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Taylor Hicks to Begin Bally’s Las Vegas Residency

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Fans of the American Idol season five champion Taylor Hicks received some exciting news from the man himself during the April 19th Idol results show. Hicks will bring his winning brand of soul to the Las Vegas Strip for an eight-week residency at Bally’s beginning June 26th. For five nights a week, Bally’s Indigo Lounge will host the harmonica-playing blues-belter.

Hicks has kept a relatively low profile throughout 2012, making the Las Vegas residency all the more significant. With his extensive touring experience prior to his 2006 Idol win, Hicks has always been at home on the road. Forty shows in Las Vegas will give existing Soul Patrol devotees a common destination to see him perform, while offering an extended opportunity for the singer to build his fan base.

“It’s not every day that a property on the Las Vegas Strip can announce that an American Idol winner will be a headlining act,” said Bally’s Las Vegas President David Hoenemeyer in the resort’s press release.

As an added bonus, the shows will include a meet-and-greet with Hicks. The singer’s eagerness to connect with fans has been an important aspect of his performances, including his own shows as well as the 18 months he spent touring as Teen Angel in Grease.

“I literally hand-delivered 25,000 copies of my last record [The Distance] directly to fans during the Grease tour,” Hicks told Blogcritics during an exclusive interview last year. “I couldn’t believe that, but I loved it.”

Advance tickets for Hicks’ summer shows are currently available. Visit the official Bally’s Las Vegas website for more information. For more on Taylor Hicks, visit his official website.

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  • griz

    Nice Chad! Maybe you can get a new interview with Taylor about the gig in Vegas and his new album?

  • Working on that – stayed tuned! Thanks for the comment, griz

  • cath

    Would love to hear what you think of Taylor’s show in Vegas. Get on out there this summer .