeah like I said, just go to her Facebook page with her fans and let Shayna know taht you and everybody wants her back on The Fresh Beat Band again very soon!

    REMEBER, Shayna Rose said on her Facebook page that she’ll come back to The Fresh Beat Band again If they ALL ask her to so let’s make that happen and occur shall we?

  • angelamcfadyen21558@yahoo.com

    So what happened to the first Marina?????????? Did she do something to
    discredit the image of Marina?? I watch my
    granddaughter during the week and Fresh Beat was one of our regulars, and now its not too much replay, replay, replay..Very bad writers.

  • chrissy

    Our house misses the original Marina. We need proper closure…at least a “goodbye”?
    Until then, we’ve removed Fresh Beat Band from our “fav” list. Your lack of consideration for the viewer is noted.

  • Lori

    My boys are 2 and 3. They noticed right away. My three year old wants to know why that girl is wearing Marina’s clothes.

    I would rather they just put in a new character instead of sliding her in the way they did. I did think it was funny the way they hid her behind confetti and Kiki in the Here We Go video. What is the point of hiding her?

  • gene

    Wow some of you parents need a reality check. Its just a tv show. If you are this upset and you don’t explain that tv is fake to your kids what ate they going to do later in life. I agree with Gianna your parenting skills are garbage. My kid said nothing about their being a new marina she just watches tv and dances. Steve changed to joe, oh well its still a tv show -fake characters not real people.

    Get a life try going outside but be careful someone might die and then you have to explain real life to your kid.

  • just meee

    the new one has a big mouth!

  • Colorado

    My 4 year-old just said “mama, that Marina’s voice sounds different.” I had to tell her that she was a new Marina. I will say that I like Melody and sad that she is gone and replaced by the pizza guy. I like the new Reed. I like Joe on Blue’s Clues, but I grew up with Steve and we almost didn’t watch the show after I found out about Joe.

  • anna

    Judy Winslow and Aunt Rachel both vanished on “Family Matters”! Never mentioned again!

  • Chris

    Yes bring back old marina cause my daughter dosent watch show anymore because of change and ratings are what drive these shows so wake up producers

  • @ Colorado – Just wanted to assure you that Melody has NOT left… She was in 2 out of 3 of the new episodes… The Singing Pizza Parlor is an added place and the Groovy Smoothie is still there… The confusion happened in the Pizza episode when they had some dancers behind the counter instead of Melody… But they probably just did not want to pay her for such a brief cameo in that episode, as she really didn’t have much to do in that one with the introduction of Harper…

    As for Marina… If for whatever reason Shayna did return, then what about Tara? Would we all want to see her go, or be turned into a new character?

  • @ Mom of two devoted FBB fans

    While yes, we can all look at wikipedia and see the reason the cast members left (Hadley I believe, Shayna I’m not entirely sure since she “left to pursue other interests” and there is no indication that she is pursuing anything other than her marriage which can be done while still acting), the problem comes with what you further explained… Yes, Joe replaced Steve on Blue’s Clues… BUT, the difference from the SAME tv channel that brought us FBB, is that Steve is seen going off to college as his younger brother Joe takes over… If FBB had done something similar… Even just saying new Marina is the cousin of old Marina, and they happen to have the same name… I think it would be taken better by those that are upset. When something like that happens in an adult show, it can be referenced and laughed at, such as in Roseanne with the 2 Beckys… When new Reed appeared in season 2 in the circus episode… There was this dorky imbecilic character that was walking around the circus trying to help out the FBB… Suddenly, the just started calling him “Reed,” which was just strange, as the previous episode had Reed sporting an accent and acting a lot hipper than this new character… I think it also upsets many that this is done with NJ trying to hide the new characters, such as the advertisement for season 3 (before the episodes airedd) where Marina is hard to see, but those looking closely could tell she was different… Almost as if NJ was trying to be deceptive about it. I guess as a parent, I would just expect a little more respect when changing cast members as they had with Blue’s Clues… Some kind of minor exchange that explains, ok… This is what happened… There could even have been something as silly as a magic trick that changed Marina’s appearance… Which would have probably gotten a few laughs from adults and kids alike… Just sayin’!!

  • And look who I happened to stumble upon thanks to Shayna Rose’s facebook fan page or whateva…

    BE WARNED!!! Some of the content is NOT for children, or may be deemed inappropriate for younger viewers!!

  • The real Marina, from the groovy smoothie. It’s a real place.

    I think you need some real problems in your life when you get to the point where you feel “condescended” that an actor was replaced on a 22 minute long show for toddlers. By the way, if you know actual 10 year olds who watch this, they need some help too. It’s for toddlers and possibly 6 or 7 year olds.

    No one is expecting it to slip by your eagle eye. It’s not something they’re biting their nails about and hoping you “won’t notice”. What they might be hoping, if they’re thinking about you at all, is that you already knew all along that it “Marina” wasn’t a real person in a real music school with a real drum kit made from crap she found in the street. They were “hoping” that you knew all along that it was make-believe and that someone else could PRETEND to be “Marina” as well as anyone else.

    It’s not like they’re trying to slip Jennifer Hudson in there on you like “What do you mean you never noticed Marina was black?”. It’s a cast change. Get over it before you give your kids a complex. If you start teaching them now that they should feel their intelligence has been challenged by a castchange on a Nick Jr. show, by the time they’re adults, they’re going to be so tied up in frivolous law suits that they don’t have time for a life.

  • mari

    guys! you know the real problem? the real problem is old marina is a cute girl. but the new marina is not suitable for her replacement. she is not doing well. and we don’t like new marina. please bring a cute marina like before.

  • bri


  • bri

    i feel bad for your kid GENE ..seriously..

  • Momo

    I love the new Marina, she’s a good singer and dancer. I added her on Facebook and she is really nice, responds to fans, posts photos and answers questions. The only time Shayna ever posted was to promote something — she never engaged anyone personally or answered questions etc. Glad she’s gone off to get married and all. Her voice was very pretty but I really like Tara and am really glad to hear the new songs — totally upgraded!

  • Momo

    Oh yeah, my 3 yr old hasn’t noticed or doesn’t care about the change and I even have the FB print out posters from NickJr.com on the wall in her room. (We still have to switch the Marina one to Tara’s.)

  • Momo

    “REMEBER, Shayna Rose said on her Facebook page that she’ll come back to The Fresh Beat Band again If they ALL ask her to so let’s make that happen and occur shall we?”

    NO CHANCE. I don’t want to see Tara out of a job, plus I like her better than Shayna. Shayna is always promoting herself all over the place and it feels like she doesn’t care about the fans.

  • juniper smith

    dear god. we are doomed.

  • Jacob Andrew Sosa


  • cfr

    I honestly don’t like the character change. I don’t think she blends well with the group. She doesn’t sing very well. I don’t even think she dances noticably better. My kids refuse to watch the show because of it. It make m heartbroken because they loved the show. I agree with the earlier comment. they should have given her character a new name and gave marina a episode send off the kids could understand.

  • Nikki

    My son is 2 and noticed that she was different- he asked me where the other girl was. I said she went on vacation and had someone helping her, but everyone is right…they should say “college” or something to the like.
    I think children making this observation have EXCEPTIONAL parenting skills, as they realize a minor change and want support for the change.

  • tiffany

    ithank thay should have explaned it better to she is going to be missed she was my best loved one on the show thay should have gave her what she wanted so she could stay more money somthing its bs anyway

  • kylie

    Good bye old marina and welcome new marina whats there problem. they should have told us that marina was leaving the show instead of just randomly having a different marina show up. I think they should have had a party of going away like maybe going to college or going home.

  • james

    They won’t explain this to kids but she is leaving to launch her country music career as seen at her website. Also she just got married and joined the female for female comedy show Miss Funny.

  • Shae

    In the case of Dallas, Barbara Bel Geddes was replaced by Donna Reed because she was getting treated for breast cancer. We are not owed an explanation as to why certain characters leave/are replaced. It just happens. It’s not as traumatizing as it seems.

  • Donovan’s Mom

    I noticed the difference immediately, but my son(22 months) has not indicated any displeasure, he just loves the “Here we Go” song!

    It is well within the rights of the viewers to post comments about a show. That’s why it says “Add your comment, speak your mind.” When a producer or writer for the show is researching how the public is responding to a particular show, the public’s opinion can indeed be taken into consideration. They will see what their viewers think, and use that information to make the show better. That way, when it’s time to replace the others (esp. the guys, who are clearly not teenagers) maybe they will handle it differently. There are many blogs online about probably every show that airs on television. The viewers can freely express their opinion on blogs such as these.

