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Tale of Two Groenings

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Matt Groening is responsible for two animated series: you’ve probably heard of
one, The Simpsons, which recently celebrated its 300th episode and is
gearing up for its 15th season. The other is probably less familiar,
Futurama, which has ended production after 72 episodes after suffering
from inconsistent scheduling and lack of promotion from Fox.

In addition to new exposure on the Cartoon Network (Sunday-Thursday, 11 p.m.
ET/PT), the first season of Futurama is coming out on DVD at the end of
the month

    ”I’ve gotten more response since it’s been on Cartoon Network than in its years on Fox,” Groening says. ”It’s so refreshing to have a network that appreciates the show.”

    ….The Emmy-winning Futurama, which premiered in 1999, follows Fry (Billy
    West), a pizza-delivery guy who gets frozen and thaws out 1,000 years later. He
    goes to work for a futuristic delivery service, joining Leela (Katey Sagal ),
    a one-eyed alien, and Bender (John DiMaggio), a robot with human frailties.

    The Fox Home Entertainment DVD ($39.98) includes commentary on the first 13
    episodes by Groening, executive producer David X. Cohen, West and DiMaggio.

    ”They’re wild parties, these commentaries,” Groening says. ”Billy and John sing
    along with the theme and make up their own lyrics and talk in their characters’

    ….He won’t make comparisons between his animated progeny, except for one
    nod to Futurama: ”It’s definitely better animated.” [USA Today]

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