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Book Review: ‘Finding Your Element’ by Ken Robinson

Finding Your Element

We not only deserve to enjoy our lives and live creatively and powerfully, it's our responsibility to try to do so. Read More »

Book Review: Patch Land Adventures, Book Two: Camping at Mimi’s Ranch by Carmen Swick

Patch Land Adventures, Book Two is a fun-filled adventure about a boy with amblyopia, a serious condition that may cause blindness in young children. Read More »

I Don’t Want to Hear That!

A study found proximal prayer helped improve hearing and vision. Read More »

Google Glasses: A Vision of Brain-Blindness?

Google's augmented reality specs allow users to look out rather than down, but is this safer, or safe at all? Read More »

Cataract Free: Advice for Aftercare

Things to consider during aftercare post cataract surgery Read More »

NVIDIA 3D Vision: The Affordable System of Stereovision.

NVIDIA 3D Vision takes your gaming experience to a whole new level with true 3D graphics on all your favorite games. Read More »

Book Review: Everyday Greatness: Inspiration for a Meaningful Life by Stephen R. Covey, compiled by David K. Katch

Stories, quotes, and Steven Covey's encouragement will inspire you to fill your life with the qualities of everyday greatness. Read More »

Obama and the Voters

If Obama continues to displease the voters, his summer of Hope and Change may well turn into his Winter of Discontent. Read More »