  • Victoria

    I had to explain for half a day about how the other girl had gone off the show and there was a new girl. Over and over and over. She was so sad over it. I didn’t think it would be such a big deal for her, but it was. Oh, well.

  • aw cmon man, these are actors playing a character, not the actual person themselves! even in theater you have an understudy to back up the lead and people paying to see the other actor understand this.

    sure it can get annoying if you liked one player over another, but even in shows like 3’s company and charlie’s angels where they wrote in new parts to replace the old part, it was pretty much still the same concept characters.

  • Tara

    chuck went to college

  • JEAN

    Please tell no 25 You just don’t take away people they are used to watching they become a TV family to them would you replace a family and give the new one the same name evidently you don’t have children

  • Rachel

    My 20 month old daughter noticed when Marina was different and promptly started crying. Its a good thing that we have old episodes recorded.

  • Tara

    I agree my 2 year old noticed that it was a new Marina. It is not the same and my 3 kids all noticed and its sad to say with all the changes they dont watch the show as much and thats all they used to want to watch.

  • Norman

    I used to get upset as a kid when a character’s voice changed on a cartoon. I couldn’t imagine how mad I would have been if they had tried to switch an actor on a live action show.

  • Elvira Dzurlic

    I think they should have replaced her in the show while the kids are watching. I have 3 children that love the show. They should have replaced her off saying she was going to College and then welcomed in the new girl. It would be easier on the children. Producers have to understand kids wind up falling inlove with these characters. This is just my feelings from a mother of 3 that love the show!

  • M. Hirks

    I don’t know if anyone remembers The Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire, but there but somewhere near the middle of it’s run, they switched out Aunt Viv. Jazz quips with Will in one of the season premires “Who’s playing Aunt Viv this year?” Also, whatever happened to Ruthie on Family Matters?

  • Stacey dionne

    My 4 yr old daughter said “this is a new fresh beat mom. Marinas got new hair. That’s a new marina. She still likes the show, and I wx

  • Stacey dionne

    My 4 yr old daughter said “this is a new fresh beat mom. Marinas got new hair. That’s a new marina. She still likes the show, and I explained why. She won’t really remember it, and she still loves the show! Just would have been cool to do an “exit” show.

  • banannine

    i like the way blues clues was done. There was a good bye episode. they could have had an episode saying bye to Marina and introducing her kid sister or something like that.

  • Bretterhaase22

    Not happy about the new marina!! My kids want to know where did she go and will the real one come back?

  • Ashley

    My daughter noticed the switch too and I like her, shes alright. I did love the new Reed switch though, I recognize him from the show “So Weird” I use to watch as a teenager.

  • Dixie805

    Major FAIL. My kids were wondering what happened to Marina also. I did like the way Steve was written out of Blue’s Clues and the introduction of Joe. It took getting used to but the kids understood what happened to Steve.I really wish they would have done that with The Fresh Beat Band. I don’t think the show will be the same. Marina just isn’t Marina now.

  • Miami’s Greatest Single Mommy

    I know that its a tad late, but this message is in reference to comment #25(Giana). Its not that we’re being overly dramatic sweetheart, it’s just that as a real parent. A parent like myself, knows just how important it is to have structure in a young child’s life. With the constant drama and ups and downs, we as human beings face. Its just nice to know that when you come home, and turn on your TV and prepare yourself for your favorite show. You’re
    not gonna be upset with a change. That’s just like knowing you own a 2011 (5) series BMW, and upon waking up in the a.m. You arrive to a 1987 Pinto. Its just not right.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Change is inevitable, “Mommy,” so why not teach your children to accept life’s surprises with a gracious, understanding heart rather than with shock and horror?

  • Lorta

    please cut down on the silly rapping on the show.

  • Hannibal

    We have a playdate group of six kids that come over to watch freshbeats.

    I told them the old MArina was gunned down in a drug raid and that the new Marina is a cyborg alien infiltrator who is programmed to rip the faces off of misbehaving children.

    The playdates are so quiet and relaxing now.
    Thank you, Nick Jr!

  • Erica

    The new Marina? Dances better, acts better, sings better. Kids like her better.

    The old Marina? Shark nose. Stiff as a board.

    Definite improvement.

  • isabella

    LOL I’ve been hearing of people making petitions asking her to come back to the show, that if she got enough people to ask her she would PROBABLY go back? Like really how pathetic is she! It was her OWN personal desicion to leave the band because she got married what kind of explanation is that! How does being married impare her from being on the show!!!!! The NEW marina is just as great, different of course but who cares the show will still be as awesome for kids!! Yes they noticed the change, who wouldn’t, but they’ll get over it after an episode or two afterall they are just kids. Peronally my daughter loves this show one of her favorites NEW or OLD marina doesn’t make a difference get over it people as for shyna rose f u for leaving with that reason!!!!

  • Trenisha Sorells

    i like both and i like ther songs 2

  • Tavia

    Im really sad since shyna rose left she was my favorites I broke out in tears im 11years old and I watch this show eeveryday I never missed one episode I miss u marina the original

  • Jen

    I’m glad they replaced Marina & would love it if they replaced Twist, they both lack talent and are super annoying. The best way to explain the changes, as with anything to kids is that people come and go through out life to grow and move on, this is a great way to instill coping skills and preparation for life’s changes.

  • Jared

    Shana rose is clearly pregnant in the lest few episodes they filmed of her. Pretty sure that’s why she left the show. Also pretty sure that’s her other interests they mentioned. Melodie is still on the show.

    Talk about not liking characters. I completely dislike Harper. He really pisses me off.

    My kids could care less which marina it is.

    But I understand cause I MUCH prefer English reed to American reed.
    Poor ms piccolo is no longer on the show, which sucks cause I thought she was hot. (I know I’m weird but I’d hit most definitely)

  • T-Momma

    Oh and don’t forget Greg on the Wiggles, at the very least they did give an explanation, but in the end it just didn’t cut it. My oldest daughter LOVED that show, but when Greg left… it was the end of it for her.

  • grandma norma

    My 2 yr old grand daughter loves The Fresh Beat Band, I wasn’t to happy to see they changed Marina but I gues she didn’t mind, cuz she still LOVE’S THE SHOW NO MATTER WHAT! As long as it still airing and KIKI is their we will continue to watch it. P.S. please don’t change the characters anymore. We love them……….

  • Nichole Carter

    LOOOOLLLL….. You can’t be serious with this post. Like, who cares really?

  • Mommyof1

    My 5-year-old daughter actually likes the new Marina better. But she’s still thrown off by the new Reed. It’ll be interesting how the dynamics of the show progress with the new girl.

  • stepahnie

    I’m betting the sudden switch may well have been that shayna got pregnant and theres not an easy way to put a spin on that on a show primarily for 2-10 year olds

  • aeverett

    What happen to the old Marina

  • Arthur

    Shayna Rose is pursuing other projects and got married. She just released a single on iTunes called ‘Hundred and Ten’. Check it out!

  • I don’t like casting changes it changes the flow of the show, but it is a part of life. Nice post but you forgot to mention one HUGE tv change that went unexplained… The TV show Family Matters had a little sister who went up to her room one night and NEVER cam back down in that season or any other! That was bizarre! She just went to her room and was never mentioned again! smh

  • Em

    I think they should have given her a new name and done something like they did in blues clues, with Steve to Joe. My two year old picked up on it too and the “but why” question keeps getting asked. He’s too young to fully understand that it’s just an actress.


    You’re all kidding me…right?

  • Aries

    Bring back the REAL Marina, please!!! New girl can dance better, but so what! Shayna Rose can sing, drum, and act, and has a better personality about her! Where can we see her now???

  • onespeedbikes

    This shouldn’t be so shocking to anyone! The show started out as “The Jump Arounds” before the name was changed to “theFresh Beat Band”.

  • harley

    i really dontr like how they never change there clothes de to the fact that my kids are starting to think that it is ok not to change there clothes becuase they say if they dont have y should we have to

  • Jacob Sosa

    NO actually, you’re all dead wrong! The New Marina is the reason why Season 3 has been put off for so long. The ratings went down and the show lost a whole lot of fans and viewers. The Fresh Beat Band seriously needs Shayna Rose back so I started a petition for thsat!

  • Kenneth

    I think my wife and I are as addicted to the show as my 3yr old daughter. I to wish there could have been an in story explanation for the character changes. Tara should have been introduced as Marinna’s sister Mariah perhaps!

