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As Long as There Is Google, There Will Be Spam


Search engines based on the absolute power of authority will always make mistakes and serve up spam websites. Read More »

Hometown Heroes: Abelardo Gonzalez Creates Font for Dyslexics


A typeface that makes it easier for dyslexics to read offers the potential for new hope for many children. Read More »

Come to the Real Florida

See you at the Worm Grunter’s Ball! Read More »

A Temporary Victory for Internet Freedom

Bold moves blacking out major internet sites scored a victory as bills fighting online piracy were temporarily tabled. Read More »

The Day the Web Went Dark

Reddit and Wikipedia shut down their sites in protest to the proposed SOPA and PIPA legislation in Congress. Read More »

Lights Out: Wikipedia and the Fight Against Washington’s E-Tyranny

Wikipedia is closing up shop for a full twenty-four hours. Why? Ask Big Brother. Read More »

God’s Eye View: Writers and Google

A series of searches netted me quotations that would have taken me hours to find in my University library just a few years ago. Read More »

Same Ole, Same Ole Music Festivals?

Get outta that rut! Add some adventure to your music festivals. Read More »

Wikialytizing the News? New York Times Asks For And Gets A (Near) News Blackout

How far should a news outlet go in suppressing the news, when the topic is one of their own? Read More »