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The Final Solution for Violent Sociopaths

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It’s hardly a newsflash how I feel about violent criminals: they should be given no mercy and when found guilty they should be viciously and cruelly executed and then have their bodies displayed in the town square.

Gee, does that seem harsh? Then you will have to have to forgive me for not giving a flying fig about a criminal who has taken the life of another in an act of cruel selfishness and without regard to the consequences of that action. The recent case involving the young woman in North Dakota and the tragic murder of Laci Peterson and her unborn child have made me realize that there is no place in society for murderers, rapists, molesters or those who would act in violence against another while committing a crime. For the sake of this argument, I am limiting “sociopath” to those who act in violence, not your average politician.

These individuals CANNOT be rehabilitated and our legal justice system and society at large would benefit greatly from permanently removing them from the population. Of course “permanently” would in my mind be PERMANENT, as in they breath no oxygen, use no government resources – THEY RESIDE IN ASHES.

History has proven that a vast majority of sociopathic criminals are beyond help.

According to the above article, sociopaths do not possess a normal characteristic of basic humanness: empathy. Without empathy an individual can not possibly interpret or process the feelings of another. Without this internal and external barrier there is nothing preventing them from carrying out wanton desires on innocents.

As much as we as a society would like to believe that criminals can and SHOULD be rehabilitated, the point is moot when it comes to certain individuals, those who show a pattern of sadistic impulses and who clearly lack compassion for anyone but themselves, in essence, the embodiment of complete and utter selfishness. Society cannot tolerate and should not tolerate this type of individual regardless of their crime whether it be murder, rape or both.

Unfortunately we are so reluctant to seek the death penalty because our legal system has provided so many loopholes to the truth of a crime, that to determine an actual timeline of events leading to a criminal act is virtually impossible. We are far more concerned with preserving the accused’s rights than protecting and providing justice for the victim. Remember: the victim is the one whose rights were violated for the purposes of a selfish motive.

I truly sympathize with those individuals who want to preserve our judicial heritage of protecting the innocent from being falsely accused. It is reasonable and fair to assume that innocent people are often caught up in the dragnet of a criminal investigation – THESE AREN’T THE CASES I AM REFERRING TO.

A sociopath does not commit a one-time impulse of crime to never return to their perverse behavior, they live a pattern of crimes. More often than not they have been caught and punished before, creating a visible track of victims and make themselves known to the legal system. THIS IS MY TARGET OF ATTACK.

The man accused of kidnapping and murdering Dru Sjodin is not a “new” criminal, he is a sociopath and served 23 years for rape, violent assault and attempted kidnapping. WHY WAS HE RELEASED? Even his family was concerned about his release, would that seem to be an indicator into his character? Why do we ignore these warning signals?

Simply and sadly, because we value criminals rights over the victims.

Now imagine that Dru is YOUR daughter and you are forced to consider your options as to what was the fate of your beloved child: was she raped, then murdered and dumped somewhere? Or was she raped, injured and then left to die alone and cold without the comfort of your love to protect her?

For me, that is how I view EVERY single crime. What if that were my loved one? It makes it exceptionally easy to decide what the course of action should be to deal with those who seek to destroy the fabric of our existence. They are terrorists on the individual level and need to be sought out, isolated and destroyed.

For Dru and her family’s sake, I pray they find her alive and well, but if they don’t I hope that the monster who took her life is destroyed without a second thought – and by all means make it painful, because the only pain a sociopath can understand is his or her own.

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  • Linda Johnson

    I agree with you. I feel that laws are strongly aimed at protecting the rights of the criminal. I am dealing with an ex-male friend who I believe has become a violent sociopath. He began to depracate me and other women, calls women filthy names, makes statements that we are out to destroy him, he is manipulative, impulsive & charismatic. I left him & my car was vandalized that night(convertible top was cut to shreds)but no one saw it done so I was told I could not have him arrested. I had my car repaired.
    I had enough evidence to get a restraining order as he has threatened to “get me for leaving”. After the restraining order was served my car top was cut up again. This time he cut up a cat and shoved it through the cut up car top, slashed both rear tires & scratched up the paint. Again this was done at night, he was not seen & I was told I could not press charges on him. I know its him. I will go further to say that about 1 week later a woman was stabbed to death less than a mile from my home. Again no one saw it. I am afraid!
    I guess the laws tie the hands of the police & leave the victim open for the kill. I believe this man is very dangerous.
    Linda Johnson
    North Charleston, SC

  • Kasia

    Politicians should be tested for sociopathology, in addition to corporate executives. Most people would be shocked to find that approximately 30-50% of people in these two categories alone are sociopaths. It should be illegal for a sociopath to exercise any amount of control over a person. Sociopaths should be in receipt of treatment and because they do know they are sociopaths any crime they commit they must be held fully accountable.

  • Anonymous

    F these sociopaths. I hate them with a passion. As an ex military veteran, these scumbags are particularly in my mental crosshairs. I hate them, I hate them I hate them. I dealt with a few narcissists in my own surroundings, and in my opinion these narcissists are a waste of human space. I have never met a real full blown sociopath, but I can imagine the hate I would have for them. Let em burn, worthless scum.

  • zingzing

    as a violent sociopath, i think you come off as a violent sociopath, anonymous.

  • overpopulation

    Kasia terrific comment is thruth.

    We must tag sociopaths and remove all their rights. Considering them minors forever. No chance to take any work except manual work with noone below their orders. No voting for them.

  • Igor

    So, should the 18 yr. old Mitt Romney have been executed after his violent gang attack on another young man at his school? Forgetting all about the attack may be proof, to some, that young Mitt entirely lacks empathy, thus damning him.

    On the other hand, we may thereby have been deprived of a wonderful US President who could lead us joyously in a crusade against the Iranian monsters that stand as our worst enemies.

    Just wondering.

  • anonymous

    Sociopathic tendencies develop over time when no love or nurturing is present and where abuse prevails during childhood and into sdulthood ie a person who has spent his entire life incarcerated. They can be helped if they also help themselves. God is the supreme healer.