  • jackie

    i personally like the new marina way better i think the first seemed like she didnt get along with the rest of the cast idk i guess i didnt like anything about her lol and she couldnt dance at all lol my kids didnt notice a change but i was happy to see it

  • jackie

    oh and the new marina is alot prettier lol

  • Real Mom

    Giana, [personal attack deleted by comments editor]. I mean what did that comment have to do with any thing. You [personal attack deleted by comments editor] must not have kids. If you do then your an awful parent not to go through changes with your kids. Really…. Stop it.. Lol

  • Bry Cleveland

    Life is filled with unexpected, unexplained annoyances letdowns! If this is the the biggest disappointment my kids will have to face, what an amazing life they will have!

  • Jeremy

    Wow, people, get over it. My daughter and I watch the show together, she loves dancing with the band. You people need to get lives. She’s a character. Frankly, I like the new girl better. Anyway, get over it.

  • Angel

    my 3 year old sister doesnt notice a thing thats soo weird… because shes really smart

  • wth

    My question is why didnt they just make her a new student and say Marina went to a new school or some thing

  • P. H.

    My 4 year old continue to ask me when will Marina be back?

  • Darlene

    In Mid June-July of 2011, it was announced that Rose was leaving the show to get married and pursue other projects.

  • lowery

    Letting parents know the reason a person left the show, does not help the kids understand the switch. When the switch first happened and they took a lot of focus off of Marina in the videos, my kids did not notice much. The new girl imitated the old one great in these videos. However, as soon as they saw the first episode or pictures they said “that’s not marina!” My five year old came running in upset saying that they had changed the song, changed Marina’s bed, room, her clothes and even changed Marina!! For the sack of the kids it would have been better to allowed the fresh beats to say goodbye to Marina who had to leave for whatever reason, and introduce us to a new girl in town who wore maybe purple with teal. They used this approach when they changed Steve and Joe on Blues Clues, and kids seemed to accept it a lot better. My daughter does not want to watch the new episodes, she keeps saying that is not Marina!

  • bekahsmom

    My daughter is 3 and does not like the new Marina, she gets upset when the new ones are on. Would it have been to much for them to have Marina to leave to go to college or get married and have them replace her with a new character? Why do they assume little kids are blind and stupid and won’t notice the change of actors?

  • Meltonlee

    I don’t understand why they couldn’t have used the Wiggles or Blues Clues tactics by writing that character off and introducing a new one. Our kids are too smart for the switch. It is confusing.

  • Horny Dad

    I would like to bang Kiki.

  • Chris

    The old marina was gorgeous. The new one is ugly and has a huge mouth.

  • Sybil Edwards-Mcgill

    I do miss the old Marina because she was so cute, funny , a good singer, and fit in great with the Fresh Beats. I like the new Marina, but she’s not as good with the band like the original. No one is like the original. No sweat, my family and I love it. I’m 22, and be moving and grooving with my daughter!

  • Erin

    What I thought was bizarre was they aired new episodes with the new Marina and then aired new episodes with the old Marina! Which is it Nick, Jr.?

    I think Shayna Rose was pregnant and obviously that’s why she couldn’t be on the show anymore. I noticed in her last episodes for some reason she didn’t participate as much in dances etc and her costume looked a little snug. Actually my mom pointed it out, “Look that girl’s pregnant!”

  • Erin

    Oh…and I think we have to give Tara a chance! It isn’t her fault. She’s doing great! Looking forward too seeing them in concert!

  • Angela

    Change is a part f life and if your the adult you can explain to YOUR children that they are actors and that they moved on to something else. My daughter said “ok” and moved on. C’mon parents, really you are stressing over this. It is all about change and how you raise your kids to deal with it…maybe you could use that lesson and stop complaining. Just a thought!

  • JRH

    Yes, actors leave shows…But, write the person out…THIS GOES FOR ANY SHOW…NCIS, for example, has lost several actors during the years, but all were written out…THEY RESPECT THEIR VIEWERS…

  • Michelle

    The Original Marina left the show because she was getting married and was pregnant.

  • Michelle

    It’s just a TV show, folks. My 2 & 4 year old didn’t even notice! If a 2 year old is noticing THAT….probably WAY too much time in front of the TV.

  • TV

    It is television for …..sake. If you don’t like it, turn it off and read your kids a book or take them on a nature walk – seriously, a two-page article on why characters changes on TV are not announced –
    Should they have her get run over by the Fruit Smoothie Truck and die? And the owner goes to prison? How about that for an explanation.

  • Corkanee4

    Wow this really sucks! I bet she’s pregnant…
    Congadulations anyway 🙂

  • Carmen

    My 3 year old noticed the change but wasn’t bothered by it. She just turned the music up and kept dancing. I actually like the new Marina better. She sings and dances better. That is not to say the original was not good. The kids will be fine. In the instance of Blue’s Clue’s, Steve was the main character. The only one you saw, so giving him an exit was appropriate. In this instance, I don’t think they needed to have an exit for her. I wondered what happened to her until I googled today and came across this article. Happy to hear everything is ok!

  • Veronica

    I miss th old Marina so much


    i find it odd. that kiki and shout have all the up front singing. and if you watch some of the shows. there are a little to touchie. when you watch the songs from there concert. there is to much touching going on. i fell like there is something going on with them. this is a kids show. you dont see the other two acting like that.

  • norris

    Chuck Norris would be better

  • Korina

    I think if you are going to change cast members so drastically at least give them a different name. I really enjoyed watching Marina, it was our grandsons favorite. He doesnt even watch the show anymore since the cast change for Reed, he didnt even have the same accent, or dress like him, and now Marina. If your going to change the character then change the name, dont think that kids wont notice, you arent giving them very much credit.

  • Aryonma

    What they should have done was to bring in a new character. To replace Marina gives the kids the notion that they can also be replaced and no one would notice. That is pretty scary when you are 2,3 and 4 year olds.

  • safa

    I don’t think they shoud of changed the other marina

  • Sarah

    I just explained to my little muffin that the first actress either got mixed up with drugs or prostitution and died. This explains the cast change and turns my little muffin away from drugs and sex. Double win.

  • Until she finds out you’re a liar, can’t be trusted and turns away from you, possibly to drugs or prostitution.

    Well done, great parenting…

  • dadof2

    I liked old Marina better I would have tore her up then kiki right after. The new Marina sucks and annoys me greatly. My kids didn’t notice though but for sake of kids who watch too much TV and noticedi agree they should have eased her in not just threw her in

  • dadof2

    O but I’d totally do new Marina too just not till after old Marina and kiki get some first LOL.

  • Brooke

    I searched all over web and they still have the old cast members name and what is this new girls name? It felt like they were trying to be sneaky.

  • :-) charlene o

    None of my kids or other kids at her school like her…should have just not added a new girl

  • LB

    My younger siblings and the kids I babysit shut off the show after Hadley Fraser was replaced with Patrick Levis for Reed. Even my then thirteen year old brother thought old Reed was awesome and the actor was his role model. We just didn’t find the show funny anymore without Reed and his chemistry with Twist and Melody, and Fraser’s musical talent in his own right was doubly missed. My youngest brother even bought a purple guitar like Old Reed’s 🙁

    I loved Hadley- he had great comedic timing, a lot of energy and seemed tremendously talented with his background in Broadway. Patrick just doesn’t fit the role and should probably quietly bow out- and this is coming from someone that loved Levis back in his Disney 90’s days when he used to appear in Disney channel movies and shows all the time. I don’t understand why they couldn’t cast a Brit or at least have Levis attempt an accent- other shows have recast with actors that looked nothing like the original, but I have to say this is the first time a character changed accents! I wish Fraser could have stuck around at least another season, but he was itching to get back to Broadway theater and his own musical endeavors. It is sad the Reed character’s role seems bigger now that he was replaced…

    Our lives aren’t over and we got over it like the day after, but anyone is upset when their favorite character is replaced by someone that doesn’t live up to it and that was enough to make us turn off the show. I don’t really predict longevity for this show, at least not the longevity achieved by bands/shows like The Wiggles, with so many cast changes in such a short while- how long before the whole band is replaced one by one? And every time they replace someone’s favorite character they are likely to lose the viewing fanbase of that character. At least for us adults we can keep up with Haldey and Shayna’s careers via their twitters and what not, but it is sad that the kids basically lose their connection to them.

