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Film Legend Mary Pickford and Sara Gavron’s ‘Suffragette’


“We break windows. We burn things. Because war is the only language men listen to,” Maud says in Suffragette, now playing in theaters across the U.S. Director Sara Gavron said, “Working (class) women often are the vanguard of change, and they’re often not recognized for that.” Another woman not recognized by history is Mary Pickford, the most famous woman in ... Read More »

Take Your Twinkie and Shove It!

On capitalist rapists. Read More »

How to Lose a City in Ten Steps, Part Seven: Of Street and Boardroom Gangsters

With dangerous gangs making their way into the city, the honest working class gets something to think about. Read More »

Tips of My Fingers, Tips of My Toes

Dressed to the nines, smile and firm handshake in place, passing out those smart business cards, part of me feels I will be found out before the canapes are done circulating. Read More »

Books Review: The Classic Slum by Robert Roberts and Not Like This by Jane Walsh

Two books about life in the early 20th-century British northern slums are a powerful warning about the need to provide genuine anti-poverty measures today. Read More »