  • trisha santana, nassau, ny

    My children, a daughter that is four and a son that is almost two noticed the switch instantly as well.. SR influenced my daughters desire to play the drums and although she didnt complain, when i sat down to watch an episode and she told me there was a new Marina, it affected me for some stupid reason. I commented to my husband that she was replaced and immediately became defensive over SR because her character was so likable. I guess when characters are replaced we see most of the time they resemble each other in most ways, in this case that is what was odd to me because the current actors hair is darker and no where near resembles previous actor SR. I have adapted to the change as so have my children but SR will definitely be missed.

  • The new new Reed

    First, the old marnia was pushing 30, so she couldn’t do this forever.

    Second, I think she is gorgeous and she can sing, but old Marina couldn’t dance. The new episodes are very dance driven and she wasn’t going to work. Let alone an entire concert.

    My son noticed the change and points it out from time to time as they cycle through new and old episodes. If he ever suggested that he was distrubed, upset or distressed by the change, that would be the end of his TV watching.

  • Aidee

    Okay my daughter is very upset shes afraid shes never going to see marina again. At least give an explanation as to why she left and why she is being replaced…

  • Lupe

    We donot like the new marina and reed. My kids think they are boring and the pizza place should go back to being the groovy smoothie it is better for the kids and parents too.

  • Millie

    Hi, I was searching for tickets for the concern in New York City. And I felt very sad that my grandson, that is only two years old, love the show, can’t go, the price is to high. I’m very glad that he can watch them on Nick Jr. Merry Christmas

  • Diana

    ummmmm to giana, I am sure you have things in your life that you cant get over. How dare u say its our parenting skills. We are talking about a certain show to educate our children and my self as an adult enjoy the show along with my child.Shoot “just like a rock star” is my favoite song and love to dance with my kids along with it. So get over yourself. As for the character change I was stunned and although the new Marina is doing a good job, I miss the old one too lolyou just dont have to just be a kid to love Nick.

  • Chris G

    With all due respect if you are making such a big deal about character changes you are probably watching too much television

  • The Visitor

    I have contacted Dick Sargent, the second Darrin, in the next stage. He wanted me to tell you accept change, and stop being a baby. It’s just a TV show. So declares Dick Sargent and…The Visitor

  • Big Tara Perry Fan

    Too bad! My kids are 2 and 4 and they LOVE the new Marina. Shayna Rose was good, but Tara Perry is full of energy and excitement, something that Shayna lost over time. If your kids can’t handle the change, switch channels to something else!

  • luis

    Life happens and teach your children changes are a part of it. A blog on a cast change? Wow!

  • Dee

    My four-year-old daughter argued with me. She says Marina is the same, that she never changed. I knew better! So some kids are not traumatized by things like that… some never notice!!

  • Tony

    After a small bit of research Shayna Rose Mordue, Mordue being her married name was born November 3, 1983 which puts her at 28 and she got married July of 2011 which probably is the reason she left the show. She can’t be a teen her whole life, as much as the children watching would probably like it. So I think the bashing should wait till the fact are in.

  • kimberly Hope

    I have twins that are two and noticed that Rose was not there anymore.My two year daughter (the twin) states she wants the old Marina back, and my son as well. My 5 year old does not care, she likes Kikky and me mysel,I like Rose. What a shame she had to leave the show. I believe all deserve a chance in life to pursue all that they dream about but this was a little harsh in the way she left. My best to her maybe she will come back.

  • Terry

    Get over it! It’s a kid show. My son watches every episode and has not been the least bit traumatized by the change of characters. The biggest component of kids tv is still there…… The fact that the show actually teaches kids valuable information about sharing and development. TV is just like real life ……people come and go out of kids lives all the time, if you ask me the parents sound more upset about the cast changes then the kids do. GET A LIFE.

  • Nelly

    I read on Shayna Rose wiki page the girl that plays Marina on fresh beats was leaving the show to get married and pursue other projects which its nice to get married but she didn’t need to leave the show that’s a good foundation if she ever wanted to do other musicals or movies.


    Has anyone ever thought that maybe the cast has GROWN and would like to move on in life? They don’t need to enplane it to anyone! As a parent you should know how to enplane this change to your children!

  • kopy

    You’re an idiot.

  • kopy

    I agree with annoyed.

  • Lei

    ^^^ totally agree with Giana

  • Lei

    I just noticed that Giana’s comment was on the 1st page. In any case DITTO to ANNOYED. Really people…its not that serious.

  • DougieFresh79

    The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air replaced the mom with another actress. Always thought that was weird.

  • Matt

    It doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to understand why the CBS Television network forced the producers of MASH to abandon a character named Spearchucker Jones, does it? Even in the early seventies? As for the departure of the original Marina and other Fresh Beat Band cast members; something tells me if we stand together as a nation in the face of this heinous injustice, our kids will be just fine.

  • johnny brvo

    well i seen her last episode and u can see a baby bump so go figure

  • Carol Lynn

    Of course, our kids noticed the change. To quote my very smart 2 year old, “it’s just a show” & she loves the new episodes just as much as the old ones.

  • Brianne

    Did anyone even notice that Reed has been switched from one to the other and back again?

  • Val

    I think the new girl is great! I think she looks a bit too old to fit in with the rest of the fresh beats. I have a two yr old daughter who notices when they change VOICES of animated characters. I believe blues clues had it right. I watched that show when I was younger and was sad that Steve went away but I liked joe too because he wasn’t Steve. It’s obvious to kids. Stop trying to fool them.

  • jane doe

    mines 2 and she didn’t notice. I guess they could’ve introduced her as her sister or something, but I think the kids will survive if you don’t make a big deal out of it lol.

  • crybaby

    Marina was changed because she was oviously very pregnant.

  • Raquel StJuste

    My daughter notice the change and it just didn’t sit well with her. she kept saying ma that’s not marina, she’s a fake and my daughter is only 3 years old. They could of mentioned something. I like old marina better, she fits well with the fresh beats. Fresh beat will never be the same now its just seems so weird.

  • connie

    I may be crazy’ but I belive they changed the guy who played ” reed” the music instrument store owner & also the jr. Fresh beats. I’m glad they give new kids the opportunity to play these parts but so many changes at once, very frustrating.

  • Leeah

    @giana, honestly as parents our outrage is for our children. My son notices little things like this all the time. He doesn’t like the change either. With dealing with children everything needs to be routine and so when I child fave show has a character change they noticed and are upset by it.
    Think of it like this. If your child went to school and had a fave teacher and one day all of sudden that teacher left without any notice don’t you think they would be upset? I know they would.
    Nickledeon did a great job with Blue’s Clues when Steve left even though I didn’t like the new guy they still gave kids closure. Fresh Beat Band is a big deal to kids and this change should have been handled in the same manner.
    Just my two cents.

  • Psst! Look At This Comment!

    I’m in high school and this is my favorite show! I watch it with my baby brother all the time. I didn’t really like what the author said in the beginning of the article, and my fellow youtubers would agree. But honestly, it was completely pointless for Nick Jr. to just switch characters without even showing it. I thought the old ‘Marina’ was dead or had plastic surgery. (But I guess half of the Nick Jr. watchers wouldn’t even realize it. I mean, how are you going to explain to a bunch of three-four year olds that Shayna Rose is getting married, and she wants to pursue other careers?)
    It should have gone in the way of Blue’s Clues-when Steve wanted out of the show, they made him go to ‘college’, leaving the house to Joe.
    C’mon, Nick Jr. Think of a good excuse. Panic struck my house when we saw the first commercial for the new season of ‘The Fresh Beat Band’.
    (Btw, I think the new Tara Perry takes away from the ‘childishness’ of the show. We will be patiently waiting for you to come back, Shayna. In the meantime, we will stalk your Facebook.)

  • Katie

    My daughter is 6 and she is upset by the change and so am I . We have been watching the fresh beat band since it 1st aired so upset

  • Brenda

    I’m disappointed with the change of Reed then Marina without explanations my babies are 3 & 4 years they notice everything. Wake up people these are the new millennium kids and they’re born smarter & extremely advanced in everything. Did they actually believe they wouldn’t notice?!!!

  • csuhler

    She got married……unfortunately actors/actresses are entitled to have lives as well….they really have no obligation whatsoever to your children or mine. People who are annoyed by the fact that one of the characters had the audacity to pursue other interests in life need to just go back to sleep.

  • csuhler

    Here is a little parenting 101…..CHANGE is constant and never ending. This could possibly be an opportunity to explain this phenomena to your child/children, thus better preparing them for the other changes (many of which will be significantly more unsettling than a change in a TV show line up). I am sorry to hear that the new lineup has caused you and your offspring undo stress, but honestly in the scope of the universe is this really that big of a deal? Turn of the TV and read to your child.

  • csuhler

    I smell a lawsuit……this just in….Fresh Beat Band settles out of court for an undisclosed amount to finally end the class action lawsuit that angry parents have filed because of the overwhelming amount of stress that this situation has caused millions of children….Mother quoted as saying ” Timmy never bit anyone at school before…..must be that darn line up change….I’ll get you Nick Jr!!!!”

  • csuhler

    Brenda……the irony of your statement “Wake up people” is absolutely perfect. First of all, to address your “without any explanations” comment….do you think Nick Jr actually owes the public an explanation?…this is not the Kennedy assassination…its a children’s TV show. Nick Jr does not owe anyone an explanation…they can change their programming anytime they like for any reason they like….period. Secondly, I realize that this is the “new millennium” but honestly, I am pretty sure I was capable of noticing change when I was 4 (back in 1974).

  • csuhler

    “they’re born smarter”…………lol.

  • jayla’s father

    oh my god the new marina is U-G-L-Y. What’s next replacing twist with ashton kutcher. Disappointed!

  • kusum

    Loved the old Marina…I personally thought that she MADE the show!

  • csuhler

    grover wasn’t very attractive either….but somehow I don’t think that is the point.

  • csuhler

    everyone just go back to sleep…..it will be ok, I promise

  • csuhler

    I do want to say to Jayla’s father….you started your sentence with oh my god (OMG) you should immediately have your man card taken away.

  • csuhler

    Also to Jayla’s father…..as far as the new Marina being U-G-L-Y ….basically what I am getting out of that statement is unattractive people can’t possibly teach children anything and have no business being on children’s shows?…..they need to get get their education from hotties….because let’s be honest, the show isn’t about learning life skills that the kids can use and apply to their daily lives……it about being hot! You guys make my brain hurt.

  • csuhler

    Not to mention (and I could be wrong on this) but I think the characters on the show are supposed to be high school age…..might not want your kids to know you are eyeing up high school girls….just saying.

  • Kody

    Please just explain to your kids that the concept that the show is not REAL……these people are pretending. Don’t underestimate your children. My kids already understood this by age 2. The old Marina was great. I really liked her…….takes a while to get used to the change. But new Marina is doing a good job.

  • Toni

    New marina can’t sing. The whole sound is different. They had more harmony with the old marina.

  • DrNobody

    New Marina “Tara Perry” is doing an excellent job… She’s a sweetheart (if you’ve ever interacted with her through Facebook and I’m sure in person), and any one saying she’s ugly is a moron or blind… Not sure which… Yes, Shayna is wonderful too, but she left of her own accord… Probably to pursue her music career outside of a children’s show, which if you’ve seen the stuff posted to her Facebook fan account, you would see she’s a very talented song writer. I’m guessing the kid’s show probably didn’t want to use that talent, and she was ready to do something else with said talent and left. While I still wish Tara’s character wasn’t Marina 2.0 and was a different character, I still think she’s more than filled Shayna’s shoes in her absence and people need to get over the whining already… I actually saw something posted way back in December of 2010 saying that Tara Perry got a role in the Fresh Beat Band. That means it’s been over a year that Nickelodeon knew Shayna was leaving, and almost a year that people watching have known. If you don’t like the show in the direction it’s going… Don’t watch it. Don’t let your kids watch it. And quit complaining about it. But first, and foremost… Don’t say mean or derogatory things about Shayna’s replacement as it is not Ms. Perry’s fault that Shayna left the role and Nickelodeon wanted to recast the character. If children’s shows never did that, Gordon from Sesame Street would have been gone back in the 70’s, and Roscoe Orman (he’s the 3rd and current Gordon on the show, 4th if you count the test pilot episode) might never have been on that show as a positive/wonderful male role model to children every where…

  • DrNobody

    And to add to some of the other comments I’ve read… I agree with the poster saying Patrick isn’t right for the Reed role. Hadley was the cooler older brother type that you wanted to hang out with… Patrick’s version is just missing that coolness the old Reed had….

    Shayna Rose is not pregnant… If you look at her in the videos she just did a month ago, she has no bump. She had no bump in the Fresh Beat Band either.. From what I’ve gathered of her career choices of lately, she wants to be a serious musician… Look on ITunes… She just released a single…

    The characters just graduated from music school, which I feel is much more like a college setting than a high school setting… Especially since “Graduation Day” was having the group think about what they were going to do after school was over… No one mentioned going to college… Hmmmm.. Probably means they were graduating from college and were ready to move on to their careers… Just sayin’!!

    And last, the Singing Pizza Cafe is NOT the Groovie Smoothie… I mentioned this months ago in this same thread. The Groovie Smoothie is still seen from time to time (such as the pool episode and the one where they babysit the chimps), but I think the show is trying to put the focus mainly on the group and probably trying to give new character Harper some screen time. Since the FBB is now touring, I’m sure Reed, Melody, and probably Harper are not a part of the live show and while they were not completely written out, the roles have definitely been scaled back for the supporting characters probably due to the producers of the live show not wanting to have to either use them or have to explain why they’re not there… I just hope they don’t go on the Yo Gabba Gabba! episode plan where they have an entire season done and Nickelodeon/Nick Jr. sits on the episodes for over a year and a half without releasing new episodes… Probably so it doesn’t coincide with the live tour…

  • Carl

    My daughter is not yet 2 years old and she notices everything. My bigger question to Nickelodeon, aside for total lack of regard to it’s viewers (aka employer), is what level of the child’s phychy will be affected by your disregard for the young mind?

  • Cathy

    My 2 year old loves the show, and I watch it with her. Shayna Rose was an incredibly beautiful Marina, but Tara is great, too. The songs and dances are the real draw, and the whole cast is wonderful to watch, changes notwithstanding.

  • seriously!

    wow! You people really must have nothing better to do with yourself. Writing articles going crazy on a blog over what? A new cast member!!! Who gives a damn Get a job!!!! It’s just a show with a new cast member.

  • Sharon Needles

    This reminds me of when Paul McCartney died and they replaced him with the new Paul in the Beatles. They were never the same after that and many teeny boppers were traumatized.

  • Sherron

    my 3-year-old hasnt said anything about the cast change so i dont think she realizes that the role of Marina is being played by someone else now but i of course noticed right away and was thinking “what happened to the other girl?” at least they tried to get someone whose face looks similar to the original Marina but the different hair color is the first thing i noticed anyway me & my daughter still love the show and now she wants the soundtrack cd

  • leigha622

    I think she was pregnant

  • csuhler

    Carl…wtf is phychy?…..I can only say that if you are depending on a children’s tv show to establish, build, and develop your child’s mental, emotional, and psychological capacity (including the capacity to deal with change…which by the way is the ONLY thing that is constant and never-ending in the universe and something that your child will ABSOLUTELY be dealing with their entire lives)……then that kids phychy is already screwed.

  • csuhler

    Oddly enough, their concerts are selling out in minutes all over the country. ” I am so pissed that they changed a character, that I am going to go out and pay an arm and a leg to go see them”….way to take a stand.

  • csuhler

    The coddling and whining that has consumed this country is absolutely appalling. We need reasons for everything. We have to be consoled for everything. We have to have our egos stroked for everything. This country was once a nation of tough go -getters. The men and women who pioneered this country built their own homes (literally with their own blood, sweat and materials from the land) and they grew or hunted their own food. They traveled in covered wagons through areas of this country that they new nothing about…not knowing what dangers may lie ahead. We have turned into a nation of pansy ass crybabies that need to be coddled at every turn…and offered explanations for everything that confuses or frustrates us. What happened to us? When did we become so high maintenance? When did we become so self-entitled? When did change all of a sudden become so confusing and hard to deal with?

  • Dan

    My favorite change was when “Valerie’s Family” which starred Valerie Harper(it was HER SHOW) suddenly changed the main character to Sandy Duncan when Valerie Harper left and then the next season they changed the name of the show..

  • GhostGenesis

    The new Marina is SUPER fugly and her mouth is literally too big for her face, it makes her look like she has too many teeth, sorta like a shark…

  • mezeri101

    shut the hell up and watch the show.

  • Georgie

    By far, the “best” was the youngest daughter on Family Matters, who just completely disappeared one season. She was mentioned one time after her departure when the dad asked where she was & the mom said “She’s cleaning her room”. For a few years, apparently. What a dirty room.

  • Michael Timms

    When Marina left, they should have said so and replaced her with the new girl, new name, new character, etc. My kids spotted the difference as well. It has been suggested in the comments that kids will get over it. I seriously doubt it. I know adults who still takes sides in the Dick Sargent vs Dick York argument. The best I ever saw a tv show do in this situation was a children’s show, Sesame Street and Mr. Hooper’s death. Wonderful, tender, and well done. Nick could have done better than they did, bottom line.

  • sara

    I miss you shayna rose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ines

    A band is not like a family, members can change. But they should have made a good bye episode for Marina, and then auditioned for the new drummer. Like in real life. The new Marina looks nothing like the old Marina either.

  • richard

    So I think its a good show for my kids and all three girls are hot and there all around 25 and up its time for some younger fresh beats anyway. Twist is dumb.

  • Vicki

    Are people really complaining about this? Recasts have been happening on soaps for decades. I have always explained to my son that these are actors. They play a role. It’s a job that they do Sometimes they get other jobs. Or move on to other things. He has never been upset about it because he understands the difference between real and pretend.

  • MaryH

    Calling bullshit on Nessa87’s “my two year old noticed” comment.

  • brittany

    my 4 year old didnt notice but i did and i told her she was different i dont think it is right at least introduce them in the show first remember when steve from blues clues went to “college” and his “cousin” joe took over? that was a good idea they should consider this

  • Tobin Crooks

    Try taking theatre 101. Interaction between a cast and an audience requires a willing suspension of disbelief on the part of the audience. The producers of the show do not expect you not to notice a cast change, they just expect you to intelligently accept (as my six-year-old does) that things can change. Or try this… When you go into a store and the cashier is not the familiar face that you are used to, do you feel that the management is being condescending or pulling a fast one on you? Unbelievable.

  • Lulu

    Omg….she is great!! Just give it a little time, obviously she has big shoes to fill. I think everyone will accept her and grow to love her eventually. I bet that is what the original Marina would want.

  • anonymous

    They introduced a new character, Harper, who runs the pizza place. As for Melody, she’s still on the show, but not as frequently. I think they were hoping to diversify what the FBB like to do for fun. As for the new Marina, I actually think Tara Perry is doing a great job. I just told my nephew that she is the “new” Marina. He likes the “old” Marina better, but has a crush on “new” Marina. I told him a modified version of why Shayna left the show, and that was good enough. Still, it’s truly confusing. As for Reed, come on. He not only looked completely different, he lost his accent as well. It was painfully obvious. Those that said the new people should have been new characters, I totally agree. Easier to explain. 🙂

  • How could you not mention Becky from the show, Roseanne? That was a classic switch of actresses playing the same role and then switching back again.

  • john

    the reason MARINA left is because a porn video company offerd her half millon dollars to make a 35min shoot. and nickelodeon didnt have the words to sympythize this matter. it was so unexpected. if you google it, you will see for yourself

  • jethro

    Things change, but how about instead of getting all upset and relying on the show to do it all for you, why don’t you stop updating your Facebook status and spend 30 seconds with your child, be a parent, and explain it yourself to the best of your ability. If a 2 year old can notice someone is different on their own, I have full faith that they will go with their parents’ explanation and move on.

  • Loladzinergrl

    in response to Giana-
    I think yOur comment was very insensitive. some kids do not handle change well, ESP children with Autism -such as my daughter . it has nothing to do with parenting failures.
    I really liked the old Marina & wish they would have integrated the characters somehow without trying to sneak the switch because it does upset little ones that don’t do well with transitions. We now just avoid the show altogether now unfortunately to avoid the upset. It is sad because like the other commenters my 3yo daughter loves Dancing along with them. Wish they introduced her as a twin sister or something.

  • Samantha

    I like the new Marina. My autistic son could care less. Kids played pretend when I was little. Tell your kids that these people are playing pretend for their entertainment. When one is replaced, do some actual research, find out why, and explain to your kids. When a child has issues with a TV show, perhaps it’s time to turn it off. When I was young, shows switched out actors, and life moved on.

    Remember when Snufalumpagus was no longer Big Bird’s invisible friend? I bet kids didn’t spazz out then.

  • erica

    This is the same show where they never have to pay money for anything, make robotsto help them out and they can fly up to space and bring down planets to use as block party decorations. Almost nothing on that show makes sense if you are looking at it from a realistic perspective. Like someone else said, suspend disbelief. Oh and sime people would argue that a two-year-old who notices such character changes is watching entirely too much tv.

  • Jk

    This is really the extent of your troubles? Crazy and sad… And on top of it all the show blows.

  • DC Mom

    The old Marina wasn’t a good dancer and they were going on tour so she had to go. They can release whatever statement they want, the “got married” explaination and all, but there’s NO way a young actress would voluntarily leave Nick Jr’s hottest show because she got married.
    They were tired of cutting around her on the more intricate dance sequences and you can’t fake it on stage so they replaced her, end of story.


    the new girl make the show boring and her singing is horrible and make the music horrible to and she’s UGLY.

  • Mykitteniskitty

    I’m a pre teen and I preffer the old marina . She sang really great. The new marina sings okay but it sounds like she uses auto tune ( which sounds bad) the old marina actually sang with her real beautiful voice.

  • Wally (Wallingsford)

    Both Marina’s are pretty good musically, pleasant to look at and pretty “kid” oriented. I agree with Giana… It’s a kid show…let is go.

  • luz

    Im 23 and i.watch it with my daughter and nephews they love fbb,, and I love them even more. I notice the difference without her she will be missed

  • Chelsea Kammendzind

    Totally agree with LuckyGirl. The old Marina rocks and really made the show come alive. Havent watched it since. And what happened to the Marina-mini?

  • Tess

    My kids noticed and honestly none of us like the new marina:/ we watch the old shows and turn the new ones off:/ just being honest…

  • eRIKA

    same with daughter, she is only 4 and asked me: “mom what happened to Marina??? she is not the same.” i wish somebody will explain something about, and i did like the old Marina and we miss Melody on the show..she has a great voice!!

  • Josephine

    I think the actress change was personally good for my daughter, She asked why Marina was different and missed the old actress but when I explained and asked if she thought they should of just created a new character she smiled and said “I’m so happy Marina didn’t go away from the show, shes still a Marina just different”

  • Bellwood

    Liked original Marina better and I am 11, I thought original marina was a better singer and dancer and it seemed that her and kiki and the guys were all 50-50, the new Marina, i dont like and do not like her singing. stopped watching it.

  • crystal jackel

    It was said Shayna (old Marina) got married and is pursuing other career options. I think it crazy to be a little disgruntled by change…its inevitable, especially with working with young people. Change can be good guys, even for out little ones.

  • e

    Bring rose bakkkk!!! Please!!!!

  • GeneSimmons NYC

    “got married and was going to pursue other projects” sounds like code for she was fired.

  • D.Y.

    The story about shayna rose leaving was said she did that choice to get married and persue other things. At first it was hard to get use to the new marina but she deserves a chance like anyone else. My kids love the fresh beat band and I am just glad they didn’t change the songs but added some new good ones to the old ones.

  • Christine Truelove

    Bring the old Marina back, she is the one that we liked and we don’t like changes.

  • Christine Truelove

    No offense to the new one, but the old one is the one that my 3yr. old granddaughter started out with and she is the one she likes, sorry.

  • Sarah K

    Why is this still an issue?? She has been on the Show for almost a whole season now and is doing a fantastic job!! It’s been almost a year since the old marina left and it is still a topic of discussion! The girl wanted to get married and move on with her life and they replaced her, so what!! Tara does a great job as marina and my daughter never even noticed the change, marina is still her favorite no matter who plays her. When we went and met them live, Tara and Jon were the nicest and most friendliest of the 4 of them so get over it and give the girl a break!! They are all bound to move on eventually!!

  • little girls daddy

    My daughter and I were watching when they were “The Jumparounds”

  • eli aguil

    she is alright

  • It’s a little more than a coincidence that she was replaced right before they went on tour. I suspect it has to do more with on-stage presence. Let’s be honest, the old Marina was a TERRIBLE dancer compared to the new one. And now that I’ve seen a dozen show with the new one, I like her much much more than the old.

  • KeRi

    We love the NEW Marina! She’s an excellent dancer and very funny and outgoing. My daughter prefers to watch the episodes with her and will only sing season 3 songs.

  • Mommytoley

    Really? My daughter loves the show – but people do mature and move on constantly in the media. I believe it is up to the parents to explain to the children why things evolve? Anyway, it may be better for some kids to not notice such a change? I would spend my time in communicating with my child why there was a change rather than posting on a random blog. Well thats just my opinion, anyhow.

  • LOL

    Daughter said it best! “I want to watch something else!”

  • Boondocksaint


  • dgarcia

    marina died

  • mike

    Wow. It’s a different actress. I love the new marinated. The movie haven is awesome! I totally agree with #25 giana. Find something different to worry about. First world problems…

  • kelly

    who cares its just people

  • Lisa Moreno

    Dang, all of you need to stop criticizing Marina old or new it doesn’t even matter!There both very good actresses if you don’t like either Marina you and your child should stop watching it.

  • hersheyinthehouse567

    I like both don’t be mean…

  • Sally Dunn

    I hate haters its just a new different character. But Kiki rocks!

  • Macyala Renisant

    I know kiki rocks and i love both marinas no offense to you ppl but dont make a blog if ur gonna be rude

  • Josh

    Some of you are cyber bullying

  • Josh


  • Anna

    The character, more than the actor, is what counts. Old Marina was great for kids shows because she looked young and fresh and fun and expresssive, the oppisite of New Marina. At least if they had made New Marina a NEW character, and given Old Marina a decent goodbye, it would have given some closure to the kids who DO notice the change.

  • Doug

    Seriously? It’s a childrens program. Having to explain anything to a child is just a series of answering the question Why? If your children are really that concerned about why Marina or anyone else is not the same one from yesterday maybe instead of watching the Fresh Beats take the kids outside and take a walk. Maybe explain it to the kids that things change, nothing is forever except the love of a parent. Try to use said changes to your advantage to prepare the kids for a world full of uncertainty. To be so broken up over a childrens program no only reveals a lack of better things to do with your time but it also reveals some serious insecurities that need to be addressed so that they are not passed along to the kiddies.

  • D.D

    I like the new marina better you can tell the choreography is way better on the new episodes because this new marina can actually dance unlike the old one who was always placed on the far right side whenever they had todo any hard choreography… Just look at tha episode with the Bollywood dancing new marina is front and center, with the old one they wouldn’t have even tried that dance or she wouldn’t be involved in it like the step dance episode!!! Can you imagine old marina in the concert tour she wouldn’t have been able to keep up with the others!!

  • Melissa B

    I like the new Marina better. Everyone just got used to the other one.

  • Dave

    I don’t mind characters coming and going so much. Environments evolve, and kids should learn that people will come and go from their lives.

    What I think is wrong is to keep the character but replace the actor. I think that can confuse and bother a child more than a character just leaving, who could return to visit someday.

    With the FBB I know they have their “look” and each character has a certain color scheme and everything, but still… it just shows a total lack of creativity that they couldn’t create a new character to replace Marina. Swapping actors and hoping nobody notices is just insulting.

    And maybe she wasn’t the best dancer, but the first Marina had more personality.

  • melanie

    ok, i know your kids get “attatched” to the characters, but Nickelodeon doesn’t NEED to explain the cast changes!!! maybe the original people just want to move on!!! like the older marina got married and left. wah freaking wah!!

  • melanie

    and marina did NOT die. idiot

  • Marina is now married and working on several projects, one of them she talks about in this interview.

  • Danielle

    Who cares! Does this really matter to any of u?

  • Gabriel

    From what I understand, Shayna did not want to commit to the intense touring schedule while she was trying to plan her wedding. The touring probably generates much more revenue than the TV show. I wish they would have used a new character name for Tara. She’s fine on the show but her singing voice is a blending voice with very little character of its own. I’m actually more upset that after 2 1/2 years they finally released a soundtrack album, but pasted in Tara Perry’s vocals, completely wiping Shayna out of the recordings. That was a crime. At least the DVDs still have Shayna in them.

  • Hope42morrow

    Shayna Rose started her own band,2 carats, that was her other career pursuit. She has a website: shaynarose.com & 2caratsband.com

  • Daoud

    I definately noticed the Marina change right away and I kept asking 6 yr.old why there was a diff.character at first I thought it just might be her sister. My daughter did not notice the change,I liked the first girl cause she really seemed to mesh with the others but I do wish the new girl good luck its not her fault. I just wish the show would of addressed the issue. We all like closure I guess.

  • Trisha

    I told my daughter that Marina darkened her red hair, lol. Maybe not the best decision, but it satisfied her. She notices everything: Shout got a haircut, Marina’s shirt has metal buttons now, Kiki’s skirt is slightly different. I told her that Shout was hot in the summer and that’s why he cut his hair shorter. I also really, really miss the old Reed, great voice…

  • pj

    You people need to get a job/ life its a tv show ppl leave

  • calm down

    How can I let you down easily? Gas prices are up, murder rates are at all time highs in our inner cities, the economy is still struggling, west Nile is back in California, I mean the list goes on and on and you’re worried about the Marina character switch? I have 4 and 2 year old girls and they “noticed the switch” but dammit, the lost no sleep over it. Frankly, Tara Perry is far better for the part than shayna Rose. I have shamefully lowered my standard and actually blogged so for this I should be smacked but the writers of articles like these seriously need to GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go take a nap and watch a football game.

  • Monica

    Giana, I dont think you comment was correct about parenting skills. You never know. Their children might really love to watch the show than one season their favorite character is replaced….

  • Mike Brite

    This new marina is an imposter! Someone find the old one and bring her back! The fresh beats need that ginger!

  • amanda

    Bring back the younger old marina, my 2 year old daughter loves this show and she notices marina is different she was her favorite now she could care less and the song has slowed down, me and my three child enjoy watching this show but i must admit we all love the old younger looking marina, why did they put in a new marina that looks 10 years older than the others? and the old original gang is believable as right out of band practice, but new marina i’m sorry, doesn’t fit.

  • The Simpsons

    Why did they change marina’s character?? We all really liked the old one!!

  • dad

    There is bound to be change on any show. Actors and Actresses both move on with their lives. I would think that would put the writers at a disadvantage as they would have to write out one character and put in a new. Thus it seems simpler to replace the person. So, we should expect change. My daughter is 4 and still loves the Fresh Beat Band regardless of the change. Oh, and by the way. Chuck Cunningham went to college I do believe and they mentioned him in later episodes.

  • mommyof4plus1

    Oh my goodness, why is it that some people posting on this site have to be disrespectful and abusive towards anothers’ point of view? Your reaction and horrid language are more perplexing than the character change. Shall we tell our children that their is no Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, Easter Bunny etc? I am sorry that you have no imagination. I am certain that your children noticed the character changes however they chose not to voice their opinion for fear that you would chop their head off! How rude!

  • Elizabeth

    Marina was replaced because she was getting married and wanted to other things, Reed went from having an accent to a guy with no accent. AND Melody isn’t the pizza place is already in the second season and Melody is still there.

  • momma milly

    You know what I think is really weird? First of all this comments section is over a year long. Second of all, I am amazed at the number of people on here telling other people not to worry about it. Why do they care so much about what other people worry about or don’t like? It’s like they are self-appointed mind control freaks. Why don’t they just worry about the stuff they don’t like and let others worry about their own dislikes instead of trying to control them? Is there medication for that?

    I also love all the parenting experts on here! They tell others to be better parents & take their kids outside while they themselves ignore thier own kids to go write comments on the internet telling others to be better parents. Ok, then.

    As for the new Marina, my daughter didn’t notice. I was not too happy about the switch. Marina was my favorite. She was so cheerful and happy and I loved her voice. My daughter’s favorite is Twist because he’s so funny, so she didn’t care one way or the other about Marina.

    I like the old Marina’s voice better with the songs. We also saw them in concert & the new Marina doesn’t sound as good. We met them backstage and the other three were pretty animated, but not the new Marina so much. She was friendly, just not as animated. It would have been pretty cool to see and meet the original band we’ve been watching since the beginning.

  • mom of 3

    317 you posted exactly what i’m saying… You should post that one again and again, the people making comments about how rude we are because we voice our opinion is funny because thats all it is, our opinion… THEY always assume someone is a bad person because say something that they dont like…
    Well i’ll tell you something, i have three fun loving easy going children that love watching the fun and exciting fresh beat band, and my 2yr old daughter loved the old marina and i did as well… she was real goofy, funny, sweet, and adorable… And the new marina doesnt feel like a fit im sorry, i dont like her singing, dancing or how the whole tempo of the show has slowed down… I dont feel the old marina made the show bad, if anything its the screen writers… i like the old shows and old marina. We’ll miss her… I guess that makes me a bad person and ill go rip someones head off now… LOL!!

  • jenn

    Thank you Giana! This is so ridiculous….

  • Freak

    Better get your kids used to change now.

  • psroka

    My daughter, and 2 granddaughters and myself just saw the fresh beat band here in MN at the Mall of America….they were awesome. Then we stayed to go on rides and ran into them and they were all very sweet and took time out to take a picture with us. I do agree that when they replaced Marina they should have started a new character and gave some story exit for the previous girl but I like both of them so no compliant with that aspect.

  • Jose

    I liked the British Reed best

  • jill

    I think it is sad that they changed not only Marina, but the younger kids use to some what look like and resemble the older fresh beats – now they don’t have that either. So, much for consistancy for the KIDS!

  • Lauren

    My kids love the new Marina, she sings and dances better than the old one. Also who cares?

  • dede

    I watch Fresh Beat Band with my grandchildren and I was wondering what happened to Marina SR, really enjoyed the original and we love Twist and Kiki…I just bought Yvette’s CD at the concert.

  • Mespreier

    I liked the first Marina. It’s been bothering me for a while, wondering if my eyes were just messed up or if they really had switched her out. I loved Shayna’s voice…the new girl doesn’t sound like her at all.

  • Ty and Journey

    Along with changing some of the main characters they have also changed their clothing… Shout has pants on now, the girls outfits are different as well. My 4 year old daughter and i don’t like the new Marina as much as we did the other one. And I do think changing her name would have been a great idea. She could have been her sister or cousin and they could have said she’s moving and transferring to a new school. Just a suggestion.

  • Guillermo

    Yea Nickelodeon is losing it. So many random changes with no reason or explanation. At least Blues Clues said steve was “leaving to college” but they really need to consider that children these days are not ignorant and do notice these unexpected changes!

  • livermore

    At least they gave a reason for the actor in Blues Clues leaving… Steve goes off to college and Joe takes his spot.

  • Lil’ Joe

    The lead singer on the Waffles program on Sprout changed years ago too. This is all too disturbing to me – like a family member dying or a divorce.

  • Lil’ Joe

    BTW, Lucy was always funny, but I couldn’t watch after Ricky and Lucy broke up. I still haven’t forgiven Cher either….uckie.

  • Drew

    My sisters cant tell… Lol

  • salma

    to the fresh beat band
    i am a biggest fan i like to sing and dance
    and watch they show think it so cool

  • Dee

    It looks as though the “adults” are having more of a problem with a change, that happened over a year ago….than the children. Smh……

  • Cali, mommy

    I do fluke the new marina she looks older then the original Marian 🙂 my nieces and daughter all noticed they all agreed that she was acting weird and stiff, I think they should ask the old marina to come back, or they should have made a episode when marina stated she was going off somewhere and introduce the other girl as a sister or a new student , would have been a better choice .

  • Victoria

    Hadley Fraser played Reed.

  • Enjolras

    I did love Hadley Fraser as Reed, since he’s adorable.

  • Eponine

    Yeah I was looking at his filmography, and I found this so I watched all of the episodes he was in on Netflix

  • Cosette


  • Marius


  • ashley

    wow, dramatic much? it happens. not a big deal.

  • Its part of the progression of shows like this. When actors play roles like they do in The Fresh Beat Band, there is bound to be consistent changes with the cast.

  • Jess

    My 6 year old and 2 year both noticed the change. They like the new Marina but prefer the old! I told them both the old Marina couldn’t be in the show so they brought in a new girl. The first thing my 6 year old said was “then she shouldn’t be Marina, she should be a new friend!!” I agree. They should have taught the kids about new friends!! But it can also be viewed as people change. Some change appearances and some change personality. It’s sad when they change characters but they try to get them to look the same which helps!
    At least they didn’t cancel the show like a ton have done in the past, unexpected.

  • Donna Hudson

    There was an explanation when they where changing Joe for Steven in blues clues. so why not the freash beats. my 4 yr old refuses to watch the new people. and my autistic son got very very upset. change is hard for children but for a child with autisim its even harder thank god for netflix . they can both watch all the old episodes she wants now. Nick needs to remember who they are making the shows for. CHILDREN

  • Nancy

    Maybe they are just getting kids ready for change. Sometimes in life you don’t want changes but they have to happen anyway.

  • Kelly

    Hate new Marina. Hate her outfit, her huge ugly mouth and her smirk. Maybe they could have cast a new character rather than reproducing a cheap knockoff.

  • Neil

    Must not be good at all for Lindsay Lohan’s career prospects if both the new and old Marina are the hotter topic. What are we trying to do here? Decide who the next notoriously crazy redhead will be? If the hair is red, just leave it alone and let it be. Not worth it.

  • Angel

    I agree on this what’s with the Marina changes on FBB.

  • Nancy

    Marina left cause she got married and was having a baby

  • JHildibrand

    I can’t believe how this thread goes on and on and on and on…. if Nickelodeon changed characters every time one of these kids had to move on the entire group would change 4 or 5 times over. It’s a show… they want to keep the characters essentially the same. Writers have to decide- keep our characters or change it up for the sake of overly dramatic parents and their overly dramatic children. Things change. If it upsets your baby give them a hug and move on. I promise 10 years from now your sweet little Angel will not turn to crack and cutting themselves just because Marina got a makeover. If you or your kids don’t like the change find a new show. If your child has an emotional attachment deal with it. It’s what we do as parents. Kids are resilient they will bounce back (unless their parents are setting a bad example by dwelling on petty stuff)

  • A mom

    Characters get replaced; unforeseen circumstances happen during a production, not intentionally to hurt or upset anyone, it’s just life. The children like the show for what it is & to keep them liking it decisions are made & they hope for the best. No, the replacement isn’t exactly the same as the original but their intentions are to do the best they can to keep it as original as possible for you & your kids’ sake. It isn’t rocket science & as a lot of the comments have digressed, change happens & not everyone will like it but it’s a part of life so find the best suitable way to deal. Just to add, my daughter loves the show & isn’t bothered at the fact there’s new people, she’s just glad the show still airs with new episodes playing the songs she loves. Both Marina’s have good qualities to offer so give it a chance to win your heart yet again.

  • JC

    It is a TV show. They are characters. There are way more important things going on in the world. Perhaps you should take a break from TV and play outside? I always tell my kids when they get upset about playing a game they need a break…..maybe you need a break.

  • jlm

    Steve from Blues clues had a huge coke problem, hence his departure from kids TV. Having read the comments bashing the author…good lord people! Kids watch TV! He used that as a hook to discuss cast changes.

  • Me to you

    Ok here is the thing people, yes it sucks that people get shifted or lost in TV. But it is tv and if they want to keep the feel of the show they can’t have a pregnant “teenager” though the characters are teenagers the cast themselves are not we can’t expect them to stop aging and put their lives on hold because it might have upset some one. Yes they should transition it better, but they can not bring back the old marina she is getting to old for the part. As for kids getting upset, instead of feeling resentful because some one decides to have their own life with out asking your permission, go buy the cd for the kids or make them stop watching it and autism or not kids need to learn how to adjust to change so this may just be the best thing for them so they can learn on something that is not real life and has no major consequences if they have a hard time adjusting. After all it is not real and if the kids can not separate tv from real life then perhaps they should stop watching it

  • curious mom

    I wish they would have taken the oppertunity to introduce a new character to the group. As adults we understand that it is a Tv show, actors have real lives and things change. The same actors can not possibly portray a school student forever, so they will make cast changes or end the show. That said, our young children may not be at an age to understand. What makes the transition difficult to accept is that they continue to play both the older and newer episodes. My daughter is only 2, so we have only resently started watching. I noticed a change and briefly thaught I was just seeing things. So I googled it and found this afirming the change. In my OPINION what makes changes like this difficult for children to accept and iritated about is when something they love is taken from them, replaced, and told it is the same thing. This is where I think producers of childrens shows get it wrong. Our kids take notice to changes in their favorite shows. They are going to feel cheated and tricked when such a switch is made and it is hard to explain to our two yearolds that it was because the other girl wanted to grow up and start a new life so here is anew girl pretending to be the same person! This would have been an excelent time for producers to have used the change to teach their audience about change, makeing new friends, and growing while also making the transition to a new character.

  • Arthur

    Shayna has re-appeared in a self-produced, adorable, and rapidly going viral series “Shayna’s Place”: Check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLD6VBR83m0

  • Roddy Rod

    I still haven’t gotten over Shemp replacing Curly.